Yes, another poem, thier what I do. This one is from Fei-chan's POV. Tell me whatcha think, onegai!

A Prayer for us All

I don't know if there is a god
if to believe was shake your head, and to not was nod
I'ld be the first to do the latter
but what I think now probably doesn't matter
My friends and I are all screwed up
There's too much pain in all our cups
from our cups, we can't help but drink
they're what keeps us alive, just about the pain, we wish not to think
from it we all wish to escape
but the pain sticks to us, just like paper and tape
So for our sake, and desperate for any help for us all
I phone this prayer, though I doubt anyone will answer my call
Heero, empty of emotions, devoid of caring expressions,
make him feel, let his pain lessen
Duo, so full of life, yet seeks nothing but his death
let him live, help him savor every breath
Trowa, so silent, beyond merciless
help him laugh, keep him from being heartless
Quatre, smiles of encoaragement, stricken with grief
help him deal with painful memories, don't let his time here be brief
And as for me, confused, lonely, fueled on pain
guide me true, find me company, stop the pouring rain
this ends my call of distress
may happiness and joy touch us, like a soothing carress
over the pain I've done all, even cried
to stop the pain, I've just tried
but for now, we'll probably stay this way,
but I hope for change, yes, changing for the better would be okay