Hmm... I suppose I SHOULD be studying for my exams, but writing fanfics is so much funner... <sigh> Here's part two. Enjoy!

Part 2

Dana fell asleep fairly quickly, obviously exhausted from whatever ordeal the scientists had put her through. When their meal came, Duo broke the wrist of the guard who shoved the tray through his bars from sheer frustration, and got a hard knock on the head for his trouble. The guard's yelp of pain made him feel better, though.
Dana stuffed food in her face as if she were starving - not surprising, if they hadn't fed her the last two meals during the experiment. But she hadn't finished even half the food before the door opened again.
Duo growled and slammed his hands against his bars, glaring at the scientist in hatred. The man ignored him, gesturing for Dana to follow. She ignored him, continuing to wolf her food down. He nodded his head at one of the guards, and the brute moved into her cell, intending to shove her out.
"Fer Christ's sake, at least let her finish eating, you bastards!" Duo cried. Again, he was ignored.
But he'd underestimated Dana - and so had the scientist. She'd placed herself and her food so that the guard would have to move between her and his buddies' line of sight to get at her - at the moment he stepped in front of her, she was on top of him. She'd twisted her silken hair into a tangled rope, and looped it around his neck, tugging sharply. Duo heard the sickening crack of broken bone, and knew she'd snapped his neck, killing him instantly.
"Yeah! Go, Dana!" He cheered, rooting for his new friend. She flashed him a grin, before heaving the man aside. With three sub-machine guns aimed at her, she didn't attempt anything more, moving forward as tamely as if she'd never even thought about rebelling. The scientist snorted, then gestured her forward.
"See to it that mess is cleaned up," he snapped at one of the other guards on the way out. "And start hiring competent people."
Duo laughed, settling down on his bed. "I could definitely get to like this girl," he mused, picturing how well she'd fit in with him and the rest of the Gboys. He laughed again. "Boy, is SHE gonna rearrange Wu-man's definition of an 'onna'!"

Less than an hour had gone by, according to Duo's watch, before he heard movement in the outer room. He sat up in anticipation, knowing it was far too early for Dana to have returned. There was a soft buzzing, then all the doors in the hallway swung open, released from their locking mechanism. He bounded out and down the hallway, crashing through the metal door.
Heero was bent over the control system, two guards dead by the door and another slumped in the chair. Duo greeted his best friend with one of his trademark psychotic grins. "Saaa, Heero! Took ya long enough! What kept ya?"
Heero merely glared at him and moved towards the doorway. "Not so fast, buddy," Duo interrupted him, leaning over the console. "I got a promise to keep."
"What are you talking about?" Heero demanded, eyeing the braided pilot with suspicion. "We have to get out of here. The reinforcements will be here soon."
"You let them call for help?" Duo chided, not looking up from the computer screen. "Getting sloppy, Heero. I expect better from the Perfect Soldier. Aha!" He exclaimed, jabbing his finger at the screen in triumph. "There it is. Alright, let's go!"
He grabbed the gun of one of the guards and charged out the doorway, following the mental image of the map he'd just memorized. Heero grunted in exasperation. "Baka, we're going the wrong way!"
Duo flashed him a grin over his shoulder, and gunned down a couple of soldiers running down a side corridor towards them. "I told ya, man, I got a promise to keep." He ran up several flights of stairs and burst through a door marked "Clean area - authorized personnel in proper suits only."
The smell of anticeptic was everywhere, reminding Duo unpleasantly of a hospital. Through two more doors with warnings plastered all over them, then down a short hallway to the right - and there she was, strapped to a table with an IV in her arm and several men in labcoats bent over her.
Duo shattered the floor-to-ceiling observation window with a spray of gunfire, then methodically took out the scientist. He dropped his gun and ran over to her, ripping at the straps and tearing the IV out of her arm.
She blinked a few times, then her eyes abruptly focused on him. "Duo?" she whispered, unbelieving. "You're free."
"And you will be too, in just a second," he responded, gritting his teeth and tugging at the recalcitrant straps.
She gave him a look brimming with tears and gratefulness. "You shouldn't have come," she whispered. "You'll get caught again. You should have left me."
He gave her a fierce look. "I run, I hide, but I NEVER lie. NEVER. I said I'd get you out of here, and that's what I'm doing. Dammit - Heero, give me a hand here, will ya?" Even as he said it, the straps abruptly fell free, and he turned to see his partner standing at a console. "Saaa. stupid electronic locks. Can you walk?"
Dana shook her head, obviously out of it from whatever drug they had been pumping into her veins. He hefted her into her arms, biting back an exclamation at how little she weighed. :Holy shit, she can't be more than 100 pounds! Have they been starving her or what?:
"Okay, NOW let's get out of here," he said, heading for the doors. Heero snorted, but forbear to comment.
The stairwell they'd come up was already ringing with the shouts of soldiers just a few floors below. "Can't go that way," Duo muttered. "Now what?"
"Left," came a whisper near his ear. "Past two side corridors, then right. There's another set of stairs."
He bolted to the left, letting Heero clear the way with his gun. Sure enough, there were the stairs, just as she'd said. He rammed the door open with his hip and took the stairs three at a time.
He could just see Dana's face from the corner of his eyes. Her gaze was unfocused, as if she were trying to look through the walls. "They've got the main exit covered. You'll never get out that way. Take the next door out of the stairwell." He didn't ask how she knew, just following her instructions. No sooner had Heero cleared the doorway into the hall when a shot rang out from above them on the stairs.
"Take a right, then a left, then two straight, then another left," she instructed, frowning in concentration. "There's an elevator that goes to the roof. Your friends aren't far, they'll be able to get you off the roof."
"How do you." Heero started, then cursed and fired back at the soldier who'd just grazed his arm with a bullet. Duo ran for the elevator, waited till Heero was inside, then slammed the doors shut. "They'll cut the power and we'll be trapped in here," Heero muttered, eyeing the keypad. Instead of numbers for floors, there was a numberpad which obviously was meant for a passcode.
"25378193042," Dana intoned, and Duo punched the buttons. The elevator started to rise. "This is a private elevator, on a separate electrical system. They'll need permission from the higher-ups to cut the power, and they won't get it in time." She slumped into Duo's arms as if exhausted, and he was grateful that Heero didn't demand any more answers.
The doors opened onto the roof, and they could see Sandrock and Shenlong in the distance. Explosions from their right indicated that HeavyArms was in that direction. Duo propped Dana up against the wall as Heero started signaling the others. "We'll be out of here in no time," he reassured her, and was rewarded with a weak grin.
Suddenly her dark eyes widened. "Look out!" she cried, and shoved them both down to the ground. A bullet whizzed over their heads, as soldiers came pouring through a stairwell to the side.
Duo cursed and ran to meet them in close combat while Heero fired at them from a distance. The soldiers didn't dare shoot at Duo, for fear of hitting one of their own, and the chaos created by Heero's crack shots prevented them from organizing enough to do any real damage.
Sandrock was only a hundred feet from the roof now, and stretched a huge metal hand down to scoop up Heero. The Japanese pilot continued to fire at the soldiers surrounding Duo, but couldn't break a path clear for the American to get to Sandrock.
Duo was being methodically herded towards the roof edge furthest from the Gundams, and nothing he did could get him moving forward again. Two soldiers jumped in to replace every one he killed, and he was getting dangerously close to the roof edge. He looked back, and gulped - it was a forty story fall from here, and unlike Heero, he very much doubted he could survive that kind of a fall without a parachute.
Dana's scream of terror alerted him to the danger a moment too late - he looked back to see a fist swinging towards his face. His desperate attempt to dodge had him teetering on the edge of the roof, and the punch, though it held none of its original force, was enough to push him over.
The world flipped over on its side, and suddenly all Duo could see was sky. The Gundams were on the other side of the building, too far to catch him, and there was nothing between him and hard concrete but forty stories of air. Somehow, he wasn't frightened - his only thought was :I kept my promise. You're free. Fly again, Dana.:

Dana watched in horror as Duo was backed towards the edge, unable to do anything to stop it. Her screamed warning came a moment to late, and a lucky punch sent him tumbling over the edge. :Lucky punch,: a tiny corner of her mind thought numbly, while the rest of her panicked. :My fault, because I dowsed the way out.:
Her feet were moving without her permission, and she was running for the edge. She ignored the grasping attempts of the soldiers to stop her, and threw herself over the edge, hurtling towards Duo with the wind screaming in her ears.
:I have to reach him,: she thought, stretching her hand towards him. :I have to catch him!: He reached his arm up towards her, and it was just like before, in the prison - inches of air separated their fingertips. :I have to reach!:
She lunged downwards, and caught his hand with her own, her grasp secure about his wrist. The instant she knew she had him, she concentrated - and meters-long wings snapped into existence behind her, fanning the air and fighting to slow their headlong descent.
Duo stared upwards in awe, unable to believe the sight above him. Dana had thrown herself after him, and though he'd known it was useless, that there was nothing she could do to stop them, he reached out and grasped her hands, wanting to touch her in his last moments. And now, midnight-black feathers swirled around his face, mixing with her whipping hair, as her wings - WINGS! - beat at the air around them, straining for lift.
:An angel,: his mind whispered. :An Angel of Death. To save Shinigami. How appropriate.: Then the world went dark around him as he lost consciousness.