Duo shut the door behind him firmly - though he deliberately did not slam it - and leaned against it with a frustrated growl. "Four weeks," he ranted, his expression dark. "A whole MONTH at that STUPID school - separate rooms, hall monitors, and that DAMN dorm mother who's freakin' EVERYWHERE. No sex, no cuddling, not even a stolen kiss or two - hell, we barely managed finish the damn MISSION with that harridan hanging over us all the time!"
Duo's voice was rising steadily in both pitch and volume, and he stalked down the hall, his movements violent. "And what does he do when we finally get back? Boots up the damn laptop!" Duo swung his fist into the nearest wall, not particularly caring about the damage to either the wall or his fist. "I know it's important to get that info to the scientists ASAP, but damnit!" He buried his hands in his hair in frustration. "I'm goin' crazy, and all HE wants to make love to is his damn computer!!"
"Duo?" Quatre poked his head out of his room. "Are you okay? I thought I heard you hit the wa.. Ack!"
Duo had pounced before the gentle blond was able to register the warning signs in the lustful braided boy. Duo wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and gazed at him with starving violet eyes.
"Ne, Q..." he wheedled in his best persuasive voice, "Think Tro-chan would be up for another little trade? I really enjoyed the last one." he was practically purring, his face only inches from the stunned Arabian's. "But I gotta admit, after what Hee-chan told me, I half-wished I'd gotten you.."
Quatre blinked and smiled. "I don't think Trowa would mind. But, what brought this on so suddenly?""
"Suddenly?" Duo wailed, throwing his head back in exasperation. "Q, I haven't gotten so much as a pat on the ass for the last MONTH! I'm DYIN' here," and he waved his arms wildly, as if in the throes of some horrible theatrical death. "And Mr. Ice-man Yuy is still busy with the mission!" He set his face in his best 'help me, I'm just a poor, pathetic, starving orphan' look from his days on the streets, and Quatre laughed, his own expression turning lustful.
"Well, I'd hardly be a proper host if I didn't provide for all your needs, now would I?" Quatre murmured, slanting Duo a hot look through lowered eyelashes. "Trowa's in the hanger, working on HeavyArms - he'll likely be at it for several hours. Why don't you come in," he opened the door wider, "and I'll see what I can do for you?"
Duo sashayed - there was no other word for it - through the door, his braid twitching in anticipation. He was already rock hard - hell, he'd been hard for most of the last damn month! Sure, he'd been celibate for long periods before - but not for more than a week since he'd first tumbled Heero. Long sessions in the dead of the night with his own hand just didn't cut it - there was nothing so erotic as a warm, live, trembling body beneath yours, responding to your touch. An innate sensualist, Duo LIVED for moments like those.
Heero had given him a detailed account of what had passed between him and the gentle Arabian, which had turned Duo on so badly he'd jumped the other pilot right then and there, despite the fact that they'd just been going at it less than ten minutes before. Equally happy as seme or uke, Duo had eagerly anticipated his turn with Quatre. But just at the moment, he knew he was in no shape to handle any of Quatre's particular brand of teasing - he'd explode, and not in a pleasant way, he just knew it.
All these thoughts passed through his mind in less than an instant, and the moment Quatre had closed the door, Duo was on him, pinning him to the door and kissing him passionately.
Quatre responded enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around Duo's neck and opening his mouth to be invaded. Duo plunged his tongue in, drinking it in like a man dying of thirst. He thrust his hips against Quatre's, and the other boy rocked back into him, grinding their erections together. Duo's hands were fiercely insistent, roaming over Quatre's body, scraping his nails down his back, before finally gripping his ass firmly through his khaki dress pants. Quatre moaned and tilted his head back against the wall, his legs coming up to wrap around Duo's waist.
Duo began thrusting in a steady rhythm, one hand tearing at the buttons on Quatre's shirt, nibbling his way down the exposed neck. Quatre made tiny moaning noises, wordlessly encouraging him. Duo felt Quatre gripping his shoulders tight enough to bruise, and rocked a little faster.
"Duo!" Quatre gasped. "M-matte! If you keep this up, we're both going to finish without even getting our clothes off!"
Duo just thrust a little harder, lifting his head to grin into dazed blue eyes. "Don't worry, Q. I may be desperate, but I've got better control than that. I have every intention of being inside that beautiful body of yours when I come." Quatre moaned softly.
"You may have better control than that, but I'm not sure I do," he returned breathlessly. Duo pulled Quatre away from the wall long enough to strip his vest and shirt off, then set to work on his own clothes. He was still wearing the uniform from the school they'd just left, and the intricate tie knotted under his eager hands. He swore, and, laughing, Quatre gently batted his hands away and undid the stubborn tie. Jacket and shirt quickly followed tie to the floor, and they were bare from the waist up, still pressed tightly together with the wall firm behind them.
"Mmmmn," Duo murmured, rubbing his chest against Quatre's. The blond sighed in contentment, wrapping his arms around Duo's neck again, and tangling his fingers in the silky braid. Duo dropped both hands to Quatre's ass and pulled their groins firmly together, grinding in tiny little circles that drove them both wild. "Quatre, I can't wait very long." he warned, teeth gritted, as his long-denied teenage body demanded satisfaction.
"Then don't," Quatre replied, just as breathless, hands caressing the knotted muscles at Duo's neck and shoulders. Duo's broke from the embrace long enough to strip them both of their pants and shorts, then returned, lifting Quatre effortlessly and pressing him back against the wood of the door.
"Quatre.." They were both panting hard, shafts rubbing together in a most delicious way. "We need.."
"Left front pocket," the Arabian gasped, then grinned at Duo's amazed look. "Always be prepared, I've learned. Trowa picks some of the WEIRDEST places to get amorous." Duo laughed silently, bending and snatching at Quatre's pants without losing his hold on the other boy. He retrieved the little tube and dropped the clothes again, turning a sultry look on Quatre.
"You wanna do the honours?" he murmured, uncapping the tube and squeezing some of the cool oil onto the proffered hand. Quatre then wrapped his hand around Duo, the oil causing his hand to slide up and down smoothly. Duo shuddered at the heat of his hand and the coolness of the lubricant, moaning beneath Quatre's touch. Abruptly, he yanked the stimulating hand away and positioned himself.
"Enough of this," he growled, his eyes on fire. He pressed hard against Quatre, seeking that entrance to heaven, pushing past the restricting ring of muscle. Quatre moaned a little in distress, but Duo pressed on, too desperate to do the gentlemanly thing and go slow for Quatre's comfort. The blond boy encouraged him, however, hands at his shoulders urging him on.
Duo's head eased past that tight ring, and abruptly he was buried to the hilt, Quatre crying out in pleasure as he hit his prostate. Duo couldn't wait to let him adjust, but began moving immediately, Quatre sobbing into his shoulder in diminishing pain and increasing pleasure.
"Oh. Duo. harder, faster!" The blond cried, rocking against him desperately. Duo was rough, as rough as Heero had ever been to him, but the other boy seemed to understand, taking all that he gave him and asking for more.
Duo thrust frantically, knowing he couldn't hold out long. "Quatre." the other was nowhere near his release, he knew it, but he couldn't hold himself back. "Quatre, I'm sorry.. Ahhhh!" He shuddered as every muscle in his body tensed, then released abruptly, and he flooded Quatre's tight passage with his seed. Quatre hushed him as he continued to apologize, mortified at leaving the other hanging like that. "I haven't done that in. in.. hell, I've never done that!" he muttered, furious with himself.
"You needed that, Duo," Quatre countered, his face beatific, though his throbbing erection indicated he was no less eager to get off than Duo had been. He unwrapped his legs from around Duo's waist and led him to the bed, cuddling up against him. "I've had Trowa with me, and you've been without for a whole month. I'm amazed you lasted that long," he said, laughter dancing in his crystal blue eyes, and Duo mock-punched him half-heartedly.
"Besides," Quatre continued, lowering his voice huskily, "We're hardly done yet." He stroked Duo's member softly, making him moan. Duo, his lust abated but hardly satisfied, felt himself growing hard again. "See?" Quatre beamed sunnily. "We're just getting started.."
Duo moaned and thrust himself against Quatre's gentle grip, silently asking for more pressure. Quatre declined to oblige, continuing to tease with feather light strokes and flirting pressure. Duo moaned, his own hands reaching out to caress Quatre in turn.
Quatre sighed and thrust upwards, his erection burning against Duo's palm. A wicked though entered Duo's mine, and he grinned, before pushing Quatre away from him.
"Duo, what.. Ohhhhhhhh.." Quatre could only moan as Duo lowered his mouth to that throbbing shaft, suckling delicately at the hard flesh. Duo's hands pinned his hips to the bed, not allowing him to move, and he thrashed his head from side to side. "Duo!"
Duo grinned up at him, licking salty fluid from his lips. "Like that, huh?" He snaked his arms around Quatre's body and heaved, and the Arabian abruptly found himself lying atop the American, facing away from him. Duo firmed his grip on Quatre ass and swallowed him whole, relaxing his throat to take in the full length. Quatre cried out and thrust down instinctively, but Duo accommodated him easily from long practice. His tongue swirled along the length as he sucked deeply, making Quatre gasp and moan.
The blond realized the purpose of this odd new position as he opened dazed eyes to find Duo's own erection inches from his face. Gleeful, he wrapped his lips around it, trading torture for torture with the American. Duo moaned, and Quatre shuddered as the vibrations traveled through his shaft from the soft lips wrapped around it.
For long moments, the two boys pleasured each other, waves of passion crashing through them in increasing frequency. Quatre, denied release before, was the first to succumb to the pulling tide, flying over the edge with a desperate cry as he emptied himself into Duo's expert mouth. Duo was only an instant behind, nearly screaming his pleasure as he thrust upwards into Quatre's eager mouth, seed spilling everywhere as the blond was unable to swallow fast enough to keep up with the flow.
Finally, they both collapsed, barely aware of their surroundings as they basked in the afterglow. Duo tugged at Quatre until the other boy reluctantly found the energy to shift around, snuggling against Duo's shoulder.
"That was.. intense," Quatre murmured sleepily. "remind me to deprive you for a month again sometime."
Duo snorted. "Not bloody likely!" he kissed Quatre softly, then blinked as his eyes grew heavy. "Guess we're gonna surprise Trowa when he comes in," he murmured, already half asleep.
"He won't mind," Quatre yawned, nuzzling Duo. "He'll likely just go after Heero."
Duo grinned. "Poor Wu. He's missing all the fun."
Quatre laughed softly. "I doubt he'd think so. I don't think he'd be the type to join in on something like this."
Duo shrugged. "Well, Q, you said it yourself - it's the 'innocent' ones ya gotta watch out for. Though, I gotta agree - Wu strikes me as more of the nosebleed type. Ah, well, shouldn't be greedy, I suppose."
Quatre smiled as he drifted off to sleep, images of Wufei tied and gagged before him while he and Duo demonstrated the joys of being hentai drifting through his mind and following him into his dreams.