"Appearences: Relenas's Poem"

Appearences mean
a lot to me, being
Queen of the World,
that is, my appearence
has to be just right.
But unfortunately I
can't just be me.
The public eye is
forever watching me
so any slip us and I'll
be history.
I wish sometimes
that I could just
be ordinary. Just
be one of the girls.
Free to go out and
grab a bite without
mobile suits watching
over me. Free to learn
from my mistakes, only
now I can't make any.
No one asks how I feel
No those giggling bubble heads all around
me do not count.
They follow me hoping
to get a chance in the
spotlight, while all
their hearts are filled
with jealousy. Oh I
would love to trade lives
with them adn let them know
the pressures of being
someone you're not.
Do you know how
it feels to find
out who you thought
were isn't you at all?
I once was Darlian
but now I'm Peacecraft.
I think of Mr. Darlian
as my dad yet I follow
the Peacecraft ways. Talk
about being torn between
two families.
Next I find
a brother I
thought I never
had. He was
working for the
enemy, now don't
I really look bad?
Can't you hear them
now? The Queen's
own brother has
sided with the enemy!
But had I been
a normal teen
we could've gotten
to know each other happily.
Here I am now
in the stiff
white suit trying
to appear proper.
But inside I'm
just a girl in
over head
trying to save the world.