Here's the first installment. Enjoy! ^_^

Quatre firmly steered Heero towards his room; the lustful glint in
his crystal blue eyes matched by Heero's possessively caressing hand on
his rear. Quatre reflected on Duo's whispered words with more than a
little glee.
"Ya'd never believe it, Q, but if you really want to drive him
absolutely NUTS, tie him up! He's forced to be so damn controlled all
the time, that it's actually a relief for him to be forced to give in
to someone else… turns him on like… well, you'll see. The catch is, he
can't AGREE to it… ya have to catch him totally by surprise. I can't
manage it very often, 'cause he can read me like a book - but if you're
into that kinda thing, you could probably catch him by surprise just
'cause you look so damn innocent."
Quatre was happily contemplating half a dozen ways of doing just
that - it happened that one of his secret passions was to be totally in
control. It was a passion he didn't get to exercise often -
unfortunately, Trowa's previous experiences with the mercenary group
had left him with a deep hatred of any kind of restraints, especially
during lovemaking. The one time the tall boy had agreed to try, for
Quatre's sake, he'd nearly broken his own arm when he became trapped in
his memories and tried to escape the restraints. Quatre had never
suggested a second attempt.
But now, with Heero, he apparently had a new chance to play his
favorite game. Putting on his most charming and innocent smile, Quatre
slowly opened the door to his bedroom and drew the Japanese boy inside.
"Ne, Heero? I'm glad you agreed to this. When Trowa first brought up
the idea of a trade, it gave me little shivers inside." He batted his
long blond eyelashes, and was rewarded with the other boy's faint
"I'm glad, too," Heero commented, his other arm rising to join the
first around Quatre's waist. He leaned his forehead against the
blond's, bringing them eye to eye. Quatre found himself breathless at
the hot look in Heero's cobalt eyes.
"Trowa said the trade was for a night, but do we have to wait
'till it's dark?" Heero murmured, never taking his eyes from Quatre.
Quatre opened his mouth to reply, and found that his throat was
too dry to produce a sound. He swallowed, hard, then tried again. "I
don't see why we should," he finally managed to whisper, his voice
husky. "We've got everything we need…. right….. here…." And he trailed
his finger down Heero's chest from his collarbone to his navel.
Heero's eyes widened, then narrowed abruptly, and he growled
slightly. Startled, Quatre looked up from his contemplation of Heero's
marvelous chest, and found his lips captured in a bruising kiss.
The gentle blond sighed and surrendered to Heero's crushing
embrace, his body melting against the taller boy's. Heero's arms
tightened around him, lifting him slightly off his feet, until their
bodies were pressed together from lips to knees.
Quatre sighed as Heero released him slowly, letting gravity slide
him down his body. "That was… nice…" Quatre managed somewhat dazedly,
his eyes unfocused. Heero smirked and caught him up again.
This time when they broke for much needed air, Quatre found they
were standing by the massive, king-sized bed. Whether he had maneuvered
Heero there, or vice versa, he didn't know and didn't particularly
care. With his most gamin expression firmly in place, he fell to sit on
the bed as if his knees would no longer support him - which, if he was
being perfectly honest, wasn't all that far from the truth.
He patted the space beside him, and Heero accepted the silent
invitation, coiling his muscled frame into sitting position. Quatre
marveled once again at the inherent grace and hidden strength present
in every move Heero made. Glancing at the other boy's face as if for
permission, he stretched out a hand and ran it down the firm planes of
Heero's shoulder and arm.
Some of his awe must have showed in his expression, for Heero
suddenly looked uncomfortable. "I… do I frighten you?" He asked, his
voice softer than Quatre had ever heard it. There was a look of
shadowed pain in his Prussian blue eyes. "I would never hurt you,
Quatre - and I DO know how to control my strength, when I need to."
Quatre hastened to reassure him. "Oh, no, Heero! You don't
frighten me at all… just the opposite, in fact." He allowed some of his
hidden lust and anticipation to creep into his voice, though he was
careful not to ruin his 'innocent' guise. "I was just thinking how
beautiful you are, when you move. How…" For once in his life, he was at
a loss for words, and let actions show what words never could.
He scooted over until his was as close as possible to Heero, then
leaned in to give him a kiss that was both sweet and passionate at
once. Heero wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and held him
close, returning the kiss with interest. Quatre was amazed at this
gentle, passionate side to the normally psychotic boy - a side he'd
previously shown only to Duo, apparently. :No wonder Duo will put up
with just about anything from him, if this is how he acts when they're
A brief twinge of unease slid through him - perhaps he shouldn't
try tying Heero up after all? But it passed quickly. Surely, Duo
wouldn't have led him wrong? And he did SO want to have the gorgeous
Japanese at his mercy…
He exerted gentle pressure, and Heero obliged by leaning back onto
the bed, Quatre spilling partly over his chest as they sprawled
together on the fluffy comforter.
Heero had a slightly amused look on his face as he pulled away. He
gave a small, experimental bounce on the bed - and nearly tumbled into
Quatre as the springs bounced him back. He laughed softly, a child's
look of wonder in his eyes. "Sugoi…" the normally stoic pilot breathed,
and caught Quatre in another embrace.
Quatre giggled and squirmed until he was completely atop Heero,
his fingers tangled in the other boy's. He let a little of his
passionate side show, kissing Heero deeply, thrusting his tongue into
his mouth and wriggling a bit to bring their groins into firmer
contact. He knew he'd caught Heero when the other boy moaned slightly,
his eyes closed and face slack with passion.
Slowly, he inched both their arms up, ostensibly so he could have
better access to Heero's chest as he began to lick and nip his way down
the strong column of the other boy's neck. Heero didn't resist,
allowing Quatre to manipulate him as he wished. Quatre swallowed a
gleeful little smirk as his knuckles brushes against the posts of the -
specially designed - headboard.
With a lightning fast move, he slipped the silk-lined cuffs over
Heero's fists, and tightened them about his wrists. The Japanese boy
stared up at him in total disbelief for a moment, eyes wide, before his
face tightened and he began to fight the restraints.
Quatre jumped out of the way of Heero's thrashing body, eyeing the
cuffs to see if they would hold. One of his myriad sisters had given
them to him as a birthday present some years ago, when he had first
been discovering his own somewhat odd preferences. Of a similar bent
herself, Milerna had ordered the cuffs specially made - silk-lined
reinforced steel, they reached nearly from wrist to elbow, making them
more difficult to break out of than ordinary handcuffs. A double-linked
chain connected them to the special bolts in the headboard, and kept
Heero from bringing his arms down to get leverage.
Heero's eyes blazed in rage, though he said nothing, and for a
terrible moment, Quatre thought that Duo might have been opposed to the
idea of the switch after all, and had chosen this method to get even
with Quatre. If he'd lied, and Heero was as opposed to being tied up as
his expression indicated, then Quatre was going to be a very, very DEAD
Gundam pilot when Heero got free…
But a second glance belied that first impression, and Quatre
sighed happily as he saw the bulge in the front of Heero's spandex
shorts. :This IS turning him on,: he realized with no little amount of
relief. :but then, why is he fighting like that?:
Comprehension dawned as he thought back on Duo's earlier words.
"He's forced to be so damn controlled all the time, that it's actually
a relief for him to be forced to give in to someone else…"
:Of course. If he doesn't fight it, then he still IS in control.
It's the feeling of helplessness that he likes….:
Reassured that Heero wasn't going to commit bloody murder for what
Quatre was doing to him, he approached the bed once more. "Now, Heero,
it won't do you any good to struggle," he murmured, and was rewarded by
seeing some of the rage in Heero's eyes transmute to lust.
"Duo put you up to this, didn't he?" The Japanese boy muttered,
his tone promising dire punishments for his irreverent lover. Quatre
laughed gleefully.
"He suggested you might like it. The cuffs are mine, though, which
ought to give you an idea what my reaction was." Heero tugged once
again at the cuffs, and found that he couldn't break the restraint.
Quatre took advantage of his preoccupation with his arms to quickly tie
his feet. Heero turned a disbelieving gaze on him, and he laughed
"Heero, Heero… didn't Dr. J teach you that it's the supposedly
'innocent' ones that you have to watch out for?" Quatre smirked at him,
his blue eyes hot with lust.
Heero's eyes narrowed. "You and Trowa do this on a regular basis?"
He muttered, testing the leg restraints experimentally. Though not of
the quality of the cuffs, they held against his first efforts to free
Quatre shook his head, his face clouded. "Oh, no! Trowa can't
stand to be tied - it reminds him…" he trailed off, and looked away for
a moment. When he turned back, his expression was sunny once again. "No
use trying to side-track me, Heero," he murmured, advancing on his
helpless new lover. "I'm not entirely certain those restraints will
hold against someone as strong as you, so I'm just going to have to
distract you into not testing them."
"Good lu…" Heero's sarcastic reply was stifled by Quatre's hot
lips pressing against his own. He willingly responded, but Quatre heard
metal clanking as he continued to strain against the cuffs.
Quatre decided more… drastic measures were called for, and resumed
his earlier downwards exploration. Heero moaned softly as Quatre dipped
his hands beneath the hem of his cotton tank top, questing upwards.
Heero's nipples were already peaked with desire when Quatre
reached them, and he rubbed at them gently. Heero squirmed beneath him,
his arms tense as he tried again to free himself. Quatre nipped at his
collar bone, then shoved the tank top up to reveal his chest, licking
his lips in anticipation. Heero actually groaned at that.
Quatre grinned at him, then lowered his head to swirl one stiff
brown nipple in his mouth. Heero's chest stilled for a moment as he
caught his breath, then lowered abruptly in an explosion of air as one
of Quatre's hands found its way to the bulge in his pants.
"Quatre…" the Japanese gritted between clenched teeth, his entire
body straining upwards. Quatre caressed him gently through the silky
spandex, reveling in the feel of the throbbing heat beneath his hand as
Heero responded to his touch. Quatre switched his attention to the
other nipple as his hands tugged slowly at the spandex, exposing
Heero's pulsing shaft to the cool air of the room.
Heero squirmed beneath his tender ministrations, trying to hurry
him, but Quatre would not budge from his self-appointed pace. He wanted
to enjoy every moment of this rare opportunity, and wasn't about to let
Heero's desperate lust rush him through the experience. He smiled up at
his glaring lover. "Patience, Heero," he chided, his voice sunny. "All
good things come to those who wait." He laughed aloud at Heero's
muttered obscenity, and finally decided to take pity on the other boy.
He trailed one hand back up Heero's now-exposed thigh, feeling
shivers run under the taut skin. Heero jerked a bit as Quatre paused to
cup his balls, then moaned helplessly as Quatre's tiny, soft hand
wrapped around his erection.
"Ah… Quatre…" he thrashed as Quatre teased him, running his
fingers up and down the hot length, sliding over the tip and causing
him to gasp for air. Heero growled, a low, threatening sound. "Quatre…
omae o…. korosu…." But the threat had little sting behind it, given
that Heero's hips were desperately thrusting upwards, trying to get
Quatre to stop taunting him.
Or perhaps that gave it more force? Quatre wondered absently as he
continued to tease his new lover. He reached for the bedside table
drawer with his free hand, pulling out a small tube. Heero's eyes
widened when he saw it, but there was no sign of fear or trepidation in
him. Quatre took this to mean that he didn't object to what he had
planned, and smiled his sunniest smile as he left off teasing Heero for
a moment to lubricate his right hand.
He wrapped his left hand firmly around Heero's shaft and began
pumping slowly up and down. Heero closed his eyes and threw his head
back, his arm muscles straining as he tried to bring his hands down to
force Quatre to speed his rhythm. Quatre slid his right hand lower,
searching for the puckered ring that would grant him entrance to
Heero's deepest recesses. Heero made a choked noise as Quatre slid one
finger inside him slightly, probing the depths of his body. His body
writhed wildly, and his expression was strained. "Quatre… let me…
Quatre shook his head. Slowly, he added a second, then a third
finger to stretch that tight passage. He tossed the tube to one side
and brought his free hand back to Heero's shaft, sliding his fist up
and down the hot length in time with his thrusting fingers. Heero
moaned and panted and thrashed, but Quatre kept his movements slow and
his rhythm varied, preventing Heero from gaining release.
Quatre watched Heero's breathing and expression carefully - each
time he sensed his lover was nearing the edge, he would back off,
concentrating on his nipples and lightly teasing his shaft, until Heero
was practically in tears from sheer frustration.
Once again, Heero approached orgasm, his entire body taut and all
but begging for release. Quatre watched in fascination as the Japanese
boy began to lose his control, his fists clenching until his knuckles
were white, his face twisted in intense pleasure/pain, his back arched
off the bed until nothing touched but his head and his heels.
He steadied his pace, allowing his lover to climb rapidly towards
the peak - and as Heero teetered on that mind-blowing summit, Quatre
withdrew from him completely, abandoning him to his need.
Heero actually cried out in frustration, his eyes flying wide and
staring at Quatre in fury and lust. "KISAMA!" He croaked, his biceps
bulging as he fought the cuffs, the metal headboard creaking in
warning. Quatre stifled a giggle with his hand, his eyes glittering, as
he watched his helpless lover from the far side of the large bed. Heero
pumped his hips uselessly, searching for something, ANYthing, to
provide that last bit of friction which would free him from his body's
demands. One of his leg restraints snapped, but that did nothing to
help the Japanese pilot's plight.
"Quatre…" his eyes were practically pleading now, but Quatre still
hadn't gotten what he wanted.
"Not yet, Heero," he murmured, lightly stroking the other boy's
chest. Heero choked on a sob, and shook his head wildly.
"What the hell do you WANT from me?" He demanded harshly, his
entire body tense. Quatre smiled - not his normal sunny grin, but a
sultry, sexy smile that heated Heero's blood even further.
Quatre leaned close, until his eyes filled Heero's view and their
noses brushed together. "Beg," Quatre breathed out, and Heero's eyes
Quatre trailed one finger down the Heero's length, making him
shiver violently. "You heard me. I want you to beg. Beg for me to
finish it, to let you orgasm. Beg me prettily enough, and I may even
take you."
Heero's breath shuddered out of him, as the Wing pilot fought an
internal battle between his training and his need. Finally, he both
relaxed and tensed at the same time. Quatre waited, his breath held in
"Please…." The word was so quiet Quatre wasn't entirely certain
he'd heard it. Heero's eyes were closed and his teeth were clenched,
his whole body shaking with his need. "Please, Quatre…."
"What was that?" Quatre asked innocently, his breath tickling
Heero's ear. Heero shuddered again as Quatre licked delicately at the
outer shell. "I can't hear you, Heero."
"Please!" The word burst forth from the other boys' lips as though
fired from a gun. Quatre laughed merrily.
"That's a start, but you'll have to do better than that." At
Heero's heartfelt groan, his voice turned chiding. "Come now - you're
such a perfectionist in everything else you do - just apply that here.
Convince me that it's worth losing the amusement of watching you
Heero's fists clenched, and words poured from him. "ONEGAI!
Quatre, finish me, please, I can't…. can't take this…"
Quatre was already stripping his clothes, his own body trembling
with anticipation. "More," he murmured, eyeing Heero's body hungrily.
"Ah… please, please, I need this… I need you… Quatre, please, I
want you… inside… me…" his voice trailed off breathlessly as Quatre
inserted his fingers once more.
"Keep going," the blond encouraged as he stretched the tight ring
of muscle at Heero's opening.
Heero was panting with desire, barely able to form coherent words.
"Take… me… I want… I NEED… Quatre! ONEGAI!"
Quatre positioned himself, took a deep breath, and slid inside
Heero's body in one smooth motion. Heero cried out and jerked beneath
him, the headboard creaking again as he fought to wrap himself around
Quatre. His free leg wrapped around the Arabian's waist, holding him
deep inside.
Quatre marveled at the feeling of Heero's amazing strength,
tightly contained within trembling muscle beneath silken skin. He
savoured the wet heat of Heero's passage, feeling every inch of his
erection cradled in the pulsing flesh.
Slowly, torturing both of them now, he withdrew, enjoying the
growling noises Heero was making deep in his throat. He moved back
until only the very tip of his shaft was inside Heero, then held still.
"BEG ME," he hissed, his teeth nipping at the other boy's exposed
"Quatre! Onegai, fuck me, fuck me HARD, please, I need it…." All
of Heero's considerable control had vanished, leaving him entirely
helpless before his fellow pilot. Quatre reveled in the knowledge that
he had brought the strongest of them to this, a quivering, pleading
body trembling beneath him. The power flowed through him, making him
"YES!" He surged forward, taking Heero in a pounding rhythm that
had them both gasping for air. The excitement of teasing Heero had left
Quatre trembling on the edge, and he knew he wouldn't hold out long.
Heero was writhing beneath him, his body on sensory overload, unable to
process the entirety of the pleasure within him. Quatre felt his
control slipping, and thrust harder, his moans of pleasure matching
Heero's growls.
With a final, impossibly deep thrust, Quatre emptied himself into
Heero's depths. He was barely aware of Heero contracting around him,
sticky white fluid spurting between them as Heero finally reached
completion. Quatre collapse on top of him, his panting breaths matching
the harsh sound of Heero's own breathing.
It was several minutes before he could move, and Heero was still
trembling from the sheer sensation of their lovemaking. Quatre smiled
sleepily at his new lover as he rolled to one side.
"Quatre…" Heero's voice was harsh, and yet tender.
"Yes, Heero?" Quatre batted his big blue eyes.
"Are you going to release me?"
Quatre smirked, and Heero's eyes widened. "Oh, but what makes you
think we're done? I'm just taking a rest…." Heero moaned slightly, but
his body proved that his endurance was just as amazing in this as in
everything else, and Quatre gleefully planned for the long hours of the
night ahead….