He hugged her gently, keeping it off the sexual level for the moment. "Lucrezia." he sighed. "Given what little I do know about relationships, I know that this is moving far too fast. But. I could be reposted at any moment, to be honest. Treize puts me where he will, to give me experience, he says. But things are beginning to come to a head, and I think he's going to want me with him soon, to back him up. We may have a few months - or no time at all. I don't know - and I don't want to miss this opportunity. I."
She used the method that had worked previously to get him to stop talking - she kissed him. When they pulled apart again, both were breathing raggedly. "Milliard, what do I have to do to convince you that I WANT this, as much as you do? I know how little time we may have - I've been reading the reports, and I can read between the lines. The coup is coming soon, I know. In the next few years, probably. And I can't blame Treize for wanting - needing - you with him. But right now I have you, and I want to make the most of our time together!" She wrapped her arms around him and pressed herself tightly against him.
He sighed again, and hugged her back. "I can't say I'm not glad you feel that way. I only hope you don't regret this in the morning." Again, that wry smile she loved so much. "I suppose I should be grateful I dropped the drinks - at least I know you're not drunk."
"So, now what?" Having decided that they were in agreement as to their feelings, Noin wasn't certain how to proceed. "We can't go back to barracks - it's illegal."
He made an odd sound deep in his throat, indicating his disgust at the suggestion he was about to make. "It cheapens it incredibly, but it would appear we don't have much choice - we can always do what every other soldier does in this situation."
"Get a room," Noin nodded, remembering the crass suggestions being thrown at them by their 'audience' earlier. She looked up at him through her lashes, suddenly shy. "I - don't mind if you don't."
He sighed, but tugged gently at her hand, leading her down the street. They didn't have far to go - a military town like this one knew how to provide for the soldier's needs, and there was a cheap motel on the same block as the dance club. The knowing leers and winks of the old man on duty at the front desk didn't help Noin's shyness any, and Milliard was visibly upset by the time they had received a key and were safely shut inside their room. He pulled her into his arms once more, resting his chin on her head and sighing.
"Noin, I'm sorry about that. If there was any way to spare you that."
"Hush." She placed two fingers on his lips, putting all the love and affection she felt for him into her gaze. "They can't cheapen us if we don't let them. WE know what there is between us, and that's all that's important."
"Aa." His eyes were gentle and tender as he kissed her, and though he'd said nothing about his feelings, she fancied she could almost feel them flowing from his heart. Before she even knew what was happening, they were lying side by side on the single bed in the room, bodies twined together, kissing passionately.
"Lucrezia." he pulled away, panting slightly, his hands worming their way up beneath the bottom of her halter top. "If you're at all uncertain - now is the time to tell me. I'll stop at any point, if you ask it of me, but."
"Milliard?" She gave him a heavy-lidded look, full of desire.
"Shut up and kiss me."
His eyes widened, then he laughed. "Anything my lady desires." His hands continued to push up on her top as they kissed, and she tugged at his t-shirt in return. He lifted his hips slightly so she could untuck it, then sat up obligingly as she pulled it over his head. She sat back for a moment, content merely to look at the physical perfection of his body.
A slow flush rose to paint his cheeks as she stared at him. In retaliation, he reached around and tugged at the two ties holding her top on, undoing the knots with ease and watching hungrily as the top fell away from her, exposing her flesh.
"Lucrezia - you're beautiful," he murmured, his hands cupping her breasts gently.
She moaned and leaned into the touch. "You said that already," she reminded him breathlessly.
"And I shall keep saying it, because it's true. You ARE beautiful." He lowered his head to nip lightly at her collarbone, making her shiver. Then he trailed his lips down to tease at her breast, passing close to, but never touching the nipple.
"Mmm, Milliard. don't tease me, please." she begged as he passed over it again. He made a soft sound deep in his throat, almost a purr, then obediently suckled at her nipple, one hand lifting her breast from below.
She arched her back off the bed, her hands rising to tangle in his incredible hair, holding his head to her. His free hand wandered downwards, teasing along the edges of her jeans. She lifted her hips enticingly, and he slowly undid the snap at the top, before lowering the zipper. He tugged the jeans off her in one smooth move, and she wryly reflected that they came off much more easily then they had gone on.
Then she was lost in sensation, as his supple fingers trailed along the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, teasing her once more by refusing to touch her where she wanted it most. She retaliated in a way he had not expected - she shoved at his shoulders, pushing him down onto his back and leaning over him.
Her eyes were alight with glee and desire, and a wicked grin lit her face. "My turn," she whispered, and lowered her head to his chest. The sound in his throat became a real purr, as her lips and tongue trailed over every inch of his muscled torso. He buried his hands in the bedspread, his fists clenching and unclenching in pleasure.
"You're over dressed," she murmured, and tugged at the buttons on his jeans. True to his rebellious streak, he wore jeans with a button fly - no convenient zippers for him. She delighted in taking an inordinately long time on each button, the backs of her fingers brushing against the length of his erection again and again. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, panting slightly as she pulled the jeans over his slim hips and down off his legs.
She paused for a moment, just to look at him, spread out before her in all his glory. Even in her steamiest dreams, she'd never seen such a sight. He wore red silk boxers, the front tented by his desire, and the rich colour complemented the heated sparks deep in his blue eyes. His platinum hair was fanned out beneath him, a few strands clinging to his body, and his lips were slightly parted as he breathed. Noin shuddered, a wave of desire sweeping through her.
"Like what you see?" he teased her, blushing slightly at her scrutiny.
"Aa," she grinned, curled her fingers into the elastic band of his shorts. "But you're still overdressed."
He lifted his hips and she pulled the silk from him, caressing the smooth material surreptitiously as she did so. She'd always been fond of silk.
But it was what the silk had hidden that left her utterly breathless. He was magnificent, his heated length springing up from a mat of curled blond hair, resting gently against his lower stomach. She brushed it gently with her fingers, and he gasped, arching into the touch and biting his lip.
Laughing, she touched it again, and got much the same reaction. His knuckles were white around the blanket, his breath coming in strained gasps. Finally, she wrapped her hand around his length, pumping gently.
"Aaaah!!!" He thrust into her strokes, panting and purring and generally making an incredibly erotic scene. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, dying for his touch, his possession. She stretched out beside him, curling into the warmth of his body, her legs twining with his. Bright blue eyes opened to peer into hers, hazy with desire.
"Lucrezia." his own hands started to wander, one down her back, the other down her front, a double assault. He cupped her ass and drew her towards him, his breath whispering gently across her face. She arched into the touch, firming her strokes on his length and keeping the rhythm of her hand steady and slow. His hand found the wetness pooled at the junction of her thighs, and she gasped as he slid a single finger inside her.
"Ah. More, please, Milliard." she moaned and thrust against his finger. He added a second, and she tossed her head on the pillow, her own movements on his body forgotten in the face of this incredible pleasure.
"Relax," he murmured, sliding still a third finger inside her. His thumb brushed against her pearl, setting off the most incredible sparks within her. His fingers stretched her almost painfully, but she wouldn't have asked him to stop for the world. "Lucrezia - I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you don't relax!"
She tried, she really did, but the sensations coursing through her were too incredible. It felt as if something were coiling deep within her, getting ready to burst. She wasn't totally an innocent - she'd experimented on herself enough to recognize the onset of an orgasm. But it felt unlike anything she'd ever been able to evoke in herself, pulling tighter and tighter until she thought she'd surely explode.
And then she did explode, and the world was made of darkness and coloured stars and his fingers on her, and she was gasping and panting and crying out.
When she finally came back to earth, he was grinning smugly at her, one hand beneath her back, the other caressing her stomach gently. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.
She nodded, still breathless. "Milliard - that was - that was - incredible. Thank you."
"Thank you," he corrected her, leaning in for a tender kiss. "I have never seen any sight so incredibly, perfectly beautiful, as you looked just now," he told her, his blue eyes warm and his voice husky with suppressed emotion. She blushed, but couldn't look away.
"Milliard - please. I want you. I want you inside me!" She blurted out, embarrassed to have to say it so crudely, but not knowing any other way to put it.
Again, that tender smile. "I want that too, believe me. But, I have no way of protecting you."
For a moment, she wasn't certain what he meant. Then her brain caught up with her, and she blushed again. "I. I've got the five-year implant - last year. I figured it was easiest just to do it, and then I wouldn't have to worry about it later. And." she looked at him shyly. "I'm not worried about catching something from you. You're not the type to sleep around."
"You're right about that," he said, brushing her cheek with the back of his hand. "And if I DID have something, you can be certain I wouldn't even be suggesting this. But," he chuckled slightly. "I can assure you I'm clean - since this is the first time I've done this."
Her eyes widened. "Wh-what? Really? But you. you're so."
He laughed outright. "I'm so what? Good looking? Certainly I've had offers, plenty of them. But I was never interested. And even if I was." his face darkened for a brief moment. "You forget, you're one of only two people who know who I truly am. It was foolish of me even to go out tonight without my mask, but I judged it worth the risk. But any lover I might take would surely question its presence. And I would have no explanation."
She cupped his face gently, brushing her thumb along his cheek. "I understand. And I'm honoured that you would choose me."
"As I am honoured that you would choose me," he replied, and leaned in for another kiss. They took their time, drawing it out, warring back and forth with their lips and tongues. When they finally broke, both were gasping for air, and his body was covering her, his hips between her thighs, his manhood pressed lightly to her entrance.
"Are you absolutely certain?" He asked her one last time. Instead of answering, she lifted her hips, the tip of his length entering her passage. Both of them hissed at the sensation, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist, encouraging him with her hands to thrust deeper.
He pushed forward slowly, an inch at a time, pulling out and then pushing in again, a little further. She closed her eyes and savoured the feeling of being filled in a way she had never been filled before. When he hit the barrier within her, he paused for a long moment, drawing a deep breath.
"I'm sorry," he breathed into her ear, then pushed forward quickly. She tensed as a piercing pain radiated outwards, but he stopped moving the moment he was fully seated within her, breathing harshly, giving her time to adjust.
Gradually, the pain faded and was replaced by pleasure. She felt completed, as if a part of her soul had been missing, and was now returned. It felt - RIGHT, somehow, to be here, like this, with him. She shifted her hips to let him know she was ready, and he withdrew slowly.
Their eyes locked as he poised, nearly completely out of her, ready to plunge back in. Some silent communication passed between them at that moment, their hearts speaking directly. Then he thrust into her once more, and all coherent thought was lost in the wave of pleasure from within.
They found their rhythm quickly, their bodies moving together as one, as naturally as if they had been designed for each other. Panting breaths mingled, two hearts beat as one, and the climb to the peak was an endless exploration of pleasure.
They strained and rocked together; both desperate to make it last, but all things good must come to an end. They came together, twin cries wrapping around one another even as their bodies were twined together, impossible pleasure rocketing through their bodies.
Milliard collapsed, unable to support his weight on shaking arms. Quickly, he rolled to the side, taking her with him, so as not to crush her, but they remained joined in the most intimate of ways.
She cuddled against him, nuzzling into his chest, as he wrapped strong arms around her. Hazily, she reflected that she'd be more than happy to remain as they were forever.
"Lucrezia." his voice reached her as she was drifting off to sleep, content and happy in his embrace. "Lucrezia, I love you."
She smiled gently, her heart filled to overflowing with his soft words. "I love you too. Milliard. Forever."
"Forever," he agreed, and they embraced the loving arms of sleep together.