Another poem, from D-chan's POV. Deathfic, major angst, so what else is new? Tell me what ya think, that was coming you knew. Okay this ends my time, yet I still can't stop my rhyme. Read and review will you, thats all I ask you to do.

"It only takes will"

I stand with this knife
wanting to take my life
I have a bottle of pills
now I just need the will
Before I go, remember times past
damn, my life just went too fast
Having so much pain makes me sad
having hardly any joy makes me mad
have to tell someone I'm leaving
hope he can't hear me weaping
Its Fei I phone
I tell him I'm all alone
asks my reason for calling his way
tell him had to tell someone I couldn't stay
he said to take my life, I didn't have the strength
Oh Fei, you're so wrong, it doesn't take strength
all you have to do is decide when
and do like I've done, swallow a bottle of asprin
says to my place he's coming
says to him I'm worth something
Oh Fei, when you get here
my spirit won't be, I fear
Kami-sama, I'm on a major high
nope, this just must be how it feels to die
Oops, the bottle just fell from my hand
and now I'm too weak to stand
'bout time ya got here I say, as he walks in
he looks so fine standing there, it must be a sin
I have just a couple of things to say
c'mon Fei, let me talk, it is my last day
Fei, you're the best, far better than the rest
if my expectations were exams, only you'ld past my test
no, don't cry
you too, one day, will die
just one thing left to do
Even though I love you, I have to correct you
to end, to destroy, to kill
it doesn't take power or strength, It only takes will