Another fic, alternate universe. Moonkingdom, there are noe pairings.
This story is a cross between Sailor moon and Gundam.

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There are many stories about Heero’s origin. Some are aliens, others are genetic altering. This one is a story about the Moon Kingdom continued into the After Colony years.


Pain from the Past

by Mistress Fate


We’ll start with the destruction of Crystal Tokyo in the year after colony 185. The planet Earth was a peaceful and prosperous place under the rule of Queen Alaniya and King Lionel. The king and queen were kind and gentle rulers, and quite sharp in the ways of politics. Queen Alaniya was a direct decedent of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion (Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask) and Lionel was an Earthling. The two fell in love and were married.

The people loved their king and queen very much and were very happy when news that a young prince was to be born spread far and wide. Well, after nine months the prince was born and he soon became a very bright and a fierce warrior, even at the age of five. The power of the moon kingdom was strong within him, and everyone believed he would make a fine king one day. But that day never came.

You see, the Negaverse had been lying in wait for the right time to strike at the family of the Moon and avenge the deaths of thousands of their kind at the hands of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. They attacked viciously and, without mercy, they tore through the palace defenses. They caught the militia around the palace off guard after the many years of peace, plus only normal humans were pitted against Negamonsters.

The battle was fierce and blood on both sides was shed ruthlessly. The Sailor Scouts tried with all their might to protect the royal family, but after all the scouts, except Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, were killed protecting them, the King was murdered with an arrow through the chest. This same arrow struck Queen Alaniya and, because it was laced with negative energy, she was mortally wounded.

With one last desperate action, she gave the only thing that could stop the invading evil, the Imperium Silver Crystal, to her son the prince. She placed it inside his body after placing him in a deep sleep. She gave her son to Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter and told them to keep him safe. She bade her son farewell and watched tearfully as the scouts took him away to safety.

Negaverse warriors tried to fallow and kill the prince, but Alaniya would no allow it. She sent out a telepathic message to the people of the world and told them about their dead king, dying queen, and fleeing prince. She told the people not to worry, and that the prince will bring peace one again after this is all over. The people mourned over the tragic news.

Queen Alaniya then asked her fighting soldiers on the grounds of the palace if they were willing to give their lives to protect their planet and their prince. They all said yes and, summoning all her remaining strength, Queen Alaniya used all her powers as Cosmic Sailor Moon to destroy Crystal Palace along with the Negaverse and her own guards.

The remaining Sailor Scouts took the prince to one of the close friends of the family, a scientist named Jacob, then they went back to make sure none from the Negaverse had escaped Cosmic Sailor Moon’s blast. There were a few warriors left and they fought hard against the scouts until they were destroyed. The scouts, however, were not strong enough to go on after the battle. After making sure the prince was in good hands, they died from their wounds. The planet and the prince were safe, but not without a costly price.

Earth was in morning and soon power hungry people, who had been waiting for a chance to seize control, rose up and took advantage of the people in their sorrowed state. They formed the Alliance and pushed the people underfoot. The people accepted this, but soon became restless. They wanted to know why the government wasn’t searching for their lost prince.

The truth was, the Alliance didn’t want to find the prince because the people would demand the monarchy be restored, and the Alliance wanted the power. So they faked a search for him, planning to kill him if they ever did find him and make up some story to explain his death. The prince, however, knew of their plot and went into hiding. The scientist the scouts left him with, ran with the prince in hopes of keeping him alive and began to train him ways to fight without using his powers so no one would find out who he really is. The prince grew strong, and latter would be considered super human, since no one knew who he really was.

10 years had passed by now, but the prince still had watched over the planet. Soon the planet broke into war again, and innocents were being killed. This infuriated the prince and he wanted to do something. Jacob told him he couldn’t risk being found out and killed. He was needed to bring about the peace of the world again. The prince settled down for a while but still wanted to help. When he couldn’t take it any longer he agreed to be part of a plan to stop the war on earth. The plan was known as Operation Meteor. He went along with things, hardening himself until his once kind exterior seemed to become cold. Even though he seemed heartless, he was still the loving prince inside, and when he found out that O.M. was really a plan for massacre he decided to do something. He went to Jacob with it, and the scientist got together with a few of his friends and changed things a bit. Operation Meteor soon became a pillage for peace, and still no one but Jacob knew who the prince was.

Finally the prince went to Earth under the alias, Heero Yuy, and fought to protect his people from the corrupt government. People noticed strange things about this Heero, like how he managed to survive the self detonation of a mobile suit, but still no one caught on. Now the prince continues to fight, in hopes that one day he will be able to reveal himself to his people and bring about peace.

As you all have probable guessed by now, that young prince is our Heero, pilot of Wing Zero. In this story, Heero will go back and relive his times at Crystal Palace. Even though he was five then, he relives it at his current age. As you should also know, if you watched the show, he did bring peace to the world like his mother, Queen Alaniya, predicted. No one knows what his name was back then, so we’ll just call him Heero so no one will become confused. Now we continue with the story.

Darkness, total and complete emptiness. Heero glanced around the barren void that surrounded him. He hung, suspended in a way, in the black. Every direction he turned only lead to more emptiness... and the silence. The defining silence screamed in his ears. The only sound were his rapid breaths. "Hello!" he wanted to cry out. "Hello! Is anyone there!?! Where is everyone, where am I?" The words formed in his mind but they wouldn't roll of his tongue. They were caught in his throat, choking him.

Then he heard the voices. "Have I finally gone mad?" he thought, "Has it happened after all this time?". He continued to question his sanity, but then came to realize he was fine when he recognized the voices. They spoke one after the other. First it was Duo, followed by the others.

"I hope he pulls though this." his voice was sad, and deprived of energy.

"Don't worry," came Trowa's voice. "Heero's strong, he'll come out of it. He's a fighter."

"What's wrong with me?" Heero wanted to ask them, but he couldn't.

"He's stable now." came Quatre. "There's nothing we can do but wait."

"Who would have guessed Heero could be taken down so easily." said WuFei, who sounded surprisingly upset. "He's always been such a valiant soldier."

"Like some sort of true prince." Heero heard Trowa say. "It would be a shame for it to end this way"

"What are you saying?" he heard Relena cry. For once Heero had to agree with the peace diplomat, he wanted to know what was going on. She continued. "Heero will pull through this, he has to. I'll never forgive him if he dies on me after all those close calls."

"I'm... dying?" thought Heero suddenly gripped by fear. "How, w_what happened to me?"

"Is there anyway we can help him?" Duo asked.

"He's in some sort of comma," says Quatre. "It's not natural. I'll check my med. book. There might be some sort of way to do something_"

"I'm afraid not." says WuFei.

"Why? I don't get it, what exactly happened to him while you guys were out there?" asked Quatre

"Yeah," thought Heero worriedly. "What happened, why am I like this?"

"Well." begins WuFei, he then takes a deep breath and continues. "As you all know we, Duo Heero and myself went to that base in Siberia to destroy the prototype for the new mobile doll. Somehow they knew we were coming and they were ready for us. Well we split up, thought it would be easier to find it if we covered more ground, but we had no idea where to look for it. It wasn’t showing up on our scanners, and the building the informant described wasn’t even there. So we decided to get out and look around on foot, go in a bit closer. After about an hour of searching, Heero found it. He radioed me and Duo."

"I had a feeling something was up so I started for the hanger while WuFei went to erase the program on the main computer we had located earlier." says Duo. "When I reached the hanger, Heero was already setting up explosives. Suddenly the lights came on and we were surrounded by soldiers. This big guy stepped out and gave the usual, ‘Won’t I get promoted if I bring in the Gundam pilots’ yadda yadda yadda. The prototype was just a setup, there was no new mobile suit. Heero and I were caught in a tight spot, and it was only made worse when this scientist stepped out. He had this drug to take care of us but preserve our bodies for study or something sick like that. The guy came after me first and I woulda been a goner if Heero hadn’t pressed the detonation switch on the bomb."

"The explosion was huge," says WuFei. "It knocked me on my ass and I was clear across the grounds. I can only guess what happened to Duo."

"I was almost thrown into orbit." says Duo. "It was intense. After I pulled myself off the floor I saw most of the soldiers on the ground. Dead, unconscious didn’t know and didn’t care. Others were running around trying to put fires out. I looked up and saw Heero going at it with the scientist, who was trying to stab him with a syringe. Heero was about to stick the guy with it when a soldier picked up this dart gun or something and aimed it at Heero.

They guy was to far away for me to tackle him in time and I didn’t have anything to shoot him with so I called to Heero. He managed to pull away, but not soon enough and the dart scratched him in the shoulder. I started to ask him if he was okay, but he told me to shut up and get out of the building. We escaped in all the chaos and met WuFei at the rendezvous point. Heero passed out right about then."

Heero couldn't believe his ears. He was dying, or close to it. He began to breath faster, then, all of a sudden, his heart was in his ears. It pounded, making his head feel like it was in a vice. He could hear the others in a panic.

"His heart monitor has flat_lined!" Trowa shouted.

"He's not breathing!" cried Relena

"Give me some room! Hand me the pads on that machine Duo!" came Quatre's voice. Soon they were all drowned out by the thumping of Heero's heart. He covered his ears, the pain caused by the noise was excruciating. He wanted to cry out, wanted to scream but he couldn't. "Clear." he heard Quatre call out. Then a shock that felt like lightning passed through him. He doubled over in pain as he heard Quatre again. "Clear." Again came the pain. "Clear."

"Stop it Quatre." he tried to shout. "You're hurting me." The pain, the shock, the pounding, the voices, Heero knew he was dying, or going crazy. Then he saw it, a light. Brighter and warmer and more welcoming than anything he'd ever seen. The light became brighter and brighter. He went towards it until it was all he could see. He felt absorbed by the light as it filled him and felt himself going down in a heavy sleep.

Heero shot up in with a cry. He was drenched with sweat and his heart was racing. He covered his face with his hands and took long, deep breaths in an attempt to slow his breathing. He fell back onto the pillow, which was wet as well, but didn't bother to flip it over. "A dream," he half whispered. "Just a dream." He closed his eyes until his heart slowed and he began to cool down. He opened them, looking up at the ceiling, then crinkled his brow in confusion. "When did I put a transparent canopy on my bed? And since when is my ceiling made of white marble?" He sat up in bed while going to loosen his collar. His hand landed on silk instead of cotton and his eyes shot down to his body.

He was wearing white, silk pajama's. That's when he noticed everything on the bed was white, from the silk sheets to the pillows. Then he noticed the bed. It was huge, at least 12 feet in length and six feet in width. He slowly began to slid out of it. His feet touched the white marble floor and a small chill ran through him. He saw a robe and house shoes on a hook next to the bed and was going to ignore them until he saw his name stitched on the robe. He slowly pulled it on then turned his eyes on the room.

Heero's eyes widened as they played across it. It was filled with silver and white furniture, old English style. The ceiling was high, and in the center a huge, beautifully crafted, crystal chandelier that poured radiant light across the room. The walls were lined with pictures of beaches, and beautiful sunsets, and other stills of nature. A crystal table sat in the center of the room covered in a six course breakfast that had steam rising from it. Across from the table was a balcony, with white curtains made from the same fabric of the canopy that hung over his bed. They danced softly in a gently breeze that wafted into the room. Heero slid his feet into the house shoes and made his way over to the balcony. He stepped past the crystal doors and gasped at the most beautiful sunrise he'd ever seen.

The warm colors mixed together as they splashed across the sky. The clouds were lined with purple and crimson. A beautiful garden full of wonderful flowers and fruit trees spread out before him for a least a quarter of a mile, until it me the edge of a beautiful city. Everything was kissed with dew drops and the entire scene was gorgeous, but familiar. "Hey guys look who's up. Hello there." he heard someone cry. He looked around then down into the garden. About a dozen men were working in the garden trimming shrubs, watering plants, and other chores. They all stopped to smile warmly at him and wave. An elderly man smiled up at him as well. "'Hello there' I said." said the man. "Good morning to you young prince."

Heero went pale. He couldn't believe his ears, this man called him prince. "Does he know," whispers Heero looking around nervously. "Am I in danger here?"

"You all right your highness, you don't look to good." said the man, a look of concern on his face. Heero felt nauseous and had to grip the rail to keep his balance. He covered his face with one of his hands as he listened to voices below. "Go get the queen, hurry!" said the old man. "Something is wrong with prince Heero."

"Yes sir!" said another voice, and then running footsteps were heard leaving. Another wave of nausea hit Heero hard and he felt himself tilt forward and then air began to fly pass his face. He didn't know what was going on, he felt himself falling. Then he felt himself fall into a pair of strong arms.

"I've got you highness." he heard someone say. "You're all right." Heero slowly opens his eyes to find the gardeners all huddled around him. The one supporting him smiled down at him.

"Heero!!" screamed a melodic voice. "Heero!!" Heero recognized it instantly.

"It can't be." he whispers to himself looking over in the direction the voice came from. He sees a woman dressed in a white gown running towards him. She has long lavender hair up in odangoes like Serena and a look of terror mixed with worry lights up her beautiful face. Behind her runs a man in a silver suit like King Darien's. Behind him runs what looks like a team of Sailor Scouts. The man's black hair clings to his face with sweat as he passes the woman.

"Hurry Lionel!" screams the woman. Lionel makes it to Heero and lifts him in his arms. He hugs Heero to him and Heero smells a slight hint of roses on him. Between ragged breaths Lionel speaks.

"My boy. Are you all right?" says Lionel. Heero can't speak. He feels he should be terrified, but doesn't struggle. He honestly fells oddly relaxed. He knows the man but can't believe his eyes. Just then the woman makes it over to them and wraps her arms around Heero. He feels her warm tears fall on his face, and, closing his eyes, inhales her sweet sent of Jasmine and lavender which he's known all his life and would never forget. She slowly sinks to the floor with Heero in her arms.

"My baby. My son... my only son." she cries, rubbing her cheek against his. The Sailor Scout look alikes step up behind her, all look worried. The old man steps up to the woman cradling Heero and bows.

"Queen Alaniya" he says standing straight. "The young prince came out on his balcony and we greeted him. He looked a little ill then leaned against the rail. I sent word to you and then he tumbled over the edge there."

"Who caught him?" asks the Queen.

"Aaron there." says the old man pointing. Alaniya rises and hands Heero to Lionel. She steps over to Aaron who bows before her.

"My Queen."

"Rise good sir." Aaron stands and faces Alaniya. "Aaron, you caught my son Heero when he fell from the balcony. You saved his life. You saved the heir to the throne, and the future king of Crystal Tokyo... the future king of the world. The most important fact of the matter is you saved the most valued treasure of king Lionel and myself. For this brave sir you will be greatly rewarded."

"Thank you my queen." says Aaron bowing again. "Saving prince Heero was reward enough. I would die of guilt if harm were to befall our prince and I had a chance to prevent it but didn't."

"You are full of heart Aaron. Once again I thank you for saving my only child." Heero watches this through glazed eyes. Alaniya turns and steps back over to Heero. He stares at her in disbelief.

"M_m_mother?" he stammers. He looks up at Lionel. "A_and father?"

"Yes son." says Lionel.

"We're here." says Alaniya. "And so are the Scouts." Heero lets his eyes waver over to four girls of diverse height. They are dressed in Sailor outfits, only the colors are neon. Heero recognizes them all as part of his original family. His mother, his father, his friends, everything. He's home. Heero smiles and relaxes in his father's arms, and as he slips into sleep he allows tears of joy to flow, and lets down his guard for the first time in ten years.

A while later Heero's eyes flutter open. He looks around to see he is back in his Crystal Palace bedroom. "Hello sleepy head." He looks over to see his mother sitting on his bed. He immediately sits up and wraps his arms around her. She is surprised but returns the warm gesture. "What is wrong darling?"

"Nothing." whispers Heero, trying to hold back the tears. "For once it is all so right. Please, just let me hold you for a minute."

"Why Heero, you act as if you have seen me in years."

"It seems like that doesn't it." says Heero. "And where is father?"

"Right here son." Heero looks over at the door to see his father leaning against the frame, his cape brushing the back of his legs. He has his scepter in his hand and steps over to the bed. Heero envelopes him in a hug as well. When Lionel stands he messes Heero's hair. "You gave us quite a scare earlier this morning. When that gardener came to tell us you were about to fall of your balcony, your mother took off like a track star. What happened?"

"I... don't know. I just felt light headed and nauseous all of a sudden. Then I fell."

"Well you're all right now baby." says his mother kissing him on the forehead. "You had better get ready, your lessons with the Scouts begin after lunch." Heero nods as his mother smiles and leaves the room with his father, her arm looped around his. The huge double doors close behind them and Heero is left alone to think.

"Ok, I'm home." says Heero. "But that's impossible. My home, my family, they were destroyed years ago. Yet it's all here, exactly the way I remember it. Mother, father, the Scouts. All of it is just as if the Negaverse never rose that last time. It's impossible... but I don't care, I'm home. I've gotten back everything I've ever lost. I'd better get dressed."

Over in a fairly large drawing room, Alaniya sits on a satin love seat sipping tea as Lionel looks out the wall length window behind her. A butler walks in and bows. "Your majesties, I present prince Heero." Heero comes in wearing a white tuxedo with cape. His mother stands and his father turns around.

"You're as handsome as your father hun. Maybe even a little more."

"Hey." exclaims Lionel. Heero smiles, genuinely smiles, as his mother beckons him to come sit and have lunch. After they finish a girl about Heero's age enters. She bows then stands straight. She has waist length aqua hair and her bangs play into her silver eyes. She is wearing a blue mini skirt with blue cowboy boots. Alaniya stands and Lionel goes to her side. She turns to Heero.

"Heero darling, it is time for you lessons to begin. We will be attending a meeting in the grand assembly hall if we are needed. Do not hesitate to come to us for anything. Amanda will take care of you." Heero nods as his mother and father leave the room. He turns to Amanda who smiles at him.

"All right prince Heero, today is Nuclear Physics day. So if you please, do follow me. We will have the lesson in the garden, it's such a beautiful day."

A few minutes later Heero and Amanda are in the garden bent over a physics book. He is going over the final problem on the page then gives it to Amanda. She looks over it then slimes at him. "Perfect paper prince. Now on to computers." In a computer room Amanda's fingers fly over the keys. She is showing him how to break into top secret data base files and erase data. After Heero does the same and tall girl with ear length auburn hair and brown eyes comes into the room. She is wearing black jeans and a green halter top.

"It's time for the prince's next lesson." Amanda turns in her seat to face the girl and smiles.

"All right Lidia." says Amanda standing. "He's all yours."

"Come prince Heero." Heero follows the girl. After changing into his own black bottoms and green top outfit, they head outside and walk to a stable. When Lidia hands Heero a saddle and grabs one of her own they go over to the horses. Heero looks around as they pass a dozen ponies.

"Am I going to learn how to ride a horse?" asks Heero a little disgusted.

"No silly, you already know how to ride like a champion. Your favorite is Thunder here." Heero's eyes play over a powerful steed. His legs muscles bulge from under it's midnight black coat. It's eyes connect with Heero's and Heero notices a kindred spirit. He strokes the horses snout.

"I've missed you." he whispers.

"All right now, saddle up."

"So if riding's not the lesson then what are we in here for?"

"Because the horses are how we're going to get to where we hold the next lesson." They saddle the horses a ride off. After about forty_five minutes of riding Heero and Lidia come over a hill on the castle grounds. A large rock landscape opens before them and several mobile suits of different kinds are lined up.

"Mobile suits." says Heero.

"Yep, I'm teaching you how to pilot these, and I teach you mechanics, but today it's combat. I used to be the best there was but you're starting to pass me. Come on lets go." Minutes later the air is filed with the sounds of a battle. Two Leo mobile suits are going at it fiercely on the rocky ground and it's a close battle. Inside the cockpit of one of the Leos, Heero is in soldier mode. He is sweating from the good fight the other suit has put up, and if he doesn't end this soon he will lose the battle. His eyes follow every movement of the opposing suit, and his face is set like stone. The other Leo opens fire and Heero dodges and counters with a beam saber, cutting of the shooting arm. "Whoa!" says a voice over the radio. "You've gotten real good since last time. Enough for today though. Good job my prince."

"Thank you Lidia." He powers down the suit and opens the cockpit door. He flips out and lands on the ground. Lidia does the same and walks over to him.

"You were great. You will turn out to be the best in the world some day." Just then they hear someone call out to them. They turn around to see a girl riding towards them on a white horse. She rides up to them and hops off. Her semi long , blonde hair is held in a pony tail by a orange ribbon. She is wearing white overalls with a T_shirt. Her blue eyes are full of light. "Hey Mirra." says Lidia.

"Hey Lid. You finished with prince Heero? It's time for his arts lesson, we already took care of etiquette last time."

"Yeah we're through. You can take him. I'm just going to get these suits back to the hanger and take that one into repair." Mirra looks over to the Leo with the missing arm.

"Who did that?"

"Prince Heero."

"Really. You sir are turning into quite the pilot. Come on, we should go." Heero hops on Thunder and he and Mirra ride off waving at Lidia.

Back at the palace, they are in the garden and Heero is playing the guitar. He strums beautiful melodies as Alaniya steps up behind him and Mirra. She listens to the wonderful music until he is done. She claps and he spins around.

"Mother, you scared me. Where's father?"

"Sorry baby, and he's attending a peace treaty signing in the Saink Kingdom. He'll be back in a few hours. That was beautiful hun, Mirra is doing a wonderful job."

"Thank you highness." says Mirra bowing her head. Just then a girl with black leggings and a red sweatshirt walks over to them. She has shoulder length black hair and ebony eyes.

"Am I interrupting?" she asks.

"Oh no Reah." says Alaniya.

"Well it is time for the princes martial arts lessons."

"Of course." replies the Queen. Heero follows the girl into the castle. A few minutes later the are in a gym dressed in karate robes. They slowly move through breathing exercises, their hands seem to float in front of them. Their eyes are closed and Heero matches Reah move for move. They breath slowly, then they come to a stance where their legs are closed and they are standing up straight with the hands clasped together. Reah opens her eyes and pats Heero on the shoulder.

"You did wonderfully young prince. When you get dressed come out to the garden."

A few minutes later Heero is outside looking around. Suddenly Amanda, Lidia, Mirra, and Reah step out of the bushes. "Are you prepared for your final lesson?" asks Reah.

"I thought I had seen you all already." says Heero.

"This is a lesson we all teach you at the same time." says Amanda holding up her hand. She is holding something in it. "Mercury Cosmic Power!" There is a flash of blue light and Amanda becomes Sailor Mercury. Lidia holds up her hand.

"Jupiter Cosmic Power!" There is a flash of green light and Lidia becomes Sailor Jupiter. Mirra holds up her hand.

"Venus Cosmic Power!" There is a flash of orange light and Mirra becomes Sailor Venus. Finally Reah holds up her hand.

"Mars Cosmic Power!" There is a flash of red light and Reah becomes Sailor Mars. They all stand next to each other ready to begin.

"What are we going to do?" asks Heero. Sailor Mars steps forward and places her hand in front of her face.

"We are going... to fight!" She spins around and throws her hand out in front of her. "Mars Inferno Flash!!" Heero ducks and rolls out of the way. As soon as he does he sees Sailor Mercury in the air above him.

"Mercury Blue Typhoon!" Water more forceful than a waterfall blasts Heero into a wall. He looks up drenched in time to see Sailor Jupiter's foot coming at him. He moves out of the way as it crashes into and through the wall. She spins to face him.

"Jupiter Lightning Javelin!" a spike of lightning pins Heero to the ground by his shirt. He looks up to see Sailor Venus about ten yards away from him. She smiles.

"Venus Aphrodite Arrow!" A golden arrow pins Heero's other arm to the ground. The Scouts surround him and look down at him. "Lets use the planet power on him." says Sailor Venus. The girls grab hands and begin powering up.

"You can't use planet power, you're missing something." says Heero.

"And what is that?" says Sailor Jupiter. Heero smiles. He closes his eyes and the crescent moon mark appears on his forehead. The Scouts gasp and Heero opens his eyes.

"You need moon power." He focuses his energy and blow the Scouts to the ground. The lightning spear and the golden arrow disappear. He hops to his feet to face the Scouts. They all rise and go at it again.

"Venus Aphrodite Arrow!" Heero easily side steps the attack and gives her a staggering blow to her stomach. Mercury steps up behind him.

"Mercury Blue Typhoon!" Heero jumps out of the way and the attack hit Mars who had been coming at him from the front. He lands behind Jupiter and twists her arm behind her back. She kneels forward in pain. Heero looks to the other Scouts.

"Stop your attack, or you will kill one of your own. You are beaten." All the Scouts stand and bow in defeat. Heero releases Jupiter who stands and looks at him sternly. She smiles and bows as well.

"You will make a fine warrior." Everyone turns towards the sound of clapping hands. They see the queen and the king standing at the garden entrance, giving their applause. Alaniya steps forward.

"You are progressing well son."

"Thank you mother."

"You've beaten the Scouts, but lets see how you do against us." She holds up a golden power stick. "Moon Crystal Enchantment!" Queen Alaniya transform into Cosmic Sailor Moon. Her Sailor skirt is now gold rimmed with silver, as are her boots. She holds out her hand and a crystal Scepter appears in it. She spins it around like a baton and points it towards Heero. Lionel steps forward and holds out a crystal rose. He transform into the silver armor of the Prince of the Earth.

"Come son." says Lionel. Heero reaches up and touches his crescent moon mark and in a bright flash of light is wearing his white armor. Cosmic Sailor Moon charges swinging her Scepter. Heero pulls his sword and blocks a staggering blow. She pushes on him and he falls to one knee. He can't believe the strength of his mother. He looks over his shoulder to see his father... gone! He looks around frantically. He hears something behind him and spins around to get hit in the face with the butt of a sword. He falls to the ground but tucks and rolls and is on his feet in seconds. His father comes at him and he goes to block as Lionel brings his blade rod down hard. He and Heero go at in a duel like style for a little while.

"You are good son. Very formidable, but I know something you can't beat." he says as they come to a standstill, sword against sword.

"And what is that father?"

"Your mother's power." They both look over to see Cosmic Sailor Moon raise her Scepter above her head. Winds begin to pick up and swirl around her.

"Lunar Crystal Cut!" She slices the air with her Scepter and a white energy blade flies through the air. It hits Heero dead in the chest and he falls to the ground. He's dizzy for a moment and when everything clears up his father is holding out his hand.

"You all right son?"

"Yeah. I feel like I was hit by a semi."

"And that was only a small dose of her true power. Look at her." They look over to her. Her lavender hair flows gently and she stands poised, holding her scepter with both hands. "Beautiful isn't she. And powerful. We are both very lucky to be such an important part of her life." She steps over to them. Her tiara disappears and the mark appears on her forehead. It glows and her Sailor uniform disappears. She places her hand on Lionel's shoulder and his armor disappears. Heero closes his eyes, his mark glows, and his armor disappears. The Scouts do the same, their unique signs appearing before their suits disappear.

"You did well darling." says Alaniya kissing her son on his forehead. "Now lets go inside. It's getting late."

A few hours later, after dinner in Heero's room, Heero and Alaniya are on the couch. Alaniya is sitting on one end while Heero is stretched out on it in his pajamas. His head is on her lap, and she is stroking his hair. Lionel is in the chair across from them. "Mother, Father I have something very important to ask you both."

"What is it dear." says Alaniya.

"I love you both very much, and I never want to lose you. Promise me you'll stay by my side forever."

"Always." says Alaniya looking him in the eye then kissing him lightly on his cheek.

"We will never leave you son." says his father. Alaniya begins to sing a soft lullaby. Her angelic voice fills the room and after about five minutes Heero smiles and yawns.

"Someone is sleepy." says his mother.

"Did we work you over son." says Lionel.

"No father, I'm just tired."

"Well come to bed then." says his mother. They all rise and Heero climbs into bed. He settles in and his father kisses him on the forehead.

"Night son, love you." He walks over to the door and stands waiting for his wife. Alaniya bends and kisses Heero as well.

"Goodnight my baby, sweet dreams. See you in the morning." Alaniya goes over to her husband. They smiles back at Heero and the lights go out. They exit and the doors close lightly behind them. The moon light wafts into the room and gently lights it as Heero drifts off to sleep.

Heero is wakened by a loud explosion outside his balcony. His bolts upright in bed. "What the_". There is a flash of light and another explosion. Heero holds up his hands to shield himself as debris flies into the room along with glass. Outside, the sounds of a vicious battle can be heard. He hops out of bed and runs over to the balcony. He steps through the shards of glass on the floor and his eyes widen at the awaiting sight. Mobile suits fight at the castle gates. Monsters fly through the air unleashing their power upon the castle guards. Some battle on the grounds. Bodies are seen here and there from both sides. What appears to be human warriors, fire energy beams from their fingers at the Crystal Tokyo soldiers.

"Oh no... no." says Heero. "It can't be. No not again... it's the Negaverse. This is the exact battle that ended crystal Tokyo. I'm reliving it, no I can't go through this again." he says tears pushing at his eyes.

"There's the prince!" cries out a voice. Heero looks up to find a snake woman flying towards him. He steps back shocked as a flash of fire shoots by him and fries the creature. He spins around to find Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus running towards him.

"Prince Heero watch out!" cries Mars. Venus fires an arrow and it guts a monster right behind Heero. Both Scouts step in front of him to shield him from the attacks. Monsters shoot their powers and the Scout counter.

"We can't keep this up forever, but we have to protect Heero." says Mars.

"You get him out of here, I'll back you up." shouts Venus. Heero goes pale. He remembers the first time he went through this. Venus stayed in his room while Mars took him to safety. That was the last time he ever saw Mirra. Mars's voice breaks through his thoughts.

"All right. Good luck." She grabs Heero hand and pulls him towards the door.

"No, Mirra!" shouts Heero trying to pull away.

"Prince Heero we have to get you to safety!"

"But Mirra will get killed. We can't just let_" a flash of light stops him and a bloodcurdling scream tears through the room. The room trembles and the ground is torn apart. When the smoke clears Mars is on top of him. She sits up.

"Are you all right?" she asks.

"Yes but_" Heero's eyes play over to Mirra. He lets out a small cry. The balcony is decimated and her legs hang over it at the knees. Severe burns cover her body and blood flows from her mouth, her head, and various other gashes and burns. Her clothes are tattered and blood flows from several cuts where glass has sliced into her body. "We have to see if she's alive."

"No we have to get you to safety." says Mars. Heero looks up.

"Mars behind!!" Mars turn around to see a monster coming at them. She doesn't not have time to react. Suddenly the monster is blown away by water. Mars and Heero turn around to see Jupiter and Mercury standing behind them.

"What happened Mars, we thought you were getting the prince." says Jupiter.

"You didn't leave the King and Queen unprotected did you?" asks Mars.

"No, we left them Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, why aren't you_" Mercury stops in her tracks. Her eyes have come across Venus. "Oh god."

"What's wrong Mercury?" asks Jupiter.

"Mirra." she says pointing. Jupiter looks up and tears spring to her eyes. "I'll get her, you guys back me up. And watch Heero."

"No," says Heero. "You guys can keep those monsters at bay, I'm not in my armor yet so you cover me, I'll get Mirra."

"No prince Heero we can't let you_" begins Mars.

"That's an order now do it." The scouts reluctantly open fire as Heero runs for Mirra. He carefully lifts her in his arms. She moans softly. "I've got you Venus." He turns and runs from the room, the other scouts following. Jupiter takes Mirra as Mars takes the lead. Explosions from outside rock the palace as they run down a hall.

"We have to get the family out of here and to the Saink kingdom. The king and queen are ready to receive them." says Jupiter. They come to a dead end. Jupiter gets out of the way. "Ok Prince Heero." Heero steps forward and places his hand on the wall. He spins around at the sound of explosions right behind them. Two fighters from the Negaverse round the corner. A young woman with icy blue eyes points at Heero.

"There's one of them!" they attack and Mars and Mercury counter.

"Mars Inferno Flash!" "Mercury Blue Typhoon!"

The warriors counter with attacks of their own but the Scouts are a tad more powerful. After knocking down one of the warriors, Mars turn to Heero. "Hurry highness, open the door." Heero nods and turn back to the wall. The mark appears on his forehead and shoot a beam of energy into a small hole. The wall opens up to a staircase leading down. Heero turns back around.

"It's open!"

"Good," says Mercury. "We can't let them follow us to the Queen and King. Go, all of you. I'll stay and hold them off." she says hitting both Negaverse warriors with her power. Heero shakes his head.

"Ok," says Mars. Turning back to Jupiter and Heero she calls out to Amanda over her shoulder. "Good luck Mercury." Mars pushes Heero down the stairs. They take them two at a time. Another explosion rocks the stairwell and Mercury's computer visor hits the step in front of Heero, broken and shattered. He picks it up and bites his lip to keep it from quivering.

"Amanda." he whispers. Mars grabs his hand and pulls him the rest of the way. They run down an underground hall and the sounds of the battle can be heard above them.

"Neptune come in." says Mars into her wrist communicator. "Neptune this is Mars we have the prince come back. Anyone answer!!" Nothing but static.

"What's wrong?" asks Jupiter.

"I can't raise Neptune and the others on the communicator. I hope nothing happened, they were watching the Lionel and Alaniya."

"Mother, father." breaths Heero.

"We should reach the exit soon, that's where we left them." says Mars. A few minutes later they reach another staircase leading upwards. The push open the door and run through a grand dinning room. Mars stops in her tracks and gasps. Across the room lies a young woman crinkled on the floor. Her close cut navy blue hair is stained with blood as is the rest of her body. She is on her hands and knees. One hand grips the handle of a dagger, the blade disappearing into her body. Blood drips to the floor. Heero's eyes widen in horror as sailor Neptune looks up at them, blood seeping from her mouth.

"Help." She chokes out.

"Melody!" screams Mars as they run over to her. Mars and Heero help prop her up against the wall. Her breaths are labored as she speaks.

"The king... and... queen are with Uranus and P_Pluto. They found us. We fought them but they tried to get to the royalty."

"Easy Melody." says Heero. "Are mother and father all right?"

"Don't... know. They tried to stab the king... but I got in the way."

"You'll be all right." say Heero.

"No... I know I'm dying." smiles Neptune. "It's all right prince, don't shed tears for me. I'll die honorably protecting the family I love. What is wrong with Mirra?" says Neptune looking at Venus.

"She took a hit in my bedroom." says Heero

"Where is Mercury?" asks Neptune.

"We think she was killed in the upper hallway." says Heero.

"Leave Mirra with me." says Neptune.

"We're going to try and save her." says Mars.

"No need." says Jupiter. Everyone looks over to her to see her crying. "She just stopped breathing." Heero clinches his hand into fists and no longer fights the tears. Jupiter gently lays Mirra next to Neptune.

"Now," says Neptune. "Go, join up with Uranus and Pluto. Saturn won't be able to make it. We got word that she was killed by the castle gates. She took out about half the forces that were fighting there before she went down. What a warrior." Mars chokes back a sob while Jupiter pounds the wall with her fist.

"Not Heather too." says Heero in regard to Sailor Saturn. Neptune continues. "Leave us, we will be with you in sprit. Do not feel badly for me, I gave my life for my king and I would do it again if I had to. Now go, your mother is throwing a fit about not being able to go get you herself young prince. Don't make her wait. Pluto won’t let her or the king fight. The top priority is to get you all out. Jupiter, Mars, you must protect them."

"We will." sniffs Mars. Neptune smiles then leans her head back against the wall.

"I am... tired." she says. Her head slumps to the side and she breaths no more. Mars sobs openly as Heero kneels beside his two fallen friends. Jupiter comes over and places her hands on his shoulders.

"If we don't want their deaths to be in vain we have to get you out of here." Heero nods and after one more glance at the two Sailors, the trio runs into the next hallway. Heero reaches up and touches his mark and his armor forms. Suddenly the ground is blown out from under them and they topple into darkness, the roof caving in over them. Heero closes his eyes and concentrates, forming a protective bubble around him, Mars and Jupiter. Rocks bounce off of it as they gently float to the ground. They land in the garden and duck behind a row of shrubs. Jupiter peaks up over the top then comes back down.

"How bad is it?" asks Mars.

"Bad. There are more of our soldiers down than their soldiers. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make a good guess on how something like this'll turn out when you pit humans against Negamonsters. Plus there is about four dozen creeps between us and the way out. We can't take that many alone and watch Heero."

"Let me." says Heero. Before the scouts can protest Heero hops over the shrub. The monsters turn around and prepare to attack. Heero's sword begins to glow with energy and when he leaps into the air, he brings it up and across his body. There is a flash of light and when it is over all that is left of the monsters is a deep groove in the ground. Heero lands as Mars and Jupiter come up behind him. He places his sword in it's holster. "That was for Melody, Amanda, Mirra, and Heather." he says coldly. Just then monsters begin to come out of nowhere. They attack viciously, some clawing some biting. Heero and the other Scouts scramble left and right, fighting their hardest to stay alive. Razor sharp claws slash across Heero back as a set of teeth clamp onto his wrist.

He cries out, wrings the monster lose, and slices it in half. One of the monsters snatches Heero to the ground by his cape and a few pile on top of him. They claw and scratch at the center of the growing heap of slim and flesh. Suddenly they are blow back by the energy from Heero's moon mark. He stands, blood running from various wound over his body. Mars and Jupiter are having just as hard a time. Heero turns around in time to see more monsters coming at them. For every one they take down, ten seem to take it's place. Heero jumps back and slices three of them with his blade. The monsters are slashing and biting the Scouts and Heero, drawing blood from the three of them. Suddenly two that were attacking Jupiter pause, then run for Heero. Jupiter's eye widen with realization. She continues to fight off the horrid, bloodthirsty monsters while calling out to Rhea. "At first they were going at all of us with intent to kill, now they seem to be pressing more towards Heero. They're completely brainless monsters so how do they know which of us is royalty?" Mars fries a couple monster then looks over to Heero. A cut on his cheek drips blood onto the ground and one of the monsters sniffs it. It then attacks Heero, racking it's claw across his face. He spin around and slices it.

"It's his blood, they know he's of the royal bloodline because of the smell of his blood." Just then a monster digs it's claw into Mars's arm, leaving it a bloody mess. She screams and Jupiter and Heero look over to her.

"Reah!" he calls as one of the monsters kicks him in the face, throwing him to the ground. It is about to claw it's face off when it's hit in the back of the head by a bullet. It falls lifeless on top of Heero. He pushes it off of him as other monsters fall in a spray of bullets. He looks over to see a battalion of soldiers firing on the monsters. There are about a dozen of them and they push the monsters back with their guns. Heero uses his sword to help push himself up and he looks over to see Jupiter help Mars up. The leader of the battalion runs over to Heero and stands in from of him firing upon the monsters.

"Are you all right highness?"

"Thank you, another second and I would have been shredded." says Heero. Jupiter and Mars make it over to them. The soldier turns to the Scouts. "Get the prince to the eastern gates. His parents are there with Pluto and Uranus. They are bravely fighting off the attackers but I have no idea how long they'll last. The King and Queen sent me to see what was keeping you all. I'm glad I got here in time."

"Thank you again." says Heero as they take off towards the eastern gates. The soldier turns around and calls out to his men.

"All right men, lets show these sons of bitches that we're not going to take this lying down!!" The soldiers open fire as another round of monsters attack. Even with the machine guns it doesn't take the monsters long to make a human meal out of the brave men. Heero and the scouts are running through the garden when a beam of energy passes through Heero's shoulder, spraying the bushes in front of him with blood. He cries out and drops his sword clutching the wounded shoulder. Another one strikes him in his side. He slowly sinks to the ground. The scouts run over to him. Mars kneels beside him as Jupiter stands over them looking for the attacker.

"My prince!" says Mars.

"Is he all right?" asks Jupiter angrily. Heero leans against the shrubs as blood pours from the wounds. Mars inspects them quickly.

"Yes he is all right for now, but if we don't get this taken care of it could become infected. Can you fight my prince?"

"It's negative energy." gasps Heero. "I feel weak."

"Who did this?" spits Mars.

"You dare attack our prince from the shadows!!" shouts Jupiter. "Show yourself you coward!!" A young man jumps down from the castle roof top. Mars stands and comes up beside Jupiter in front of Heero. The young man smiles his black eyes twinkling. He tosses his long silver hair behind his back.

"I am Armand, and you must be the guardians of the crowned prince of the Moon Kingdom. You think you can protect him from me?" asks Armand. "I'm the one who took care of Neptune and Saturn. You Scouts are no match for my powers. The Negaverse will have it's revenge on the bloodline of the Moon Kingdom. It will end here." Mars and Jupiter go on the offensive. They charge him firing their powers, but Armand turns the attacks back on them. The girls scream as their own powers tear through them. Armand grabs Jupiter and throws her against the wall. He binds her wrists there with energy shackles. He turns to Mars and hits her with black light that is just like Jupiter's lightning. She falls to the ground, smoke rising off of her body.

"Lidia, Reah!" cries Heero. Armand turns to face Heero and steps over to him. Heero goes for his sword but Armand places his foot on it. Heero glares up at him.

"So you are the heir to the world? Mister tough guy. Funny how a little negative energy can make you weak as a kitten." he says pulling Heero to his feet by his collar and plunges his finger into the wound on Heero's shoulder. Heero cries out as Armand laughs.

"Don't touch him!!" screams Jupiter trying to get away from wall. Tears run down her face as she screams for help.

"Mars Inferno... F_Flash!!" Armand turn towards to direction the voice came from and is blown back about twenty yards by a burst of fire. Heero falls to the ground as Armand stands to see Sailor Mars holding her hands out, breathing heavily. Blood runs from the wound on her arm.

"Naughty little Firefly." says Armand firing her power back at her. "I can copy your power." Reah falls to the ground smoke rising from her again. Armand turns back to Heero. Heero looks over to him with glazed eyes.

"Now my good prince, since you aren't feeling so well I think I'll take you out of your misery." He forms an energy dagger and heaves it at Heero.

"NOOO!" Jupiter screams. Heero closes his eyes and waits for the end. He hears the dagger cut into flesh and cringes, but opens his eyes when he feels no pain. Blood drops onto the ground in front of him and his eyes widen in horror when he sees Mars standing over him, the dagger embedded in her stomach. "Mars!" screams Jupiter.

"Sailor Mars no." whispers Heero as the girl falls to her knees.

"Foolish girl." scowls Armand.

"Why did you do it Reah?" asks Heero. Mars turns to look at him and smiles weakly.

"I did it because I love you Heero, we all do. That's why we said we would give our lives for you, or your parents. Like Neptune said, 'I would do it again.'"

"Enough talk." says Armand throwing another dagger. Mars glares at him and holds her hands out to her sides.

"Phoenix Fire Storm!" A huge blaze forms around Mars. The dagger disintegrates when it touches it. Armand steps back.

"No... it's impossible!!" he cries. The blaze takes the form of a bird and with a scream shoots into the air, flies back down and engulfs Armand and his screams. The shackles holding Jupiter to the castle break as Mars's hands fall to her sides. She falls face first into the grass. Heero reaches out to her and rolls her over as Jupiter runs over to them.

"She's gone." chokes out Heero. Jupiter screams in furry as Heero covers his face with his hands. "This can't be happening." he whispers. He feels Jupiter pull him to his feet.

"Come on." she whispers. She pulls his arm across her shoulder to support him, then they take off towards the gate again when another pack of monsters converges on them. Jupiter is flung across the ground from Heero. The monsters close the gap between them as Jupiter stands in time to see one of the monsters rip another hole in Heero's arm.

"Heero," screams Jupiter. She is slowly pushed away from him. Heero is unable to defend himself as the monsters slash and rip at him. He feels a deep sleep tugging at him when he hears an angel's voice.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY SON!!!!" Every monster is blow back by Alaniya's power. Cosmic Sailor Moon and Lionel run over to Heero as Uranus and Pluto help Jupiter up. Alaniya cradles Heero and sobs. "Oh my baby, I thought I'd lost you. Look at you." She gently touches one of his wounds and he draws in a breath in a hiss. "They will pay for hurting you." she says sobbing. Lionel wraps them both in a hug shedding his own tears as the last of the Scouts come up to them. While Alaniya fusses over Heero, Lionel steps over to Jupiter.

"Where are the others?" Jupiter lowers her head and begins to sob.

"They are all gone. They gave their lives to protect the prince." Lionel bites his lip tears flowing. Pluto and Uranus cry too. Uranus shakes her head. Her dirty blonde, shoulder length hair dusting her shoulders.

"Oh my god." Lionel spins around at the sound of his wife's voice. "They can't all be dead." she says. Jupiter nods. "Then we must flee. Abandon Crystal Palace, it is the only way. We have to leave."

"Agreed." says Lionel. "We must get Heero out_". Heero gasps and the girls scream as an arrow plunges through Lionel from behind. It heads straight for Heero and his mother but she throws him aside and it hits Alaniya in her stomach where she was holding Heero. He rises off the ground to see the arrow stuck in his mother's mid_section

"No!" he screams. Lionel gags sharply, blood running from his mouth. He looks over to Alaniya seeing her trembling hands around the end of the arrow. "I'm sorry." he whispers then falls to his knees. Pluto and Uranus run over to support him.

"No." sobs Alaniya pulling the arrow from her body and letting her blood flow. The Scouts begins to weep as well.

"I love you both." he says his head slumping forward. The Scout gently lie him on the ground. Both Heero and Alaniya drop to his sides crying.

"Father!" shouts Heero. "No not again, I can't do this." he says burying his face in his fathers back. He looks up to see his mother crying, her hand over the wound in her stomach. He wraps his arms around his mother letting her blood flow over him. "You will be all right mother, it was just an arrow, but father_" he stops mid_sentence.

"Oh Lionel." weeps Alaniya. They Scouts step up behind them.

"Our king." says Uranus tears flowing down her cheeks. She turns to Alaniya "Your majesty you need help." They go to help her but she holds up her hands. "Let me be with my family."

"Rest in peace majesty." says Pluto. Another arrow whizzes by slicing Heero's cheek. Alaniya jumps over to Heero as the Scouts crowd around him. Everyone turns to where the arrow came from. They see two young women smiling at them. Their chin length red hair blowing in the breeze.

"You two may be immune to things such as knives and arrows." says one girl.

"But king Lionel was human, he can be killed like humans. But we put negative energy in the arrow in case it hit one of you two. Now you Queen Alaniya will die too." says the other girl. Heero gasps as Alaniya flinches.

"And now that we found you all, you will join your King Lionel soon." says the first girl firing a red beam into the air. About two dozen more warriors of the Negaverse appear around Heero, his mother, and the Scouts.

"We are the last warriors of the Negaverse, and we are here to get revenge upon the family line that has imprisoned us and our ancestors time and time again. Now that the last of us are present, we can get rid of all of you together." says the second girl. Alaniya stands and begins to walk towards them. Heero runs to her side and grabs her hand.

"Please mother," he begs. "You have to get help or you'll die. Don't leave me too, I can't take this."

"I'm not leaving you sweetheart." She says. "I'll be with you in spirit forever."

"No." says Heero weeping. Alaniya weeps as well and wraps her son in a hug. "I'm sorry baby but I have to stop them, to keep them from getting to you and the rest of the world. I'm going to make sure you're safe once your father and I are gone." The warriors try to attack but their powers bounce off a shield around the Queen and prince. Alaniya pulls back. "I am going to make sure you make it out of here alive, even if I don't. You will be the last of a strong people. Be strong my son, and fight till the end like your father did... carry on. Sailor Pluto." The Scout steps up. "Take my son and make sure he leaves here alive."

"Yes majesty, I will make sure their heir to the moon lives."

"No mother." says Heero. Alaniya places her fingers on Heero lips silencing him. She holds out her hand and the Silver Crystal appears. She kisses the symbol on his forehead and it glows. Heero's eyes shut and he falls into Pluto's arms. Alaniya places the crystal over Heero's body and it is absorbed into his chest.

"Take him and make sure he is safe." says Alaniya. "Good_bye my darling, I love you enough to die for you, and I will." Alaniya turn to face the Negaverse warriors. She looks over to Lionel and he begins to glow. He rises off the ground and follows her as she heads towards the Negaverse warriors.

"Majesty." calls out Pluto. "How will you win without the crystal?"

"I won't." Replies Alaniya not looking back. The Scouts gasp.

"Majesty please, we can get you help, you must_" begins Jupiter.

"Don't argue with me, now leave and take Heero before it is too late." Pluto nods, and with tears running from her face goes over to Jupiter and Uranus. Using her power she forms a bubble around herself and the others. As they begin to float away a Negaverse warrior fires a beam at the bubble. Alaniya holds out her hand and the attack vanishes. As the bubble leaves the warriors face Alaniya.

"No matter." says one young man. "We will get him later."

"You will not leave this castle alive." says Alaniya hitting him with a white energy beam, killing him instantly. The others look over at his smoking body surprised then turn to Alaniya, glaring at her. She stares right back at them, furry flashing in her eyes. "You made a grave mistake that will cost you dearly. You attacked my kingdom, devastated my planet, terrified my people, killed my husband, hurt my son... and tried to wipe out our legacy. For this you will pay with your lives."

"Big talk for just a dainty Queen." says another woman. She dives in for an up close attack. She swings at Alaniya, who side steps and grabs the girl’s wrist. The girl struggles to free herself but can't. She looks into Alaniya's eyes, and seeing the anger in them begins to tremble with fear. Alaniya holds her hand out behind her and forms a ball of energy. "NOOO!" screams the woman as Alaniya smashes it into her. There is a bright flash of light and all that is left of the woman is dust. Alaniya turns to the others and forms her Scepter.

"I am not Queen just because I have a pretty face and good manners. I am Queen because I come from a long line of strong people. I am Queen because I was born with the power to protect this planet. I am Queen because I am Cosmic Sailor Moon... and on behalf of the moon I shall vanquish all that is evil under it's ever watchful eye." says Alaniya as she begins to glow. The last of the warriors are paralyzed by her power and begin to scream in fear. "You have crossed the Queen of the Moon for the last time!" shouts Alaniya. "This is the end of the Negaverse... time to die." She raises her arms above her head. She closes her eyes and sends her thoughts out to every soldier fighting, and the citizens of the world. "Here me my soldiers, my people."

They all stop and look to the sky. "This is your Queen. Your king is dead, murdered by the Negaverse and I am dying from a wound inflected by them." Some soldiers begin to cry while others scream in anger. "Please do not lose heart my brave one's. Prince Heero has made it out alive, but these Cretans wish to hunt him down.

"I am going to use all of my power to destroy the entire castle grounds to keep all of them from leaving alive. This will save the world and make sure the heir to it's throne is there to help rebuild it. Those of you in the city will be spared. Will you give your lives to protect your prince and your planet my soldiers?" A loud uproar can be heard from all angles. Everyone is cheering. Alaniya smiles. "Very well then. Thank you my brave ones, we will die together. Please my people of my world, keep the beautiful images of Crystal Tokyo in your memories. Cosmic Moon Power!!" White energy begins to swirl outwards around her. She looks up into the sky, tears flowing from her eyes. "Good_bye Heero. Sliver... crystal... Devastation!!!"

Far above the ground and about ten miles away, Pluto and the others travel by bubble. The bow their heads in solemn silence. Heero slowly wakes up and looks around. "Where is mother?" he asks.

"She stayed behind." says Pluto softly.

"No." says Heero wrenching from her grasp and turning around. He sees a pillar of light enter the sky then a dome of light erupt from the ground in the biggest explosion he's ever seen. When the smoke clears, the castle and the battle is gone. Heero drops to his knees sobbing. His mark appears on his head and his armor disappears to his green tank top and black shorts. Pluto lands the bubble on the ground and stands Heero up.

"Be brave young prince, for your parents." she is barely able to speak through her own tears.

"But..." begins Heero. "I don't know what to do Tracy."

"I know young prince. You must live on for them somehow. We are going to leave you here in the park where Doctor J will pick you up. He will watch over you. No one knows who you are so you will be safe while we go back to make sure not one of the Negacreeps lived. We will return." Pluto forms another bubble around her and the other two scouts and as they float away. Heero forms a leather jacket and begins to walk towards the lab. He knows where it is. He quietly sobs while he walks.

Suddenly he is forced back against the wall, hard, by a couple pair of strong hands. His head strikes the brick and stars dance before his eyes. He opens them and when they clear he sees two men holding him against the wall. "Please let me go." says Heero weakly.

"Cut the crap Negaslime, we know who you are."

"You think I'm from the Negaverse?" says Heero astonished.

"We know you are, no one can just form clothes unless they have powers. Now you will die for killing our Queen and King. We got a telepathic message from her saying King Lionel was murdered and that she was mortally wounded and was going to commit suicide to save us and the prince from the Negaverse."

"I know the king was murdered." says Heero, tears running from his eyes. "He was run through by an arrow, and that same arrow inflicted the wound the would have killed Alaniya."

"Now you cry for what your kind has done!! To late for tears, and your tears won't make up for the sorrow you have inflicted upon our people." says one of the men.

"How did you know how the king was killed unless you did it." says the other man punching Heero. Heero's head rolls around but he holds it up, blood running from a cut on his lip.

"Because I was there, but I didn't kill him." he says weakly. "Please stop, I can barely move as it is."

"Funny," says one of the men clutching Heero's shoulder. He winces in pain as the man continues. "The only one's there who didn't kill him were the Sailor Scouts, and you don't look like a Sailor Scout. You claim you didn't do it, why wouldn't Negaverse scum like you kill him?"

"Because," says Heero the moon mark appearing on his forehead with a shing. "I wouldn't kill my own father."

"Prince Heero." say the men surprised. Heero falls forward into their arms. They lift him and carry him away. Some time later Heero opens his eyes and looks around. He is on the couch in a waiting room. The only other furniture is a couple chairs, which are occupied by the two men from earlier. Booth run over to him when he sits up.

"Please accept our humblest apologies sire, we did not know." they stop when they see Heero tearing up.

"They're gone." he whispers. "Just gone." Then men remain silent unable to speak. Just then Lidia, Tracy (Sailor Pluto), and Abigail (Sailor Uranus) come through the door. They are broken and battered and fall to the floor. Heero runs to them. "Are you all ok?" he asks.

"The last of the Negaverse has been defeated." says Pluto.

"You are safe my prince." says Uranus.

"Doctor J will take care of you now." says Jupiter as they all release a last breath. Heero sits there on the floor with them, and suddenly feels tired. He falls back onto the floor his eyes heavy. He can see the two men standing over them and can feel them shaking him, but when their lips move he can't hear a thing besides the beating of his own heart. Some time latter he wakes up and looks around. He is in the infirmary back at the house. Relena is next to him sleeping. The room is hazy for a second but comes into focus. He groans lightly, which stirs Relena. She sees his open eyes and grabs his hand.

"Oh you're alive, You're woke, thank god." she says tears flowing. Heero sits there in her grasp. The others race in.

"What’s all the noise abo_" says Duo but he stops when he sees Heero. "Heero you're awake!" he shouts. They all converge around his bed. Quatre winced a bit, sensing something sad in Heero's expression.

"What's wrong Heero?" he asks.

"They're gone." Heero says.

"Who's gone?" asks Trowa.

"My family. My mother, my father, my friends. I saw it, I lived it again."

"Oh no," says Relena. "You don't mean_"

"Yes, somehow I relived the Crystal Tokyo attack. I saw it all over again, even the parts I had struggled to forget. I saw my parents alive and well for at least a day, and I was so happy to see their smiling face... then it happened again. I felt the physical and emotional pain all over again." says Heero tears flowing down his still emotionless face. Everyone watches in awe. After a few tense moments, it was Duo who chose to speak.

"C-crystal Tokyo. That would make him— "

"The missing prince of the Moon Kingdom!! My mother and father told me about this, he’s Alaniya and Lionel’s son!" finished Relena. Everyone stared again, until Heero broke the silence.

"What did I do to deserve this, to go though something like this twice. I saw everything I ever loved incinerated in front of my eyes." Relena wraps Heero in a hug while she sheds ears of her own.

"I'm sorry Heero." she whispers. They other stand around tears rimming their own eyes. Heero continues.

"I saw the explosions, the fights, the monsters. I felt the wounds inflicted upon me by them, I even saw the arrow that killed my mother and father, oh god. Instead of putting me through all this torture why doesn't he just let me die." the mark appears on Heero forehead and shimmers softly. Heero's friends see him break down and cry in front of them for the first time, and are speechless at the sight.