Wufei stumbled against the door to the mansion, weariness making his steps uncertain. His eyelids drooped and his shoulders were slumped, as if he simply could not bear the weight of his own body any longer.
:This mission was a real bitch,: he thought, tired enough that he allowed himself to swear for no particular reason. He just wanted to get to the room Quatre would have prepared for him and collapse on the nice, big, soft bed.
:The nice, big, soft, empty, cold and lonely bed,: he mentally amended, then swore at himself for doing so. :Dammit! I WILL NOT allow myself to sink so far. They have all paired off nicely - good for them. I do not need them.:
:Liar, liar, pants on fire.: the taunt from his childhood abruptly returned to haunt him, and Wufei groaned. Yes, he WAS a liar, and his pants were most definitely 'on fire' - he was just as affected by the stresses of the war and his own growing body as the others, but he had no convenient outlet for his desires.
:If only ONE of the others hadn't turned out omake, had only been interested in girls. Heero, maybe - he could go off and be happy with Relena. Then, maybe, just maybe, I could have gotten Duo interested in me.: He made his way slowly up the stairs, knowing that when he got to the top, he'd be assaulted by the sounds of the two happy couples, 'relieving stress.'
Even though he was braced for it, he physically winced away from the soft moans and squeaking mattress noises coming from Quatre's room. :Only Quatre's room? Heero or Duo must be out on a mission.:
His room, he knew, would be at the far end of the hall, as it always was - sometimes, in his darker, more desperate moments, he thought Quatre arranged it that way just to torture him. He trudged down the hall, trying to ignore his stiff muscles protesting as he walked.
Just as he passed Quatre's door, a louder cry froze him in his tracks. "Oh! Quatre! Oh my god!"
:That was Duo's voice.: Wufei thought disbelievingly, staring at the closed door. :They. have they broken up? Have the couples split? That means. that means. if Heero and Trowa aren't together, then maybe.:
"Hee.HEERO!" Quatre's sweet voice sounded almost pained, but the thread of ecstasy within it was unmistakably that of a boy on the edge of orgasm. Wufei felt himself trembling as Heero's harsh voice answered in a wordless shout.
"Oh, gods." he mumbled aloud as he forced his body to continue on to his room. He burst through the door and nearly slammed it behind him, leaning against it and panting. His eyes were wide and his body was still trembling, and he mentally cursed his own weakness.
"This is what comes of allowing yourself to be weak, to need others," he berated himself aloud. "It gives them the power to hurt you. Nataku, forgive me! I am not strong enough!" Viciously scrubbing at his eyes, trying desperately to keep the threatening tears at bay, he slumped down to the floor.
Tugging his knees to his chest, he rocked slowly back and forth. The sounds from the other room had subsided now, only an occasional muted murmur reaching his ears. His entire body ached with longing, wanting, needing that physical contact which the others took for granted.
:Odd that all five of us would be omake,: some tiny corner of his mind noted distantly. :I wonder if that was a conscious decision on the part of the scientists? And if so, how did they know?:
His body wasn't interested in such philosophical maundering - it knew what it wanted, and it wanted it NOW. RIGHT now. It wanted him to open the door, march into Quatre's room, and join in on whatever festivities were currently taking place in there.
:Wouldn't THAT surprise them all?: He thought derisively. :I know what they think of me. Prude. Puritanical. Stick so far up my ass, there wouldn't be room for one of them.: He snorted at the mental image.
Slowly, stiffly, he rose to his feet, and began methodically shedding his garments. For once not caring, he dropped them to the floor, moving towards the bed as he undressed. He flopped down and tugged his shoes off, letting his pants fall free from his ankles. Nude, he briefly contemplated retrieving a fresh pair of boxers to sleep in, but decided it just wasn't worth the effort.
:Maybe a good night's rest will make things seem better in the morning.: He lay back and pulled one light sheet over his body - although it was warm enough to sleep with no coverings, he felt. indecent, somehow, bared completely to the air.
He was exhausted, both mentally and physically, but his body seemed determined to deny him the oblivion of sleep. He hovered in that state of curious awareness, between sleeping and waking, between dreams and reality. He could not even focus himself long enough to start a meditation exercise to calm his mind and relax his body.
His bed was against the wall that bordered on Quatre's room, and from the soft sounds he could hear from beyond it, Quatre's bed was also against that wall. He was intensely aware of each time someone shifted slightly, making the springs squeak ever so quietly. :Where's Trowa?: He though absently. :Are they all in there? Gods.:
His body reacted to the very thought, returning to full readiness from the semi-relaxed state he'd managed to attain. :Wonderful,: he groaned miserably. :Now I'll NEVER get to sleep.:
From the other side of the wall, the soft murmurings had picked up. Suddenly it seemed as if the sturdy house were made of paper, as Wufei's sharp hearing picked up every longing moan and erotic gasp. Stifling a moan of his own, he tried to tune them out.
"Heero." That was Trowa's voice, confirming the Chinese boy's guess that all four of them were in there.
:Gods, they're starting again!: He found himself unable to ignore the incredibly erotic sounds, feeling like a voyeur, but unable to keep his fascination from rising.
:I've never heard it this clearly before. and I've never even thought about the possibility of four people all together. Gods. the combinations.: He hardened further at the thought.
He could follow most of what they were doing by the soft moans, gasps and cries they gave. Every so often, one would call another's name, letting him know who was doing what to whom.
His vivid imagination provided an image of himself joining them - what they would do to him, what he would do to them. With a helpless moan, he arched his hips upwards, seeking the contact his mind was imagining.
:I. I can't take this. I need.: Reluctantly, knowing it was the only thing which could possibly allow him to relax enough to sleep, he brought his right hand down to cover his straining erection.
"Ohhhh." he breathed, stroking himself gently. It wasn't the first time he'd resorted to such actions, but neither was it a frequent occurrence. He regarded it as a failing, a weakness to which he succumbed. But tonight, the tension was just too much to bear.
"Oh, God, Trowa. yeah. suck me. oh my god.." Duo moaned loudly, and Wufei clenched his teeth. His hand clasped more firmly about his erection.
Quatre gave a soft cry, and began to moan rhythmically. The springs squeaked in time with him, indicating he was taking it up the ass from someone. Wufei found his hand pumping in time with the sounds, imagining it was himself buried in Quatre's warm, wet depths.
"Mmmnnn." He gritted his teeth and suppressed the moan building in his throat. The calluses on his fingers scraped against his delicate flesh, sending shivers up and down his spine. His free hand wandered up to pinch at his nipples, wrenching a muted cry from his throat.
:If I can hear them, they can hear me, as well - I must not let them know that I'm so weak!: But his body disagreed, causing him to pant and moan softly. :I.. I must not.:
His hips bucked and thrust beneath his rough ministrations, instinctively seeking to get away from the pain, and get closer to the pleasure, all at once. He was harsh on himself, as he always was, welcoming the pain as something he deserved for being so weak. But it was the pleasure that was all-consuming, sweeping him up and carrying him along on a current so strong, it was overwhelming.
The cries from the next room rose in volume, reaching a fever pitch. Duo was making a constant stream of noise now, and he could hear Heero's harsh grunts and Trowa's soft pants as well. Quatre produced the most erotic mewing sounds that Wufei had ever heard. Wufei heard his own pants and cries become louder, but was helpless to silence himself.
He felt the tension within his body rising to a familiar peak, twining and coiling within him. His hand pumped faster, squeezing harder, as every muscle in his body sang, wire-tight.
With a loud cry, he exploded, his seed spurting hotly over his hand and stomach. Sobbing for breath, he collapsed back onto the mattress, completely drained. The noises form the other room had also reached their peak and fallen off, as the four boys settled in to sleep.
Wufei finally mustered the strength to wipe the sweat from his forehead. :Thank the gods - they wouldn't have heard me, with all the noise they were making. And it sounds like they've finally finished for the night. Maybe now, I can sleep.:
But though his body was relieved of sexual frustration for the moment, sleep still eluded him. Now it was his deep sense of guilt and shame, which kept him awake. :Gomen, Nataku - once again, I have proved myself unworthy of you. I'll never deserve you. and I'll never deserve them.: