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Heero’s New Car

Sun was filing into the room. There was a bed in the corner of the room and one person was on it. Chestnut hair and a few bare limbs could only be seen. There was a honk outside. The person on the bed raised his head and looked at the alarm clock. It read 7:00. The person moved to make sure that a gun was near the hand of the person. And you could see that the person was a he, but he had long chestnut hair almost down to his feet. His one thought besides the gun was, It’s too earlier, Heero will get it.

The honk sounded again. Duo, the chestnut haired boy, looked around from the brown hair, Prussian eyed, Japanese youth, Heero. Alas, he could find him in the room. Duo pulled himself up, when the honk sounded again. The sheets and blankets moved and he was naked(1). He moved to the window in his au natural state and looked out the window. There in the front of the apartment building that they lived, Heero was standing by a white new cameo(2). Duo looked at him in disbelieves and thought, He wanted me to get up at 7am to see this and why did he buy it? I thought that he liked when we would take the bike to work at the Preventers. The last thought made him pout, thinking of the last cladding that they would miss out from now on. His violet eyes looked down at the Prussian eyes of the Asian boy and saw that Heero was trying to have him come down to see the car. Duo turned around and get into bed, after traveling the room that was like a disaster area.

Heero looked at the window of their bedroom and thought omae o korosu(3). He locked and put on the security system. He ran to the stairs and up them. He arrived, after going threw their apartment door, at the bedroom. "Duo," his monotone voice had some dept to it for the moment, "get up."

Duo poked his head out of the covers that he had surrounded himself in since the time that he was at the window and Heero had came into the bedroom. "No, it’s too early." With that reply, he stuck his head back underneath the covers and tried to go back asleep. Tried is the operative word. Heero pulled on the covers and Duo tumbled out of bed. He rolled out of the covers and looked at his koi that had interrupted his slumber.

Heero realized that Duo was clothed only in his hair. Running through his mind was only two thoughts, Need to stay focused, need to show Duo the car, and we could stay in bed(4) for a bit. He looked down at Duo who was kneeling and his hair was free of the binding braid. He pounced.


After a few hours when the only noise was moans and screams of each other names(5):


Duo looked at Heero who he was lying on. He was sated and sore but that was fine. Heero was looking into his violet eyes. Duo asked, "So why did you get a car?"

Heero stated at Duo, "We needed another mode of transportation."

"But I like cuddling with you on the bike."

"Think of what we could do in a car." (6)


"Do you want me to show you?"

"Ok, but we need to get dressed." They proceed to get dressed and head out into the car parking lot. Heero drew a gun when they arrived at the car. Duo looked around and saw not threat to their selves, no one was out at this time(they lived in the place when the night workers lived), except for a pigeon that was over the white car.

Heero shouted, "Omae o korosu." He fired on the bird and blood went all over his car and some cars beside in. Duo looked at him in shock.

"What in the hell did you do that for?"

Heero managed to like mournful with out changing his face. "It was going to poop on my car."

Duo threw up his hands and went over to the water hose. He turned it on and pointed it at the ground, handed over to Heero, telling him to call him when he was finished washing all the cars that had blood on it. "And if the police come show them your id." Then he went up. Heero looked at the hose and then the car and then the hose again. "K’so(7)."




Miss Kitty

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  1. drool
  2. I didn’t know what color car I should have made the car and a cameo is what my dad and brother drives.
  3. "I will kill you." I wrote this at the writing lab and I didn’t have the jap terms with me so the terms might be misspelled.
  4. Guess what he wants to do
  5. This is my first fic and I didn’t want it to be a lemon and so you have to use your imagination.
  6. Never would have guessed that Heero was into doing in the car, I guess it is because he has so much catching up to do since Dr. J had him cut off his emotions.
  7. "Damn"