Standard Legal Crap: The Gboyz belong to Sunrise, the Sotsu Agency, and Bandai and therefore much to my extreme hatred and sadness not mine(ohhhh but if they were...). The song entitled 'Addicted' is song by Sisqo(yes, the Thong Guy). Due to the nature of this fic, I took some ummm *ahem* creative liberties here and there, and I left a chorus out. Though I doubt Sisqo or any of his businees people will read this, in case they do: BE A HON, IT'S ONLY FUN!(now thats pitiful -_-;;)

Warnings: If the thought of Duo in someone elses arms besides Heero's or Wufei not sneaking off to be with Trieze but with someone else utterly terrorfies you, spare yourself the horror and don't go futher. Of course all those people who have those 'Duo and Wufei forever' posters made inside your head(like me), please proceed, as this is just for you. Also no angst. Aren't you proud of me? It might even deserve a sap warning. Just letting you know.

When Duo's words are in between these(//) he's singing.

Okay now on to the good stuff(hopefully)...

Tonight was the night. It was three years after the war had ended, and finally he was an adult. And Duo had the perfect ways to celebrate his adulthood, all of which involve the object of his affection with its onyx eyes. He peeked in the living room. Heero, being Heero, was typing on his trusty sidekick and faithful companion, the Eeevil Laptop(tm). Trowa was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper, more silent then a statue. Poor Quatre was trying to get him to talk. Didn't get not one word. And Wufei was busy trying to repair a vase which Duo's braid had so unthoughtfully broken. All right this was it. He had the box and he had his voice. Noowwww...


// I know you're busy, but I must intercede

Now I know I don't deserve you

Thats why its still hard to believe that

We're still together after all this time

And I can't get you outta my mind//






//_- (expressionless as always)





// I'm addicted to loving you

I'm addicted to loving you

I'm addicted to loving you

I'm addicted to loving you//


"How touching*sniff*"


//These types of feelings are so hard to express

Darling I must confess that its gotta be real love

Oh, boy, I'm feenin if you know what I mean//


"I'm sure he does.


"Speech! Yipee!"


*clackity-clack(a blush seems to be present on his face)*


*blink* *blush*



//Cause everday I've got to have you

like an addict on nicotine//


*raises an eyebrow*


//Excuse my expression

but its making me weak

Cause everyday I've got to be with you

Its not just a physical thing//


*sighs dreamily*


//Your love so good

It makes me happy all the time

No other love compare

to yours and mines//


"Trowa, are you taking note?"




"Knew it wouldn't last."

He stopped singing. wufei was looking at him as if he'ld just risen form the grave. He knelt in front of Fei. Now it was time for the box.

"Wufei...theres nothing left I can say. I don't think such words for what I feel even exist, so I'll just ask you what I want. Wu....would you marry me?"

Silence followed. You could have heard a pin drop a mile away.

After Wufei scraped his jaw off the floor to operate his mouth, he answered.


*insert various cheering noises*


*bursts into tears*

Trowa and Heero:

*bless us with one of those rare, slow, EXTREMELY, beautiful smiles(I feel so honored)*

Wufei and Duo are now sharing one of those 'Seperated-from-you-for-ten-years- kisses. It would have went on for awhile longer, but breathing *is* required, folks.

"You know Wufei, I really am addicted to loving you."