Wufei slogged doggedly through the snow, thanking every god he could think of that he'd left almost everything he possessed either back at the safehouse or in Nataku's cockpit, because anything he'd been carrying would have been lost long ago in this driving blizzard. His head was bent against the driving wind and his arm was raised to protect his face as he walked - rather, waded - through the hip-deep snow.
Kuso, why was I stupid enough to go out in that snow, anyway. I should have known that blizzards were common in this climate. Chikusho!
A particularly strong gust of wind buffeted him and knocked him off balance. He flailed his hands ineffectually to try to save himself from falling and his reaching arms encountered rough wood. He could barely feel the texture of the timbers under his frozen fingers, but he could tell he'd encountered a building of some sort.
I would have walked right by it in this storm and never seen it, he thought in awe and gratitude.
He groped along the wall with blind fingers and soon encountered a door. Please don't be locked. The door swung open at a twist of the doorknob and was nearly torn from his grasp by another gust of wind. Desperate to get out of the storm, he nearly leapt inside, pulling the door closed behind him and shutting it out. The wind howled its fury outside. It found its way through cracks in the wood, making the small shack barely warmer than outside, but at least he was out of the bulk of the wind, and the snow.
He stood for a moment and shivered, still not sure that this was real.
The reality of it hit him a moment later as his cold-numbed brain registered the paltry nature of his sanctuary.
It was a one-room shack, with an old, rusted fireplace in the corner that didn't look like it had worked since the colonies had been built. A bundle of fabric lay in the centre of the room serving as the room's only furniture.
The bundle shifted and Wufei realized that the room was already occupied. A cold trickle of melting snow wound it's way down his neck and he shivered with cold. The occupant of the room sat up slowly, allowing the blanket to fall away and reveal a perfectly-formed muscular torso. Sapphire eyes glanced up to meet Wufei's dark ones and widened in startlement.
"Dragon!" exclaimed the General of Oz.
"T-Treize Kushrenada!" echoed the pilot.
The amber-haired general smiled slightly. "What a surprise. Surely you have not braved the cold and snow simply to bring me the second challenge you promised me?"
Wufei snorted as well as he could, considering his teeth were chattering and he was shaking so hard he wasn't sure he could stand for much longer. Cursing under his breath, he turned and grasped the doorknob. "Don't be ridiculous. Sumimasen, I was unaware that this building was occupied. Excuse me."
He turned the knob, bracing against the pull of the wind that tried to wrench it open the moment it had purchase on the wood. He was halted by Treize's sarcastic voice. "What are you doing? You'll die out there, dragon."
Wufei pulled the door closed and whirled, his dark eyes flashing. "Surely you don't think we can stay here together, do you? That blanket is clearly not large enough to divide between us, and I'll freeze to death whether or not I'm out in the snow. At least if I leave now, I'll neither have to kill you without my sword, nor give up the chance of finding another shelter."
Treize's answer was implacable. "You aren't thinking straight, dragon. You will stay here, and we will operate under a truce until such time as we are both at home safely. There is more than enough room under this blanket for both of us, if you are willing not to tear it in half. Now, get those clothes off and come over here."
Wufei recoiled, his face flushing with a sudden and violent blush. "W-What?!"
Treize smiled innocently, though there was a glitter of amusement in those gorgeous-Wufei blinked and started again - in the OZ General's eyes. "You'll freeze to death in wet clothes, blanket or no blanket, dragon. And you'll make the blanket wet, so I'll have to freeze to death with you."
"Uh, of course," Wufei stuttered. What the hell is wrong with you? What is it about this man that has you tongue-tied and blushing, Wufei?
He turned away and began fumbling at the ties of his white Chinese-style shirt. His fingers, numbed by the cold, were barely able to grasp the little knots, let alone work them out of the loops, made even tighter by the melting snow. Shaking and cursing, he brushed his clinging hair out of his face - his hair tie had been lost somewhere in the storm - and flexed his fingers, trying to work the blood back into them.
Suddenly he felt a presence behind him. Before he could react, arms snaked around him and began undoing the stubborn catches.
"Do you need some help, dragon?" came Treize's deep voice, directly into his ear. The man was pressed up against him from behind in order to reach the buttons, and his lips brushed against the Chinese pilot's ear as he moved his mouth.
Wufei pushed him away and turned on him in fury. "Kisama! Get your hands off-" his anger died in his throat as he registered the fact that Treize was facing him, standing unashamedly a foot away from him, totally naked.
The blood rushed back to his face with dizzying suddenness and he whirled around again, stuttering an incoherent apology.
"Quite all right, dragon. I am not ashamed of my body." Wufei could almost see his slow, sultry smile. "And neither should you be."
"W-What are you getting at?"
"Oh. nothing," Treize said lightly. His arms snaked back around and continued undoing the clasps. "Shall I finish helping you, then?"
Though every muscle in Wufei's body was singing with tension, he stood and endured as Treize's hands deftly crept down his body, undoing the clasps on his shirt. When the last one had been undone, Treize reached up and drew it off of his shoulders, guiding it chastely down so Wufei could step out of it, then he turned away to hang it from one of the rafters.
"Now, can you take the rest off yourself, dragon, or should I help you with that, as well?"
Freed from the hypnotizing sensation of Treize's body pressed up against him, and his hands creeping down his chest, Wufei felt his anger able to rise again. "Kisama! I'll be fine."
"Good. Now hurry, dragon, you're shivering." Wufei clenched his fists and slowly drew off his tanktop as he listened to the sounds of Treize walking back to the blanket and wrapping it around himself again.
Slowly, and uncomfortably certain that Treize's eyes were locked on his back, he drew off his pants and, after a moment of hesitation, the wet underwear. He turned, clutching the bundle of clothing so that it preserved his privacy, and saw with a visible start that Treize was lying on his side, in a position where he couldn't possibly be looking at him.
He hung up his clothing, watching Treize like a hawk out of the corner of his eye, but the General did not look up once. Finally, he approached the bundle and slowly slipped under it.
He immediately saw that they had a problem.
They tugged and readjusted for a few minutes, but it was clear that the blanket just couldn't cover both of them. Sighing, Wufei made to get up. Well, my clothes will still be better than bare skin. Maybe Treize's uniform is a bit dryer, and I can use them as a sort of a blanket. He didn't convince himself, however. I'm going to freeze to death tonight. Chikusho!
"Where are you going, dragon?" Treize asked sharply, his hand darting out to grasp Wufei's wrist.
"We can't both fit under the blanket. I'm going to try sleeping under the clothes or something. It'll be better than nothing."
"Masaka. I can't let you do that."
Wufei snapped at him. "Then what do you suggest? Surely you won't be taking my place, General!"
"Certainly I have no intention of giving up what scarce warmth this blanket provides," Treize said, sounding as though he thought Wufei had gone mad. Wufei grunted and tried to shake off Treize's grip on his wrist, but Treize wouldn't let him. "But neither will you."
"Then what the hell do you want, Kushrenada?" Wufei growled, frustrated at the General's seeming obtuseness.
Treize sighed. "Dragon, you are young, so I will forgive your inexperience. Come, let me show you what I mean."
He released the pilot's wrist and opened his arms, guiding Wufei into them. The Chinese pilot balked for a moment. Masaka, you mean he and I- Then, seeing the necessity, he surrendered, allowing himself to be wrapped in Treize's strong, muscular arms, and pillowing his head on the General's shoulder. One of his arms he wrapped around Treize's chest, resting it hesitantly on his shoulder. The other he didn't really know what to do with, so he just wrapped it around his own body and used it as a psychological shield between the General. and his own raging hardon.
Chikusho! How can I be reacting like this at a time like this? With *this* man, of all people?!
He tried to relax and took a breath in slowly through his nose, as if for meditation. His nostrils were filled with the scents of sweat and roses and a peculiar musky scent that he didn't recall ever smelling before, but which was somehow primal, and attractive.
He started breathing through his mouth.
Wufei was still shivering, his black hair still shedding droplets, and Treize brought his other arm around and drew him closer, attempting to share more of his warmth. Wufei felt his hips being drawn closer to the other man and he tensed again, pulling them away. Good god, if he were to find out. he didn't know what the General would do, but he figured it would be humiliating, and he'd received enough humiliation from this man.
"You're so tense, dragon. Believe me, I'm not going to hurt you. Surely you realize I am an honourable man by now, after I spared your life."
"I am *not* afraid of you!" Wufei spat.
"Then relax, my dear dragon. If you are like this often, it's a wonder you don't get tension headaches."
"I'm fine," the Chinese pilot growled.
Treize's hands began kneading at the muscles of his shoulder. Because Wufei was lying on his right side, Treize was unable to reach further to his right than his spine, but Wufei felt the muscles of his left side begin to unknot. Treize was really, really good at this. Despite himself, as the nimble fingers bit into a particularly nasty muscle and deftly unwound the knot within it, Wufei moaned in pleasure, his hand curling gently into Treize's collarbone.
"Enjoying that, dragon?" Treize whispered, his fingers not missing a beat in their rhythm. "I'm so glad. It's not often that I get to practice this art."
Wufei moaned again.
"Would you like me to do a more complete job, dragon?"
"Hai," he breathed. Treize shifted, pulling his arm gently out from under the smaller boy and rolling him onto his stomach. Wufei gasped, all of Treize's hard work destroyed, as the General straddled him, sitting on the soft swellings of his ass.
"Calm down, dragon. The more relaxed you try to be, the quicker I'll be able to finish. It's cold out here."
Resigned to his fate, Wufei tried to relax. Every sense was tingling at first, but warmth spread through him and he actually felt himself start to drift off as Treize's fingers stimulated the blood flow to his back and the tight muscles started to unknot. After an endless time, Wufei was floating in a warm sea, having totally forgotten who it was that was giving him this pleasure, and hardly caring.
He was startled awake again as Treize kissed him softly on the back of his neck, sending shivers down his spine, and slid in beside him again. Contentedly, Wufei sighed and rearranged his limbs so that he was lying pressed against the General. His fingers played absently, stroking the smooth skin of Treize's collarbone and neck, and the General responded by stroking his shoulder with one hand, and down his back.
Treize pushed his hand gently into the small of Wufei's back and Wufei gasped as his erection was pressed against the other man's hip. The General purred in the back of his throat. "So, you enjoyed that, did you, dragon?"
Wufei's eyes flew open and he started stuttering, pulling away again. "W-W-What-"
"Calm down, dragon. I'm not offended. The opposite, in fact." He levered himself up slightly, grasping Wufei's chin and tilting it towards him so his deep blue eyes gazed into the pilot's dark ones. "Relax, dear dragon. You'll destroy all of my hard work, and I'll have to start all over again."
Wufei drew in his breath at the gentle hunger in his voice. He felt himself trembling with terror and desire. No one has ever spoken to me like that, he thought in wonder. He found himself unable, unwilling, to draw away; as Treize leaned down to kiss him.
The older man's mouth met his in a soft embrace and Wufei felt his body responding even more strongly than before as their tongues met and clashed. A pool of heat formed in his stomach and traveled outwards until his entire body was awash with it. His fingers, toes, even the roots of his unbound hair was tingling with it. Yet even as his arms moved around to encircle Treize's neck and the other man moved over him to place one leg between Wufei's and to press his own burning erection against his thigh, Wufei was conducting an internal battle with himself.
Kisama! What are you *doing*? What are you letting *him* do to you?
Shut up!
You weakling. You utterly dishonourable cur! How can you be giving your enemy pleasure?
What does it matter, now? This is hardly going to turn the tide of the war.
So you're just going to be a slut, now? Sleep with the first person who shows an interest, because it isn't going to keep you from *winning*the*war*?
Then what are you doing?
But Wufei couldn't even answer that in his own head. Treize moaned into his mouth as the pilot squirmed uncomfortably, his thigh incidentally rubbing against his erection. The General's lithe fingers danced over Wufei's chest, encountering the hardened nub of a nipple and playing with it. At that contact, Wufei's ongoing argument flew momentarily from his head and he gasped in pleasure. His hands ran up and down Treize's back, eliciting shivers as he passed fingernails up his spine.
He wouldn't stop even if I asked him.
Are you saying that you couldn't fight him off?
Wufei felt all the tension drain out of his body as Treize's mouth clamped onto a nipple and began suckling gently. He could hear himself making hungry growling noises in the back of his throat, noises which were answered by Treize's own. Though the pleasure he was experiencing was more immediate than anything he'd ever felt in his life, he also felt as though he were watching the proceedings through a long, dispassionate tunnel. He felt as though he were barely participating, even as his hands traveled hungrily over the other man's body, and even as he responded enthusiastically to the pleasure elicited by the other man's hands.
Why is he doing this? Why am *I* doing this? Nataku, will you ever forgive me?
We have to ask him. We have to stop him and ask.
I can't stop. I don't want him to stop.
I can't let this go on.
He gasped again as Treize's free hand, the one which had been playing with the nipple he wasn't sucking on, traveled lightly down to rest on his hip. He caressed the slim hip for a few seconds with his thumb, then raised his head to look into Wufei's wide eyes. His sapphire eyes were clouded with passion, which only made Wufei's body thirst for him more strongly. His face was flushed and he was breathing hard, yet he still exuded an aura of control that Wufei realized would never leave, even at the very heights of orgasm.
"Dragon," he said quietly. His voice was husky and resonant and a thrill of pleasure, almost painful in intensity, went through Wufei, stabbing deeply into his heart.
"Do you want this to continue? I know I have pushed you a little, and I will not be able to forgive myself if you look back on this night with pain."
Wufei's eyes opened even wider. "Y-You're offering to stop?"
The hand disappeared from his hip and Treize pulled away hesitantly. "I'm sorry, dragon, did you think I wouldn't if you wanted me to?"
Blood rushed to Wufei's cheeks as he realized that that was exactly what he *had* thought. "I. I. wasn't sure."
Treize's eyes widened in shock and pain and Wufei suddenly found himself pulled into a tight embrace. The blanket fell away from them as Treize pulled him into his lap and buried his face in the black strands of his hair. A cold draft hit his nude body and he shivered. "Oh, dragon, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to frighten you that way."
At the agony in Treize's voice, Wufei felt his composure starting to return. He didn't know why the General of OZ was acting this way, but he wasn't going to let this go on. "Chotto matte! You didn't scare me, Kushrenada!"
Treize pulled away and gave him a searching look. "Honto?"
"Oh good!" The General's lips curved upwards in a genuine smile and he leaned down to kiss the pilot again. Wufei jerked back, though not out of the embrace, and his face twisted in irriation.
"I *said* matte!"
Treize pulled back again. "Now what, dragon?"
"Why are you doing this, General?"
"Please, dragon, call me Treize while we're being informal."
Wufei growled. "All right, why are you doing this, Treize?"
"Isn't it obvious?"
"Apparently not."
"Because you're absolutely beautiful, especially when you're looking determined and angry like you do right now, dragon. And because you intrigue me greatly. And just because I want to. Is that enough?"
"How do I know you're not trying to subvert me?" Wufei said, trying to hold onto his indignation in the face of the melting look in Treize's sapphire eyes.
"Is it working?"
"Of course not!"
"Then assume I'm not that stupid, dragon."
Wufei didn't know what to say to that, so he just sputtered for a few seconds until Treize captured his lips again. He didn't protest as he was laid down on the threadbare cushion again and the inner debate seemed to have stilled for the time being. Enough time to be confused later, he reflected ruefully, then turned his full attention to Treize.
Treize's hand wandered down to his hip again and hesitated before plunging in. He grasped Wufei's still-achingly-hard member and began pumping slowly. Wufei groaned as the first shocks of pleasure thrilled through him and arched his hips off of the ground. He reached around and clumsily began copying Treize's movements on the General's own shaft.
Treize moaned, then briefly removed his hand from Wufei - eliciting a cry of protest - to move Wufei's hand away.
"No, dragon. I want to be able to concentrate on you," he whispered, "and also to convince you absolutely of my good intentions."
Wufei wanted to protest, to say that he didn't need to be convinced, that he felt bad about not returning the incredible pleasure that Treize was giving him, but all that flew from his head as Treize returned his hand. The Chinese pilot moaned and thrashed, unconsciously pumping into Treize's hand as the General increased the frequency, driving him to a fever pitch. Wufei felt wave after wave of pleasure crash through him, flowing up his spine to explode in his brain. He was dimly aware that he was gasping with every breath, calling Treize's name and urging him on.
Suddenly he felt something like a wavefront of heat driving through him, originating somewhere in his brain and traveling down, down, and with one final yell he exploded. His seed flowed over Treize's hand and he collapsed, still breathing hard.
As he slowly readjusted from the incredible high he'd just experienced, he felt the gentle rasp of what could only be Treize's tongue. Another moan escaped him as the General lapped up the seed that had flowed over his penis, then the licks traveled up his taunt stomach until Treize had swallowed everything that had escaped him.
Then he felt himself enfolded in warm arms again as Treize laid down next to him. He was pillowed against the General's chest again and soft hands caressed his shoulder and back comfortingly. Wufei sighed and luxuriated for a few moments.
Then his eyes flew open. "Oh! It's your turn, now," he exclaimed, a little nervously. He started to lever himself up, already debating with himself what he should do to give Treize the same amazing experience he had just had.
The arms encircling him tightened and he found himself lying back down again.
"Shh, dragon, no need."
"What do you mean, Treize? I. It's hardly fair."
Wufei felt his smile against the hair on the top of his head. "Time enough for that. I told you, I'm determined to convince you of my intentions." He paused and took a soft breath, his hand traveling idly to caress the curve of Wufei's neck and eliciting a rush of shivers. "If you really want to do that for me, you'll come to me." As Wufei was still absorbing that, Treize kissed him lightly on the top of his head. "Now, sleep dragon. I'm sure the blizzard will be over by morning."
Bewildered, Wufei closed his eyes and found that sleep was not far off after all. Just as he began to drift off though, Treize's voice dragged him back.
"Oh, and dragon?"
"Mmmmhmmm?" Wufei replied sleepily.
"Come with your hair down. That's a far better look for you."
"Okay," he said automatically, then drifted to sleep.