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Duo: Oh really?

Not THAT one, Duo.

Duo: Life isn't far.*pouts*

Duo's singing in this one too. YIPEE! His singing is between the //s.


True Love


He ran away to his room. AGAIN. Damn he was so frustrating. Duo just couldn't figure him out. Everytime Duo tried to get close to him, Wufei left. Oh and don't let the him try to tell Wufei he loved him. He got to 'I l-" and Wufei would scream 'STOP LYING!' and haul ass like a bat outta hell to his room. What was he so afraid of anyway? Well only one way to find out. He just had to ask him.

He listened outside the door. Nothing. Creeping in he saw Wufei asleep, arm over his eyes. He looked so kawaii asleep. Duo bent down to kiss him... and had his face met with a slap.

"ITAI!" That would leave a mark. And why'ld Wu hit him anyway? He'ld kiss him before.

"Nani?" Now that he was all the way woke he saw he had hit Duo. A mark was already starting to form. He waited for the yelling to begin.

"My, aren't we edgy. An explanation please?"

What? No yelling. Why?

"I don't know. I had just woke up. Instincts kicked in."


He just stood there. What did he want?

"What were you doing in my room anyway, Maxwell?"


"Whatever you say, Maxwell."

"I wanted to ask you something."

"It couldn't wait?"


"Then what is it?"

"Wufei...why come...why come everytime I want to get close to you, you always run away. I mean when we're just acting like good friends, you're so at ease, but...later when I want to get personal, to tell you how I feel, you always pull away from me. I don't want to rush you our anything Wufei, I just...I mean...well I want to know how you feel. About us. Are you, like, ashamed of me or something? I need to know Wufei. If I'm doing something wrong or what. Please tell me Wufei. I'm not a mind reader. Only you can tell me."

Ashamed of Duo. No, never. Who could be. He was more ashamed of himself. He just couldn't let himself feel. Couldn't let emotions reach him. Not if he wanted to survive. No one could love him anyway. He'ld destroyed too many innocents. He'ld destroy his own wife. He fought for something he didn't even believe in. But this was Duo. He should tell him how he felt. Shouldn't he?

"Duo..I want to let you close...I want to get close to you, but...I'm so afraid. That if you get to close, that you'll leave...without me ever getting a chance to know you. That if I let you and emotion inside, you'll go..and with you the emotion...and then I'll be left so empty inside..again. I don't think I can go through that. Or worse, that'll you want leave cause you have'll leave cause you want too..cause you don't won't me anymore. That you're only playing with me, and then after you've had your fun, you'll go away. Feed me with nothing me lies, like they're the truth, then go...and leave me starving for the love of which it wasn't."

It took him a while to process it all. How could Wufei be so wrong.

"Oh're so very wrong."

"Then right me, Duo."

//Now, if I told you I love you,
that doesn't mean that I don't care.
And when I tell you I need you,
now don't you think that I will never be there.//
Baby I'm so tired of the way you
turn my words into deception and lies.
Don't misunderstand me when I try to spend my life
I'm only saying whats in my heart.//


"Shhh, Wufei just listen."

//Cupid doesn't lie,
but you won't know unless you give it a try
True love won't lie,
but you won't know unless we give it a try//

"I'm so afraid."

"Don't be. Trust me."

//Now, when I ask you to trust me,
that doesn't mean that I'm going to cheat on you
Cause I'm going to never do anything
to hurt you or display you,
I love you.//

"Duo, don't..."

//Baby I'm so tired of the way you
turn my words into deception and lies
Don't misunderstand me when I try to spend my life
I'm only saying whats in my heart.//

"Not a word Wufei."

//Ain't no doubt about it,
Lord knows I really mean it
I'd rather die before I lie to you,
Never going to leave you,
ain't no life without you
Never going to leave,
never going to go,
No, no, no//


"Always. Come here, Wufei. Please let me hold you? The rest of the night?"

"I don't mind."

They lay there the rest of the night, Duo whispering to Wufei,

//True love doesn't lie,
but you won't know unless you give a try//

"Will you, Wufei?"

"Hai. I will.