"Changes: Quatre's poem"

Thats what this
war is all about.
How many things
have changed
since this
war started?
Even I can't
name them all
but I know quite a few.


The colonies changed
many times just
like the weather.
You never know
what it'll be tommorow.
They changed to fight
Oz and changed to fight
us even we were
supposed to be
their victory.


My family changed.
Now its minus one.
My father left us
with only memories
and when my sisters
and I die they
will be gone too.
But such are the
prices of war
and so I
will not cry.


But most of all,
and more importantly
I have changed myself.
I used to be a
pacifist but with
the hundreds I've
killed I guess
I'm not...not anymore.


But what must change
is this war.
It has to change
from going on
to ending. Thats
what us Gundams
are here for.


The streams of blood
must change to tears of joy.
The battlefield for soldiers
must change to a playground for children.
The hearts of hatred
must change to be filled with love.


Yes much has
changed. But
compared with
what really
needs to be
changed it might as
well not have
changed at all.