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Black Hearts: Part 1 By Mistress Fate


Ania paced the length of her and Duo’s dark bedroom. Well, it was really only Duo’s, but she slept in it when he wasn’t using it, which was usually during the day. She honestly had no place. She followed the same path she had beaten every night for over a week now. Silently she padded back and forth at the foot of the bed, throwing occasional glances at the sleeping mound of comforter on the bed. Slowly the fabric rose a fell with Duo’s rhythmic breaths. Ania paused for a moment, sighed deeply and glanced over at the alarm clock on the night stand. The time 4:30 a.m. spilled their red, neon glow over the rosewood. "Not long now." She began to pace again. Her domineer was usually calm and collected, but for some reason she couldn’t keep still, her mind kept swirling. Maybe it was because of what she was planning to do when the sun rose.

A gentle breeze floated in through an open window, ruffling the curtains and the hem on her black, silk nightgown. She went to shut the window, but instead rested her palms on the sill and peered out into the night. There was no moon out and the dim shine of the stars didn’t help much. Even with the extreme lack of light Ania could see every detail of the scene before her perfectly. Off in the distance she could make out the architectural detail of the buildings of Manhattan. The Gundams had to flee the country of Arabia completely when OZ found their whereabouts, and they chose New York since it was a place Duo was very familiar with. At least that’s what Quatre had told her when she first met them all. She saw the rustle of every leaf and the bending of every blade of grass as another breeze made it’s way across the safe-house grounds.

It was mid October, and the nights did get quite chilly on the coast. Anyone else standing at a window in a spaghetti strapped gown that only reached mid-thigh would have been chilled to the bone by the breeze, but temperature had no effect on Ania. She had a preference of warm weather over cold, since it made her groggy and vulnerable, but she could survive in Antarctica with no clothes if she had to.

Throughout the long years of her life Ania had never really thought about how odd she was, even for a vampire. Yes she had the same powers as most of her kind, increased strength and agility, heightened senses, immortality. And she had the weaknesses, sunlight, crucifixes, holy water— the slayer— but Ania was different. While other vampires killed for sport, she only did it for survival, and even then she would spare a life if she could. She tried to only feed on villains, and those with dark hearts. She had a knack for finding and sorting out the wrong doers of society. She always believed it was because she was a dark child, and evil does know evil.

Ania became a vampire more than 200 years ago, in the spring one year prior to the rise of the colonies. She didn’t even know the race of night crawlers existed outside the stories until one gave her the immortal kiss. She had heard stories from others like her about how they became immortal. Some told of how they put up daring fights, and it was only the increased strength of the undead that pulled them under. Others tell of gruesome pillages and blood shed, and only the strong were made into vampires. Ania’s birth into the night was nothing complicated like that. Matter of factly it was a simple story that she didn’t care to tell, or even speak about. Her maker stalked her, took her, made her, and was going to keep her, until she fought her way out. Her maker had told her of the slayer to try and tie her down with fear, but Ania escaped one night, not caring about the slayer, and had been running ever since.

Another thing that separated her from other vampires was the fear of the slayer. While others trembled at her mere mention, Ania felt no fear of her whatsoever. In fact she got a rise out of the danger of being hunted. She remembered the last time she had killed a slayer, and it was a clear night much like this one.

After 200 years Ania’s powers and abilities had increased greatly and she had a reputation across the world for being a woman you didn’t want to cross if you valued your life. She was known as one of the Fearsome Four. They were, herself included, the four most feared and respected vampires known in the underworld, and no one messed with them. Ania did not ask to be inducted into this little guild, but since she alone had taken the lives of two slayers, out of self defense only, and about to kill her third, her reputation seemed to take a life of it’s own. No slayer goes after one of the Fearsome Four, and lives anyway.

So, for the longest Ania never had to watch her back or worry about slayers attacking her. Most slayers usually didn’t even bother looking for her. One particular slayer, however, didn’t back down so easily. This young slayer took her totally by surprise four years ago, in the year After Colony 197. She had been walking down a back alleyway after feeding from a rapist who had been plaguing this colony for a while. She thought she was alone until her senses picked up something. It was minute so she shrugged it off, then she sensed it again only closer. She had just turned to see what it was when a throwing knife pierced her back only centimeters from her heart. She shrieked and fell to one knee, clutching at the knife over her shoulder. She sensed another fast movement behind her, and had milliseconds to leap to the safety of a nearby fire escape before more knives rained down.

While on the fire escape she managed to pull the knife from her back with a groan. The pain was excruciating and the wound spilled a good portion of the lifeblood she had just taken. She cursed her ignorance, knowing she should never underestimate anyone. Blood spilled down her back, her nights looting spoiled by her confidence. She didn’t have time to bandage the wound properly and wait until it was time for her to sleep. The wound would be gone by morning, but she had a hunch that her attacker wasn’t going to let her leave the alley without a damn good fight.

From her perch on the fire escape she waited for her attacker to show themselves. After a couple minutes of intense silence, a young woman around 18 or 19years of age stepped out of the darkness. She had brown hair that curled outward when it reached her shoulders. Her deep blue eyes were narrowed with the determination of an experienced huntress. With four knives fanned out in each hand, she tentatively made her way into Ania’s sight. The alley was blanketed with darkness, but Ania could see the slayer perfectly. She would have to be careful. This slayer would not be as easy to kill as the first two, but Ania was most formidable when she was boxed in, so the slayer would have her hands full as well.

The girl stepped a little further into the alley and the scent of her blood caught Ania’s nose. She inhaled deeply. A sweet odor that was only enhanced the faster the heart pumped. Well the slayer’s adrenalin was high and the scent was maddening. Ania would have left her alone, since she had already fed, but the wound inflicted by the girl had spilled some of the little she had taken tonight, so Ania was looking for reconciliation. The slayer took one more step toward the vampire and that was it, Ania was on the girl in a flash.

She was in front of the girl in a heart beat, and before the slayer had time to gasp Ania lashed out with her nails and raked them across the slayers left hand. The girl shrieked and the knives fell from that hand, clattering to the concrete. She backed away from Ania hastily and readied herself for another attack. Ania smiled devilishly. This was why she hated killing. No matter how much she loathed herself after the deed was done, she enjoyed every minute of it when it was going on.

The slayer’s blood dripped from Ania’s fingertips and she slowly ran them across her tongue, sucking every drop from beneath her blood-red nails. The slayer cringed visibly when Ania licked her red lips afterwards. The vampire flung her long raven hair over her shoulder and batted her hazel eyes. The slayer readied more knives in her uninjured hand for another throw. "Tell me your name." requested Ania, her voice fluid and seductive. The slayer blinked in amazement as lust clouded her mind. That’s what the voice of a vampire did to a human being if the vampire so chose. This human was trained to handle such circumstances, so she shook off the feeling of yearning and scowled.

"I’m not telling you a thing."

"Very well. I urge you to leave though, and forget you ever saw me slayer. It’s in your best interest."

"Don’t lecture me. I’ve been tracking you for a year now, don’t think because you ask me nicely, I’m going to just walk away. I am going to stop your rampage of blood-lust and killing. We’re going to do this right here, right now."

Ania bowed her head slightly, her bangs lightly brushing her fierce eyes. "As you wish. But don’t say I didn’t warn you slayer."

It was Ania who made a move this time as she went in for a hand to hand. She attacked faster than the eye could see, but this slayer was well trained and was able to block Ania’s first few punches, dropping her knives in the fray. A fierce battle ensued, each deadly woman dealing and taking her share of blows. Even though the slayer was a formidable opponent, she began to show some wear. Ania’s superior strength, and skills in fighting were beginning to take their toll on the mortal girl, and she began to receive more punches than she could throw. She pulled out more knives and was about to give them a toss when Ania pivoted on one ankle, and with the snap of her knee kicked the knives out of the slayer’s hand. The bones beneath the girl’s skin could be heard breaking as her wrist shattered.

The slayer screamed and went down to one knee clutching her hand, Ania smiling, watching her the entire time. Something inside her enjoyed seeing others in pain, and she despised herself for it. The slayer pulled out another knife with her other hand and went in for a close kill. Big mistake. Ania easily side stepped and proceeded to beat the girl into the ground. After a few unmerciful minutes the slayer lay on the ground, bloody and broken. Slowly she raised her eyes to Ania. "Who are you?" she stammered. Ania’s smile widened and she kneeled down to the slayer. She pulled the trembling girl’s body close to hers and lowered her lips till they were a breath away from the girl’s neck.

The slayer trembled uncontrollably and tears began to roll down her cheeks. She felt the vampire’s breath on her skin as she spoke. "I am Ania Rosenko, but you may know me as . . . Lady Ice." The girl gasped in realization and tried to pull away but Ania latched onto her hair and held her head painfully still. "So you now realize you had no chance really. I tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. I am sorry."

"Please," begged the girl. "D-don’t kill me."

"I wish I could spare you, but when you attacked me you took some of the lifeblood I had already drank this night. I need it back. I am sorry."

And with that Ania slowly sank her teeth into the girl’s warm flesh and began to drink. The hot liquid flooded her body, and flowed through her veins seething with life. It filled every part of her and she could feel her skin beginning to warm. Ania closed her eyes and was engulfed by the pulsing of the slayer’s heart as its steady rhythm mixed with her own. She concentrated on the steady thump-thump and an anger for having to kill yet again on this night tore through her heart. She died every time she killed, and she longed for the day when it would all be over. Over the noise of their two hearts beating in sync, and her thought, Ania could hear the girl’s sighs and moans of pleasure. As Ania continued to feed, the girl raised her arms and wrapped them tightly around the vampire’s waist, pulling them closer together. Ania couldn’t help but think about the irony in it all. How the dark kiss could kill someone while they were completely engulfed in an enjoyment that was orgasmic. Finally Ania felt the girl’s heart stop and her arms slips from around her. She pulled away from the girl and gently laid her body on the ground. She turned to leave until she caught sight of the jacket the slayer had been wearing.

It was black leather, very fitting for a dark child. She pulled it on and it fit, stopping right above her waist. It went perfectly with the black jeans she was wearing. She smiled and put her hands in the pockets. She immediately pulled them out, and with them a couple knives and a wallet. She repocketed the knives and began to go through the wallet. After pulling out about $75 cash, leaving the credit cards, she came across a driver’s license. She read the name on the license then put the wallet in the slayer’s pant pocket. That way the authorities would be able to identify her when they found her in the morning. Ania stuffed her hands into the pockets of her knew jacket and walked away, glancing over her shoulder only once to give her respects. "Rest in peace Catherine Bloom."