"Silence-Trowa's poem"


I hear it all
around me.
Can you hear
it too?
Can you hear
the silence?


Others think
that I'm emotionless
unless you think
sucidial is an
But sucidial
isn't an emotion
its how people
are and thats
just how I am


But emotionless
thats not me,
thats Heero,
my emotions
just don't show.


My emotions get
so strong they
just can't be
If emotions is
what keeps me
down I'll never
get back up.


I feel lonely.
What, does that
surprise you?
Wufei might get
lonely but at
least he has a
name. My mercenary
friends called me
Nanashi...No Name,
now isn't that a shame.


I feel sadness.
Were you not
expecting this?
When I destroyed
Deathscythe did
you not see my tears
hanging out in space.
Taunting me, showing
me an emotion which
could never cross
my face.


The silence
gets so loud
if escaping
it means
sucide well
see you at the
crossroads then.


But in battle
you wouldn't
believe the
Nobody survives.
When all are dead
the only sound that
fills the air
is the sound of
my gatling gun
clicking away
demanding more ammunition.


For anyone who
lays eyes on a
Gundam shall not
live to tell about
it. That is my duty.
So I must be the
Silencer but tell
me did you know
that I'm also
Trowa the Silent?