Quatre Rabarba Winner slogged through the snow, desperately hoping he was still going the right way. He couldn't see a thing in the blizzard and he knew the safehouse was situated in such a way that there wasn't another living being in the area for miles. That was tactically sound, an intelligent decision, but he hadn't counted on getting lost in the worst blizzard the area had seen for years.
Suddenly a house loomed ahead of him and he let out a whoop of relief that was torn from his lips by the wind and lost instantaneously. He increased his pace, the burning of his fingertips and his ears forgotten, and reached the house in a few minutes later. The wind howled and shrieked as Quatre felt along the wall with his numb fingers, trying to find the door.
He found it and wrenched it open gratefully, ducking inside and slamming the door closed behind him. He leaned against it, eyes closed, and savoured the immediate sensation of being safe, and relatively warm. His teeth chattered and he shivered, though the snow caking his hair began to melt and run down his body in rivulets of numbing cold. His nose, fingers, and ears started up a painful prickling as the sensation began to return to them. I'm desert bred, I'm not supposed to be braving blizzards, he thought miserably, rubbing his ears with his hands.
The sound of a throat clearing made him open his eyes and start in surprise. He immediately realized his mistake.
This isn't the safehouse! he mentally exclaimed as he took in the single room, the lack of furniture, and the blanket in the centre of the room. He was even more shocked when he registered the other occupant of the dwelling.
"Kushrenada-san!" Treize was sitting up, the threadbare blanket covering him up to the waist. He was naked beyond that, and the sight was enough to bring a pretty pink blush to Quatre's cheeks.
The General blinked at his cry, then gave him a searching look that transformed within a few seconds into a charming smile. "Ah, of course, you are the pilot of Gundam 04, are you not?"
Quatre felt the breath catch in his throat. He nodded numbly. "Yes, sir. My name is Quatre."
"Yoroshiku," Treize greeted him, making a little bow from his seated position. "I apologize for not getting up, but I was not expecting company." An elegant flush touched his cheeks at the words, answered by a deeper one from the fair-haired Quatre. He decided the best thing to do was to fall back on the politeness that had been bred into him by generations of Winners. After all, there was no need for violence.
"Not at all," he hastened to reassure the General. He then glanced around their meager shelter ruefully, not sure how much longer he could hold off the violent shivering his body wanted to engage in. "Is that the only blanket, Kushrenada-san?"
"I'm afraid it is, but it is large enough for us to share, if you don't mind."
"No, I don't mind," Quatre said gratefully. "Just give me a moment." He turned away, hoping that Treize would recognize the signal for privacy, and began unbuttoning his soaked shirt. The snow had not seen the thin jacket he'd donned as much of a barrier and he was soaked to the skin. He hung his clothes beside Treize's on a rafter beam then approached the General, whose eyes were politely averted.
He lifted the blanket and slipped under it. After a moment of consideration, he rolled onto his side and wrapped his arms around the warm body of the other man. Treize made a small sound of surprise, then rearranged his limbs so that his arm was wrapped securely around the smaller boy's shoulders.
"Are you comfortable, Quatre-kun?"
Quatre nodded. "Mm, quite comfortable. Arigatou gozaimasu."
"My pleasure."
They lay in silence for a few minutes as Quatre got his violently shaking body back under control. Treize rubbed his shoulder gently with his thumb - an absent-minded gesture, but one which nevertheless made Quatre blush. If Trowa saw this scene, he would gut Treize-san, no matter that he's a gentle soul at heart.
Finally, Treize chose to break the silence. "Quatre-kun, your face seems familiar to me, and your name tugs at my memory. Might we have met before?"
"I don't think so, Kushrenada-san," Quatre said in perplexity.
"Please, call me Treize, Quatre-kun."
"Very well, Treize-san," Quatre corrected smoothly.
Treize ruminated for a few moments while Quatre lay pillowed on his shoulder in uncomfortable silence. Then, he said with a note of revelation. "Ah, of course. You wouldn't happen to be Quatre Winner by any chance, would you?"
Quatre started, then mentally cursed himself for it. "Th-that's correct, Treize-san." He chuckled nervously. "You've found me out."
"I knew it. I'd seen your picture the last time your father came to visit. He's very proud of his only son, you know."
Quatre winced. "Not so proud now," he muttered.
"Your family and mine have had a long history together. There aren't many families like ours left, who adhere to the oldest and most venerated traditions." His voice dropped as his thoughts turned inward, though Quatre still had no trouble hearing him. "So that's why you're always accompanied by all those Mobile Suits; the Maguarnacs."
Quatre broke into his thoughts with a desperate, "Treize-san!"
"Yes, Quatre-kun?"
"Anou." Quatre felt terror clutch at his heart. "Please, sir, what can I do to convince you to, uh, forget that piece of information?" he said nervously. I'll do anything, just don't hurt my family, please!
Treize seemed surprised, then he patted Quatre's head reassuringly. "It's already forgotten, Quatre-kun. I consider, in light of our truce, anything said here to be in confidence. I hope you will extend me the same courtesy."
"T-truce?" Treize remained silent, waiting, as Quatre processed that. "A-arigatou, Treize-san. I will, of course, honour our truce," he said gratefully. He paused, then clutched Treize tighter. The General gave an answering squeeze of his own. "You are an honourable man, Treize-san."
"And you are a remarkable one, Quatre-kun. I look forward to doing business with the Winner family for many years to come."
Now that the shocks of the evening seemed to have worn off, Quatre felt exhaustion beginning to overwhelm him and yawned hugely. He felt Treize's muscles relax and his breathing become calm and regular. The blonde pilot snuggled closer to him and closed his eyes.
Arigatou, Treize-san. It will be hard to fight someone so honourable and kind, but I can always ask you to surrender.
"Oyasumi," he whispered, then gently dropped off to sleep.