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Save Me

A Gundam Wing fanfic
by Kaoru

I'm in the mood for a short reflective fic...

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Standard disclaimer: The characters that appear in this work of fiction belong to Sotsu Agency, Sunrise and Bandai. No copyright infringement is intended, I'm doing this purely as a gesture of absolute and utter adoration for your characters!



No... pain?

Where am I?

I don't remember how I got here. I don't even know what this place is. All I know is that I was walking down the street on my way home when I was set upon by six thugs keen on getting my wallet...

Oh yeah, that's right.

What a stupid way to die.

Did I die? I think so. Then I have a fair idea where I am now. Funny, I thought Hell would be all fire and brimstone, not some blank void. Although I must say I'm a bit relieved. Being baked, roasted then charbroiled is not one of the most enjoyable things that could happen to someone.

Hey is this a road I'm on? Might as well follow it. Doesn't seem like anywhere else to go. Maybe I'm not yet in Hell. Maybe I'm just on a road that will take me there eventually.

Goodness knows I started on this road a long time ago.

How many have I killed in the name of peace? How many lives have I snuffed out without even the slightest thought? The families I've destroyed, the futures of too many children taken in one fell swoop of my thermal scythe.

The same way my future was taken from me. My family. Father Maxwell and Sister Helen. You wanted me to become a priest, to save those that needed saving. Instead I chose to keep my promise to you, to rescue you from the clutches of the Federation in a gleaming Mobile Suit.

I forgot when that promise became one of vengeance, the vengeance of a selfish little boy who chose to punish those who hurt you rather than to forgive. To forgive those who in their lust for power, made war orphans out of scores of innocent children wherever they went.

In doing so, I made war orphans out of scores more innocent children wherever I went.

Shinigami rocks! And Shinigami became the very thing that made him.

All for the sake of a peace that might not last, that might degenerate into the all familiar war cry that will continue as long as conflict between humans exist. It's not enough to just lay down arms, maybe it will never be enough.

Whoa. Now there's a revelation.

Maybe If I realized that sooner *I* might have saved the world.

It's a bit late for that now, I suppose. Heh, who would have thought that Duo Maxwell, terrorist, master thief, Gundam pilot extraordinaire would be taken down by a street corner gang just for a lousy ten bucks? Mugged and left to bleed to death in some stinking back alley with the trash and vermin. Seems like an awful anti-climax to me.

Like I said, what a stupid way to die.

Poor Hilde. I wonder how she's doing now. Probably crying her eyes out or something. That poor girl thought she loved me, and that I loved her back. Could she understand? My soul, tainted by the blood of those I killed, and the tears of those who mourn for them, could it ever hope to be worthy of love? I don't think I'll ever know.

Not that I didn't try to love her back. It was just that deep inside, I knew that my heart and soul belonged to another. One who knew what I went through, who belonged on the battlefield just as I did. One whose cold Prussian eyes hid the same fear and loss I felt behind a steely exterior crafted through years of hard training. Even if he never returned the sentiment.

Heero. I wish you were here with me now. Then I wouldn't be so cold.

Hey, just how long have I been on this road? Seems like ages. If the powers that be want to send me to eternal damnation, they could at least get on with it. Send me to meet my maker already! I don't wanna be stuck here in limbo without a single clue about what's going on!

Wait... what's that up ahead? It seems to be getting brighter. Hah, so they've finally decided to open the gates of Hell to me. I can't wait to say hi to the Devil. Hiya, how're ya doin', Lucifer? Mind if I call ya Lucy? Name's Duo Maxwell. Nice to meet ya. Ever thought of getting air conditioning for this joint?

I think that's him up ahead. Maybe he'll appreciate the air conditioning.

Look out, Hell! Duo Maxwell's comin' home!

Hold on, he looks kind of familliar up close. It couldn't be! The guardian to my own personal Hell didn't just have to be... Heero? Swell! Now I have to spend all eternity with Mr Perfect Soldier Heero Yuy on my case for getting mugged! Geez, be careful what you wish for indeed...

Oh well, it could have been worse. I could have been stuck listening to one of 'Relena-sama's' peace speeches forever.

Hey, Heero, didn't expect to see you, whatcha doing here anyway? I thought...


Why's he holding me like that? And these are... wings? Don't jerk around with me, man. I'm on the bullet train to heck, remember, and I really don't think this is the place or time...

*There will be salvation, as long as there is someone who loves you for what you are.*




Mmm... Light... Such warmth. I don't want it to end. Not ever.

I want... I want to be here, with you, in your arms, for all eternity, I don't care. Perfect peace...

Ah, I understand now. We die at different times, but Judgement Day's the same for all of us. And as long as somebody loves you... but.. I never knew... that you felt the same for me as I did for you. What's that? You didn't know either?

Then perhaps, we have saved each other.


Nice to get that out of my system. Wai! Another GWing fic completed!

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