"A Difference-Wufei's poem"

Funny how that
one word means
so much to me,
way more that
the entire
universe could
ever see.


Do you wonder
what it means
to me?
If you're looking
for an answer don't
hold your breath
cause even I don't
know myself.


Sure I could tell
you what it once meant,
what justice used
to mean to me.
Justice used to mean
doing what was fair
and just, doing what
was right.


Protecting those who
couldn't do it themselves.
Protecting others was
what I was destined to do,
and it was all the more
fun when Meilian
was there too.


But now shes gone,
destroyed by Oz,
and never to return.
If protecting others
was my destiny, then
why couldn't I save her?


I used to think
of me alone, but
now I know the truth.
Meilan's spirit follows
me in this war, fights
with me, guiding my Nataku.


Something else is
with me too.
A feeling known as guilt.
Destroy Oz and I'll set this
feeling free, I'm sure of it.
Not only am I fighting
this war for her, my Meilan,
but to make a difference
as well. The differnce is
that instead of fighting
for justice, I'm fighting
to bring it back.


I once was told
that a single butterfly
beating its wings in
China can cause a hurricane
in America.


When I was told this
I asked, But when does the
butterfly know when
to beat its wings?


And the answer
I was given was,
It doesn't. It beats
them the best it can
and hopes all will be well.