iya, peeps, its me again. This poem is a narrative poem, from Wufei's POV.
Its kinda long, but its telling a story, so thats why. Oh and its yaoi, just
so you non-yaoi people know, and can't say I didn't warn you. Alright, now
the poem. This comes from my WAFF muse, Cetacea, with just a little bit of
work from my angst muse, Anya.

"And Thats the Way it Went"

How did him and me
fall in love, you ask?
Let me assure you
it was a delightful task.

It started a week before a mission which we were assigned
Just me, just him; the moon all his and mine

And this is the way it went...

I was just sitting, minding my own business
under a rather large oak tree
then in the bushes what do you know
a pair of purple eyes looking back at me
No use to do any more hiding
he's caught, and he knows that
so we spent the night with each other, confiding
He told me his story
I told him mine
and soon we forgot all about worry
He touched me
I touched him
and the rest, well, was only for me and him to see

And now for the painful part
this is when we were on a mission
and in the heat of battle, we got torn apart
Yet I fought
full of worry over him
still looking for the foe I sought
But the enemy
was ahead of my plan
and struck out against me
Darkness was my only light
They stood there looking at me lustful
and then I knew my plight
I didn't even care why
such are the spoils of war
and after they were done, I was left there to cry
And then he found me
or should I say, my weakened reflection
and wheter I'ld be okay, well, only Sally could see

After that, he smiled more than often
all to heal me, just for me
and that knowledge still makes me soften

And then we shared a night
just like our first
away from everyone else's sight
We touched each other
Now I'm sure you people have great imaginations
Insert the details yourself
That way theres no limitation

And now my friend
its come the time
for my poem and rhyme to end
So do you think our love was sent?
No matter the cause
Thats the way it went.