Hiya, minna, this poem is from Duo's POV. Another one from Anya. So you know its angst.

Death...what do you know? Its me...

Ha ha...there goes another
straight to hell
opened his mouth
and then he fell
Can't really decide which is worse
living in this sleepless nightmare
or sleeping in a hearse
People fear me
yet whats funny is
They've only just heard
but thats their stupidity
believing other people's word
But I can't really blame them
cause looking in the mirror
I feel nothing but contempt
Wonder why people never think their heros tainted
we're all perfect, nothings wrong
stupid picture they've all painted
To all who fear the night
and even those who don't
you all face the exact same plight
from me you get no mercy
about your life, I don't really care
take you where you have no more worry
Just don't fear me
Be glad God saw Death, which is myself
to take people away when they no longer want to see
But lets keep this straight
I don't play faves
I'll kill you and your mate
So when you look at the stars in the sky
and you think of a lost loved one
and you can only wonder why
think of me, Shinigami
Its my job, its what I do
Straight to hell, hey, its where I'm gonna be
your pity, I don't want it
I enjoy my job, love it for a fact
Another soldier, mind tells me to gun it
Thats how I feel
I don't mind, Death's all I know
When you're born, your fate I seal
My victims, they all rest in peace
I'm so jealous, cause despite how I love death
Its pain, because of me, shall never cease