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I finally finished, no da!!!! I had to tie them down to get them all to co-operate - they kept wanting to sneak off in pairs to dark corners. ^_~

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Wufei tried to force his eyes to open wider as he carefully poured milk onto his cereal. Between the mission, the others keeping him up late with their noise, and then starting again at dawn this morning, he was barely awake.
Yawning widely, he moved to the table and plunked himself down. Just as he was digging in, he heard voices from outside.
"I'm tellin' ya, Quatre, I heard somethin' last ni…. Oi! Wu! You are back! How'd the mission go? When'd ya get in? What…"
"Maxwell," Wufei growled, scowling. "I am not in the mood for your chatter."
Duo rolled his eyes and bounced over to the fridge. "Geez, SOMEbody's in a bad mood this morning. Whatsa matter, Wu, not getting any? Oh, wait, I forgot… you never get any." Snickering, and ignoring Wufei's death glare, he rummaged through the fridge.
"Ohayo, Wufei," Quatre said sweetly, entering on Duo's heels. "Did you come in last night? I didn't hear you." The faint blush on Quatre's cheeks was clearly evident to Wufei's critical eyes.
"Aa. I came in about 2:30."
Quatre blushed a little harder. "Aa. Sou. You look tired."
"I didn't sleep well last night."
Duo choked on the milk he was drinking straight from the carton, and looked like he was trying not to laugh. Wufei pointedly ignored him.
"Ohayo." Trowa entered the kitchen wearing nothing but jeans. Wufei tried hard not to stare at the tall boy's beautifully defined chest.
"Ohayo!" Quatre brightened considerably and kissed his lover on the cheek. Trowa said nothing, but wrapped one arm firmly around the little blonde's waist.
"Oi, Trowa! Better be careful, you'll give 'Fei a nosebleed." Duo snickered. Trowa shot him a faintly disapproving look.
"Duo, that's not very nice," Quatre remonstrated.
"Besides, Maxwell, you're hardly one to talk. You frequently wander around in nothing but your boxers," Wufei retorted, eyes firmly on his breakfast.
Duo's eyes lit up. "Oi, ya mean ya noticed? And here I thought you hadn't been paying attention…" He sauntered over to Wufei, but before he could do - whatever that look in his eyes said he'd been planning to do - Heero entered the kitchen.
"Oi, Heero!" Duo abandoned teasing Wufei in favour of enthusiastically hugging his lover. "Morning!" Duo planted a long, slow, steamy kiss on Heero's mouth - and to Wufei's shock, Heero did nothing to object. In fact, he participated.
When Duo pulled away, both boys wore a smirk. "Ohayo," Heero said roughly, before shoving his way past the braided boy to the cupboard. "Mission go well?" He asked Wufei.
Wufei nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment. Between Trowa's shirtless state and that kiss, he was supremely glad he was sitting down, with the table covering his lap.
Duo still had that manic gleam in his eyes. "I was just telling Quatre, I thought I heard a strange noise coming from your room last night. Sounded almost like someone yelling." His innocent smile was belied by the laughter in his eyes.
Wufei was mortified. :Wonderful - they did hear me. That's ALL I need!: "Perhaps I was talking in my sleep," He offered stiffly.
"Maybe," Duo pretended to think about it. "Must have been a hell of a scary nightmare, though. Or was it a nightmare? Either that, or something awfully steamy…"
Wufei turned several interesting shades of red, and searched desperately for something to say that wouldn't implicate him. He found nothing, and so settled for examining his cereal in minute detail.
Duo crowed, hopping about in triumph. "Hah! I knew it! I told ya, Quatre…"
"Duo!" Quatre was blushing nearly as badly as Wufei. "Behave yourself!"
Duo grinned shamelessly. "Why should I? Behaving myself never got me anywhere. Besides, you weren't complaining about me last ni…"
"Urusai!" Wufei barked, standing so quickly he knocked over his bowl, spilling milk everywhere. Though his face burned, knowing the others would see his body's reaction to the images evoked by the conversation, there was death in his eyes. "I could care less what arrangements the four of you have between yourselves. You could be screwing each other like minks, for all that I care. But I will thank you to leave me out of it!" He stormed out of the now-silent room.
Duo's jaw dropped in shock. "Did he actually just say what I thought he just said? Man, I didn't think he could SAY something like that without nose bleeding!"
"Duo!" Heero smacked him casually on the head. "It was your chatter that set him off in the first place. Learn when to close your mouth!"
Duo promptly closed his mouth, but left his tongue sticking out. A flicker of a smile passed over Heero's face. "If you're going to stick your tongue out, you'd better be prepared to do something with it."
Duo leaned in with a smirk, but Quatre thrust his arm between them. "Not now, guys. We need to go after Wufei. I think we really hurt him." Trowa nodded in silent agreement.
Duo pouted. "Well, I didn't mean for him to take it so badly."
"Baka," Heero snorted. "How did you think he'd take it? Dammit, Duo, after all that time we spent yesterday, discussing how to bring him in on this, and you've gone and ruined everything."
Quatre nodded. "He'll never be receptive to the suggestion now."
Duo smirked. "Oh, come ON, guys. You can't tell me you didn't notice how his body was reacting? Now that I've got his mind on it… all we need to do is follow through." So saying, he made his way out of the kitchen.
He found Wufei in his room, scowling at an ancient looking book. Using his considerable stealth skills, he crept up behind the unsuspecting Chinese boy, then abruptly plopped himself down in the other's lap, displacing the book.
"Nani?" Wufei jumped, and growled menacingly. "Maxwell, get off me…"
"Doncha mean, 'get me off', Wu?" Duo blinked innocently at him, twining his arms around Wufei's neck so that he wouldn't be easily displaced. He started running his fingers through the short hairs at the nape of his neck, causing Wufei to shiver.
"Maxwell!" His voice was strained and he was blushing again.
"We didn't mean to offend you, Wufei," Quatre added, coming into the room with a gentle look on his features. "Duo tends to be… more vocal than he should be."
"What else is new?" Wufei snorted, trying unsuccessfully to dislodge the grinning Duo. "Maxwell…aaaah!!!!"
Duo had begun licking at Wufei's ear, breathing hotly into the opening. Wufei's arms instinctively moved to surround him, supporting him as he arched into the erotic touch.
Quatre noted Wufei's closed eyelids and slightly faster breathing with glee. :Maybe Duo has the right idea after all,: he thought, seating himself on Wufei's other side and beginning the same treatment on his side.
"Mmmmm…" Wufei blinked hard, trying to collect his scattered thoughts. "What… what are you doing?"
"Just relax and have fun, Wu," Duo murmured, his husky voice sending shivers down Wufei's spine. He nibbled his way down the strong bronze column of his neck.
"We just wanted to let you know that you're welcome to join us." Wufei jumped at the unexpected sound of Trowa's soft voice from behind him - he'd been so wrapped up in the sensations Quatre and Duo were creating that he hadn't heard the other two pilots enter. Trowa began to caress the tight muscles in his neck, and Wufei moaned under the onslaught.
He felt someone settle at his feet, and Duo shifted off his lap. Strong arms wrapped around his waist, as Heero nuzzled at his chest.
"Must maintain the unity in the group, after all," Heero intoned, a slight smirk in his voice.
Wufei could do nothing but moan and surrender, his body wallowing in the intense sensations. Trowa's lips lowered to his neck, as long, supple fingers - Duo's or Trowa's, he wasn't sure - freed his hair from its severe tie. The silky strands fell down over his face, tickling his nose.
"You have such beautiful hair, Wu," Duo murmured, running his fingers through it. "Why do you do that to it? It looks so much better down!"
"So does yours," Quatre observed. Duo made a face.
"Yeah, but if I left it down all the time, I'd NEVER be able to comb it. Besides, I'd prolly trip on it and break my neck or something."
"So?" Heero grunted, playing absently with Wufei's nipples. "Take it out now, baka."
Duo sighed, and grinned conspiratorially at Wufei. "Ya see what I have to put up with? Mou!" He shrugged and reached back, quickly freeing his hair from the braid. The long chestnut strands draped over his lithe form, making Wufei gasp at the sheer beauty. :Wonderful…:
He didn't even realize he'd spoken aloud until Duo laughed and nuzzled at his neck. "Glad ya think so." Wufei caught one lock in his hand, sliding his fingers through the satin length, marveling at the texture. Bringing it to his face, he inhaled deeply of the scent that was purely Duo.
"You sure weren't hard to convince about this," Duo commented, blushing a little at Wufei's obvious reverence. Then he grinned wickedly, his hand wandering down to Wufei's lap. "Or maybe I should say, 'difficult', since you're quite hard."
Wufei wanted to protest, to say that he didn't want to be doing this at all, but his body betrayed him, aching for the touch the four boys suddenly seemed so willing to give him.
"You must have been so lonely," Quatre turned gentle, sea green eyes on him. Wufei nodded mutely, and was immediately hugged on four sides.
"Not anymore, Wu-chan," Duo murmured.
"But…" Wufei was confused, and it showed in his expression. "I thought… the four of you… had paired off…"
"Oh, that hasn't changed," Quatre assured him.
"We just discovered that it's more fun to share," Duo added, his eyes bright.
"Hn," Heero said, scowling at the two on either side of Wufei. "Enough talk."
"I agree," Trowa said, his lips trailing down over Wufei's neck. Wufei could only shudder and moan.
When he next opened his eyes, it was to the sight of the ceiling of his room. :When did I end up on my back?: He wondered absently, then shuddered as someone - Quatre, he thought - started tugging at the drawstring on his loose pants. He glanced in that direction, to be met with the incredibly erotic sight of Duo and Quatre kissing each other with abandon, while Heero stroked Duo's erection through his jeans from behind. Trowa had his head bent to Wufei's chest, teasing his nipples with gentle teeth. Quatre continued tugging at the drawstring, but it was obvious his mind was elsewhere.
:Well, mine would be too, if Duo were doing that to me.: He snaked his own hand down and undid the simple knot, allowing Quatre to pull the drawstring free. The gentle blond broke his kiss and beamed his thanks down at the prone Chinese boy.
Wufei thrust his hips up helplessly as Quatre's hand wandered inside the now-loose pants. This allowed Quatre to quickly tug the pants over his hips, sliding them down and off his legs. Duo helped with an enthusiastic grin, and let out a whistle as he gave Wufei a blatant once-over.
"Man, Wu! If I'd had any idea you were THIS well-built, I'd'a jumped ya a long time ago!"
Wufei blushed darkly. "You're all wearing too many clothes," he grumbled, feeling embarrassed that he was the only one naked. :Naked - when did my shirt disappear, anyway? Ah, who knows?:
"Too right!" Duo crowed, and promptly tackled Trowa, knocking him off Wufei. "You first, Tro-man!"
"Why him?" Heero wanted to know, replacing Trowa's mouth on Wufei's chest with his own hands. "He's half undressed already."
"That's WHY he's first," Duo patiently explained, as he tugged the jeans off the unresisting pilot. "He's been drivin' me crazy since he showed up this morning!"
Trowa smirked slightly and tugged Duo's t-shirt over his head, leaving it there with his arms tangled, rendering the other boy helpless. "Oi!" Duo protested. "Lemme outta here!"
"Oh, I think not," Quatre had a distinctly lascivious look on his face that told Wufei he might not be quite the innocent he seemed to be. Quatre leaned over Wufei's legs and pinned the struggling Duo to the bed, keeping him still with one hand while trailing the other teasingly over his jeans front.
Wufei reached out, wanting to feel the soft silk of Trowa's skin beneath his fingers. He promptly found his wrists clasped in a grip of iron, and looked up into Heero's fiery cobalt eyes. Wufei couldn't help but gasp - he'd never seen so much emotion from the stoic pilot.
"No touching till we say so," Heero informed him. Quatre turned from his fun with Duo to nod emphatically.
"Mmfh! Mfhmph mmph!" Was Duo's comment.
Quatre giggled. "What?" He pulled Duo's shirt the rest of the way over his head, freeing the trapped boy.
Duo's eyes gleamed. "I said, 'Mmfh! Mfhmph mmph!'" He sounded just as muffled without the shirt over his face as with it.
Quatre's eyes widened. "Oh! You cheated!"
Duo laughed. "Yeah, but it got me outta there, didn't it?" He rolled over, sending Quatre tumbling into Heero's arms, half collapsed on Wufei. Duo leaned over the now trapped Chinese boy.
"Been dyin' to find out if that mouth of yours tastes as good as it looks," he murmured huskily, and Wufei could only shiver in anticipation as Duo's mouth descended towards his.
Duo ravaged his lips, his kiss utterly passionate and sensual. Helpless beneath the onslaught, Wufei's lips parted to admit Duo's questing tongue. Warm hands closed around his erection, and he heard rustling as Quatre and Heero rid themselves of their clothing.
Wufei's head was spinning when Duo finally let him come up for air. The sensation was not entirely due to passion - Duo could apparently hold his breath a lot longer than Wufei could.
Duo winked at his dazed expression. "Comes from talking so much - if I don't breath as often, other people can't get a word in edgewise."
Wufei had to smile at that. "Hn. Figures."
While Duo quickly rid himself of his jeans, Heero took over for him, taking Wufei's mouth in a near-brutal kiss. Wufei arched upwards as warm hands wrapped around his erection, pumping gently. "Ohhhhhhhhh…." He moaned, nearly incoherent. His hands clenched tightly in the sheets.
"AAAH!" He nearly screamed as someone inserted a gentle finger into him, despite the lubrication they had used. He writhed, trying to escape that persistent invasion. Then he abruptly stopped fighting as the other touched a spot deep within him that caused sparks to fly through his entire body. "MMMMmmmmm…"
"Like that?" Duo grinned at him from where he was applying similar ministrations to Trowa. Hazy emerald eyes blinked at Wufei, silently assuring him that the momentary discomfort was well worth the pleasure he would receive. Trowa thrust himself back onto Duo's hand, moaning softly.
Quatre inserted another finger into Wufei's body, stretching him softly. "It's up to you, Wufei. What do you want? Take, or be taken?"
"Why can't he do both?" Duo wanted to know. The longhaired boy bounced up enthusiastically, abandoning Trowa who protested softly. "Yeah, that's it! That's what'll get him going!" With a leer, Duo twisted around to wave his ass in Wufei's face. "How about it, Wu? Want some of this?"
"Maxwell…" Wufei was sputtering, but the mere thought of it caused his whole body to clench with an exquisite tension.
"Not fair!" Quatre protested, an adorable pout on his face. "Duo, you said I could have you next!"
Duo blinked at him. "Oh, yeah. Sorry, Wu-man, Quatre's got first dibs. But I'm sure Trowa would be happy to oblige - ne, Trowa?"
"Mmmm…" Trowa nodded his assent, hands gently tracing out patterns on Wufei's sensitized flesh.
"You can touch, now," Heero told him, shoving him none-too-gently in Trowa's direction. Wufei needed no further prompting, running his hands along the firm muscles beneath silky skin that was Trowa's body.
"Aahhh…" Trowa arched into the touch, thrusting his hips against Wufei's. "I'm ready, Wufei."
Wufei positioned himself carefully, and slowly thrust into Trowa's clenching body. It felt like nothing he could have imagined, warm and wet and pulsing tightly around him. With a sigh, he settled all the way in, pausing to get his bearings.
Just when he thought he had adjusted to the new sensations, he felt something probing him roughly from behind. "Relax," Heero muttered into his ear, gripping Wufei's hips with his hands and pulling him back against his erection. "This will feel good."
Wufei could only moan as he felt himself split before Yuy's invasion, piercing him to the core. The double sensation of filling and being filled was nearly too much for him. Heero began to thrust into him, and he arched back to meet him. That started Trowa's hips moving to capture his erection again, and the three settled into a steady rhythm.
"Oooooh, that looks like fun, Duo," Quatre commented, and Wufei looked up to see him thrusting steadily into Duo's upturned ass.
"Yeah… no… kidding…" Duo panted, his eyes half-closed in pleasure. "This is… fun… too, though…"
"Why not all have fun?" Quatre gripped Duo's shoulders and leaned back until he was upright, Duo sitting impaled on his lap. Duo cried out and wriggled, his expression torn between pain and pleasure.
"Oooooh… Quatre, that's deep…" He sighed and settled back, reaching behind his head to wrap his arms around Quatre's neck.
This whole scene had the effect of placing Duo's bobbing erection within reach of both Wufei and Trowa's mouths. With a quick glance at each other, the two pilots began licking at the length of it like a giant candy cane. Duo moaned louder and thrust his hips towards them.
Heero reached around Wufei's waist and captured Trowa's erection in his hand. That made Trowa gasp and throw his head back, leaving only Wufei to pleasure Duo's erection.
He slowly slid the entire length into his mouth, nearly choking as Duo hit the back of his throat. Duo immediately pulled out a bit, with an apologetic grin on his face.
"We'll save that for another time, when you've had more practice." Wufei moaned at the thought that this would be happening frequently enough to give him PRACTICE at it.
He licked and nibbled and sucked, feeling Duo harden even further beneath his ministrations. Then, with a sobbing gasp, Trowa exploded, coating Heero's hand and his own stomach with sticky white fluid. His inner muscles clamped down, and Wufei came with a loud cry, pumping himself deeply into Trowa and holding himself there as he emptied himself.
Heero grunted behind him, but Duo was the next to succumb, unable to resist the combination of Wufei's mouth and Quatre's thrusts. Wufei choked on the bitter fluid, but swallowed as much as he could anyway.
Quatre and Heero came nearly at the same instant, both stiffening and thrusting into their respective partners with forceful intent. All of this happened in an instant, leaving five incredibly drained boys to collapse in a heap together.
"Mmmm…" Duo brushed his bangs from his eyes, grimacing as long strands of his hair dragged through the sticky white mess around Trowa. "That was nice. But I wanna be in the middle, next time."
"Hn." Heero smirked at him. "You ALWAYS want to be in the middle."
"That's 'cause it's the best place to be. Ne, Wu?"
"I'm not complaining." Wufei's voice was still hoarse with passion, and he idly reflected that if Khushrenada were to show up at that moment and challenge him to another sword fight, he would lose simply because he hadn't the energy to raise his sword.
"So, are you still mad at us, Wufei?" Quatre asked, his turquoise eyes gleaming brightly.
Wufei sighed and snuggled deeper into the arms which held him. "I don't know - if I say I'm still mad, will you try comforting me again?"
They all laughed - well, Wufei, Quatre and Duo laughed, and Heero and Trowa both managed a wide -for them - grin. "Anytime, Wufei. Anytime. You'll never be alone again."