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*When, when will the icicle melt, the icicle, icicle?*

Heero, granite face firmly in place, turns away from Duo's confession of his love.

*When, when will the picture show end, the picture show, picture show?*

Duo practicing in front of a mirror, until his manic grin is once again plastered in place, hiding his aching heart.

*I should not have read the paper today!*

Duo glancing over Heero's shoulder at the news reports. He turns away in disgust; more deaths, more violence.

*When a child, child, child, child, he was taken away!*

Alone, Heero allows his worry and concern to show over the solo mission Duo has been ordered on.

*And there's a place for the baby that dies,*

Young Duo, holding a dying Solo in his arms, sobbing over the loss of his only friend.

*And there's a time for the mother who cries,*

Deep in a nightmare, Duo cries out for his dead mother.

*And she would hold him in her arms sometimes!*

Sister Helen quietly rocking Duo back to sleep, soothing him from the fears and terrors of the nightmare.

*How, how could you hurt the child, how could you hurt the child, hurt the child?*

Tears tremble in Duo's violet eyes as a bruise blossoms on his face. Cursing, he turns and stumbles away.

*Now, does this make you satisfied, satisfied, satisfied?*

Regret and suppressed longing in Heero's face as he stares blankly at the fist that struck Duo.

*I don't know what's happening to people today!*

Duo throwing himself into battle with a frenzy beyond his normal glee. Heero watches from Wing with his heart in his mouth as Deathscythe barely avoids destruction again and again.

*When a child, child, child, child, he was taken away!*

Heero barking orders to the others as they bring an injured Duo into the safehouse. When no one else is looking, he leans down and whispers "Don't leave me, koi…"

*And there's a place for the baby that dies,*

Duo stares in horror at the ruins of the Maxwell church, his chance at happiness destroyed.

*And there's a time for the mother who cries,*

Tears stream down his face as he digs through the rubble. He collapses when he finds Sister Helen's charred corpse.

*And you would hold him in your arms sometimes!*

Heero holds Duo in his arms, calming him from a nightmare. Almost silently he whispers to the sleeping boy "Duo… ai shiteru…"