Heero's eyes glowed with satisfaction as he spoke the last two words of the message aloud, before hitting the 'enter' key. "Ninmu kanryou."
He leaned back in the chair with a soft sigh and stretched. The last mission had been utter hell, but it was finally over. He knew Duo was frustrated by his coldness over the last month, but it had been the only way to keep himself from going absolutely crazy. Not being able to have Duo in any way had distracted him, and he'd been forced to retreat back into 'Perfect Soldier' persona to keep himself on track.
Now, however, with all his obligations complete, he was free to relax again, and his body was making him VERY aware of just how long he'd been without any real contact from Duo. Not to mention the incredibly provocative wheedling the braided boy had been doing just ten minutes ago, trying to get him away from the computer.
Well, he was finished now - so where the hell had the baka gone? He stood and wandered out into the hall, listening for his partner. Finding Duo was never difficult. you just had to listen for the loudest concentration of noise in the vicinity.
He quickly identified his lover's location. and stood staring at Quatre's closed door in dismay. Well, damn. Apparently Duo had gotten tired of waiting. NOW what the hell was he supposed to do?
As he stood staring blankly at the door, Trowa came up the stairs behind him. The tall boy stopped with his foot on the top stair, head cocked, also listening. "I don't think going in there right now would be a very good idea," he commented to the inert Heero.
Heero snorted and turned away. "Hn. Stupid baka." He shoved his hands in the pockets of his uniform pants, some of his frustration showing through his normal steely control.
"Bad mission?" Trowa asked, following him back to his room.
"Frustrating," Heero growled, glancing around for something to distract himself with. His gaze settled on Trowa. :Why not?:
"Oh?" Trowa watched Heero pacing towards him. A slight grin showed on his face. "Duo seems to have recovered."
"Hn." Heero was less than a foot away now, and still advancing, his eyes growing hotter with every step. He stopped with his face an inch from the other boy's, body unmoving. "Trade again?" he asked, jerking his head in the direction of the noise from Quatre and Trowa's room.
"Aa." The tall boy's expression was passively accepting, but a spark glowed deep within his emerald eyes. Heero crushed his mouth to Trowa's, grinding his hips against him. Trowa responded with a subtle thrust of his own hips, encouraging him. Heero pressed him back, tumbling them both onto the double bed he shared with Duo.
Trowa gave a little gasp, his hands burrowing beneath the fabric of Heero's uniform shirt, searching for the warm, silky skin below. Heero was trembling with desire but carefully keeping his strength in check, as he tugged at Trowa's turtleneck sweater. He easily supported Trowa's weight in one hand while using the other to pull the sweater over his head, exposing his lean, muscled chest for exploration.
Heero wasted no time in attacking that ivory expanse of skin, though he obligingly shifted his arms to allow Trowa to remove his own shirt and tie. Then they were wrapping around one another, hips driving and limbs tangling until it was hard to tell what belonged to who. Tiny, frantic growls were met by gasping pants, as an intense wave of sensation passed from one to the other and back again.
Heero knew he was being overly rough, but his body was driving him on and Trowa's soft pants were doing nothing to discourage him. He nipped his way down Trowa's chest, leaving a few teeth marks behind. His hands snaked beneath them to cup the other boy's ass, pulling him firmly against him. He worried the tiny bud of one nipple with his teeth.
"What do you want?" Heero demanded, grinding against him.
"Whatever you like," Trowa replied softly, his own hands running up and down Heero's back. Heero growled again and buried his face in the hollow between Trowa's neck and his shoulder. He bit roughly at his throat, leaving a red mark and a tiny drop of blood. Trowa didn't flinch, nor did the heat in his eyes lessen. Heero licked at the mark, savouring the coppery taste of blood.
Pinning Trowa with one hand to his chest, Heero quickly stripped both himself and the European of their pants, then settled back down again. Feeling Trowa's body tense beneath his own, he paused, head bowed.
"Don't let me hurt you," he murmured, raising his eyes to meet Trowa's.
The tall boy regarded him for a moment, before smiling slightly in reassurance. "You don't need to hold back for me," he replied, his tone implying permission for whatever Heero wanted to do.
Heero reached over his head for the dresser drawer on the other side of the bed, pulling open the top drawer and fishing around in it. "Why does he have to be so damn messy," he muttered, then pulled out a familiar looking tube with a triumphant look. "There it is."
He twisted the cap off and squeezed a fair amount onto his palm, then dropped the tube beside him and rubbed his hands together for a moment. When the lubricant wasn't quite so cold, he slid both hands down Trowa's erection, causing the other boy to arch in pleasure.
Using a trick Duo had once shown him, he slid his fists down Trowa's erection, one after the other, bringing one back to the top while the other moved down. When Duo had used it on him, it had felt like he was passing into an endless tunnel, pulling and pulling at him until he'd exploded. From Trowa's quiet moans and his thrashing head, it was having a similar effect now.
"Heero." Trowa whispered, then closed his eyes as a particularly intense wave of pleasure passed over him. "Ohhhh."
Heero smirked. :That braided baka is good for something after all.: Eyes hot, he leaned over Trowa, never ceasing the movements of his hands. "Trowa. will you let me take you?"
Trowa nodded silently, mouth working but producing no sound. Heero left off with one fist to lubricate his own shaft, then Trowa's entrance. Trowa was biting at his knuckles as Heero slipped two fingers inside him, probing and stretching. He withdrew completely, then settled himself between Trowa's thighs, pressing at that tight ring of muscle.
"Ready?" he asked, and Trowa nodded. He slid slowly forward, feeling the resistance to his entrance as Trowa's body fought to keep him out. He continued to press forwards, moving inch by inch, as Trowa gasped and squirmed beneath him. Finally, he was buried, feeling the other boy's inner walls clinging tightly to his member, the hot wetness alone pushing him towards release. Gritting his teeth, he fiercely controlled his body, clamping down on his impending orgasm.
Trowa's hands grasped his hips and urged him to move, and he slid out a bare inch before thrusting back in. Then again, a little more, moving slowly to allow them both to adjust. Heero's eyes burned with determination as he held his body in check, determined to give equal pleasure to his new lover.
Trowa moved his hips to meet Heero's thrusts, moving in a rhythm that pleased them both. Heero's growls became more pronounced as he sped the pace, moving a bit more forcibly with each thrust.
Though the tight heat he was buried in was pure heaven, Heero still felt as if it weren't enough, somehow. He wanted, NEEDED more.. But what?
"Ah." he panted, voice sharp with lust. "Trowa." he pulled out and sat back on his heels, as Trowa protested the abrupt abandonment softly. "Turn on your stomach," Heero demanded.
Trowa obeyed, rolling over and rising to his knees at Heero's command. The Japanese pilot pulled him back until Trowa was straddling his lap, facing away from him. Raising Trowa's hips, he buried himself to the hilt.
"AH!" Trowa gasped, as Heero's shaft hit that sweet spot within him, sending waves of intense pleasure all through his body. "Heero!"
Heero thrust up a few times, then forced him forward until he was on his hands and knees. Heero leaned over him, thrusting wildly into him. One long arm supported him on the bed, the other hand came around to wrap around Trowa's length, pumping up and down in time to his thrusts.
Trowa moaned and sighed, and thrust his own hips back into Heero's. In this position, every thrust hit his prostate, the combination with Heero's pumping quickly bringing him to the edge.
A keening whine came from his throat as he neared the edge, the intense pleasure and Heero's pounding rhythm graying out his vision. Sparks flew and everything whited out as he came, spilling his hot seed all over Heero's hand and the blankets.
As he came, he shoved himself backwards, clamping down tightly with his inner muscles, forcing Heero to stay buried within him. Heero choked, stopped at the very edge of orgasm. Trowa tightened and relaxed his muscles once, twice.
Heero cried out as he released, gripping Trowa's hip hard enough to bruise, rocking against him. They both collapsed, breathing hard, Heero still draped over Trowa's back.
Moments passed as they regained their senses. Trowa shifted slightly, and Heero rolled over, not wanting to crush him. Trowa pushed himself up on one elbow, brushing his unruly bangs out of his eyes. He eyes the space beneath him with some distaste.
Heero laughed slightly as he saw the large wet spot Trowa had been lying in. "It's yours anyway," he shrugged when Trowa shot him a slightly annoyed look.
"Still," the tall boy said, an amused gleam in his eyes. "I don't want to sleep in it."
"What makes you think you're going to get to sleep any time soon?" Heero demanded, lust hardly sated.
Trowa smirked. "Might I suggest we join Duo and Quatre? There's more than enough room."
Heero's eyes widened in anticipation. "Sounds good to me," he said, rising and making his way to the door.
"Heero?" Trowa's voice stopped him, and he turned back, one eyebrow raised. "Aren't you going to put some clothes on?"
Heero shrugged. "What for? Duo and Quatre have both seen it before. And if Wufei happens to come in while we're in the hall." He allowed a wicked grin to cross his face. "Well, maybe it will give him an idea of what he's missing out on."