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Gundam Wing Limericks

GWing Silly Stuff
by Kaoru

'Twas one boring night, and try as I might, visions of Wing boys came into sight...

Yes, I am evil. ;)

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Standard Disclaimer: Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing and its characters are the property of Sotsu Agency and Bandai/Sunrise. I buy all your illustration books and model kits, so please don't sue!


The Boy from L2

There once was a boy from L2,
Who while taking a leak in the loo,
Felt a hand on his bum
*Gasp!* The boy from L1!
So he gave him a good feel-up too.


The Boy from L4

There once was a boy from L4,
Who thought his nights were quite a bore.
He went off to see
The boy from L3.
So his nights weren't boring no more.



A man by the name of Merquise
The leader of OZ he did tease.
His sensual dance
Held Treize in a trance,
But Noin was not at all pleased.



A boy of American persuasion,
Attempted an OZ infiltration.
He got kicked in the butt,
And socked in the gut,
And spent the next month in traction.


I'm running for cover... again...

The source code of this page and text of this fanfic is copyright Namikata Kaoru 1999. No unauthorized reproductions please!

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