"Emotions Lost-Heero's peom"

The Perfect Soldier,
is that what people call me?
A perfect soldier
doesn't have emotions.
Emotions...is that something
that I can live without?


Where are the emotions
that I have lost?
Are they floating
around in space somewhere,
waiting for me to grab them?


Where are the emotons
that I have lost?
Are they locked away
in my heart of ice,
waiting to be released?


Where is the remorse
that I should feel
for destroying peoples' lives?
Where is the pain
that I should feel
from an innocence long gone?


I think I understand now.
The war...the war is keeping
them away from me.


The war must end
for the benefit of
everyone, you...and me.


I long for the day
when the war will end
and emotions lost
will be emotions found.


But emotions are
an obsticale so until
the war ends the
Perfect Soldier I will be.