One Tin Soldier



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*Listen children to a story, that was written long ago,*

An ancient Japanese man sits surrounded by small children. Faded cobalt blue eyes stare into space as he begins a tale of a war that was forgotten long before they were born.

*'Bout a kingdom on a mountain, and the valley far below.*

Close up of the Earth from space, fade back to reveal the bright metal of the colonies, scattered about the LaGrange points.

*On the mountain was a treasure, buried deep beneath the stone,*

Colonists labouring away on a resource satellite, mining the precious ores long since depleted on Earth.

*And the valley people swore they'd have it for their very own.*

Pan back to reveal Federation mobile suits standing guard over the satellite, armed soldiers within watching over the toiling colonists.

*So the people of the valley sent a message up the hill, asking for the buried treasure,*

Federation broadcast demanding the full co-operation of the colonies and declaring them to be under martial law.

*Tons of gold for which they'd kill.*

Mobile Suits destroying sections of the colonies, cutting off communications to stop the rebellions. Blood is everywhere.

*Came an answer from the mountain, "With our brothers we will share,"*

Desperate surrender from the colonies, agreeing to full co-operation.

*"All the treasures of the mountain, all the riches buried there."*

Large drone shuttles full of precious materials depart for Earth. In hidden laboratories, 5 scientists prepare the weapons which will fight to save the colonies.

*Now the valley cried with anger,*

Earth is in chaos as first OZ then the Romafeller Foundation make their bids for control. There is more suffering - both on Earth and in the colonies - than has ever been seen before.

*"Mount your horses, draw your sword!"*

Five boys, far too young for the duties and responsibilities which lie heavy on their shoulders, settle into the cockpits of their Gundams.

*And they killed the mountain people,*

In the final, bloody battle with OZ, the Gundams are overcome one by one. Heavyarms, long out of ammo, is the first to fall. Screaming his lover's name, and ignoring the warnings of the few Maguarnacs left, Quatre flings Sandrock at Trowa's killer. Shenlong leaps, too late to prevent Sandrock's destruction, and is caught in a beam canon. Deathscythe, its braided pilot cackling maniacally, takes out dozens of enemy suits, but finally succumbs to the sheer weight of attackers. Shinigami has returned home at least, taking all but one of his closest friends with him.

*So they earned their just reward.*

"Duo!" the pilot of Wing screams as he watches helplessly from the other side of the battlefield. Realizing he is the only one remaining, his hand reaches for the much-used self-destruct button. A bright light spreads from the center of the carnage, more powerful than a dozen nuclear bombs. The entire army of OZ is reduced to slag metal in moments.

*Now they stood beside the treasure, on the mountain dark and red,*

An older Maillard Peacecraft wanders about on a mountain in the Sank kingdom. He comes to a small clearing, overgrown with wildflowers. A large stone is at one end of the clearing, having fallen on its face from a recent earth tremor. The reddish earth still clinging to the base looks almost like blood dripping from the white marble.

*Turned the stone and looked beneath it…*

With much effort, he wrestles the stone back into position, and reads the words engraved there. Four names, names the former Lightning Count remembers well from a war the world has already nearly forgotten. Beneath them, three simple words mark the final resting place of four of the best soldiers the world has ever known.

*"Peace on Earth" was all it said.*

*Go ahead and hate your neighbour, go ahead and cheat a friend.*

Montage of shots from battles throughout the ages; from the first spear fights, to knights on horseback; from WWI soldiers in the mud to the Gundams fighting the mobile dolls.

*Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end.*

Flashes of shock on the pilots' faces as they see the broadcast from the colonies, denouncing them as traitors and announcing their decision to back OZ.

*There won't be any trumpets blowing, come the judgement day.*

In the celebrations at the end of the war, mention of the teenage pilots who gave their lives to save their beloved colonies is conspicuously absent.

*On the bloody morning after…*

Pan of the scene of desolation caused by the destruction of Wing Gundam. Half-melted pieces of mobile suits and bloody body parts are everywhere. In the middle of it all, a lone boy stands, impossibly having once again survived his own attempt at self-destruction. Cursing the fates which force him to continue living, he clutches the ragged remains of a severed braid to his bloody chest.

*One tin soldier rides away.*

Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier, walks away from the scene of death into the sunset. He silently vows to his fallen companions that although the world may try to forget them, they will live on in his memory. A single teardrop falls to the braid, sealing the pact forever.