ARGH!!! I HATE EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!! <runs around in little circles screaming and tearing at her hair>
<pause> <deep breath> Ooooookaaaaay... now that I have that out of my system...... Here's the poem I wrote when stuck in an exam until the end, looooooong after I ran out of answers to the questions. Forgive the sap, December always makes me melancholy and a little lonely. And be gentle, I normally don't write poems.

Dear Duo,
I'm just writing to tell you
How much I admire you
Your strength
Your intelligence
Your ability to laugh in the face of danger
Your willingness to say "Screw 'em!"
And do what you know is right.
Dear Duo,
You don't know me
But I know you
I've watched you
As you fight a hopeless war
As you cheer the others with your charm
Hiding your own pain
Behind endless smiles.
Dear Duo,
I cried today, for you.
I read about Solo
And the Maxwell church.
Boys may not cry
But girls can
And every tear I shed
Is a tiny piece of your pain.
Dear Duo,
I'm smiling now.
If after everything you've been through
You can still smile
Surely I can, too.
You are my hope
My light in the darkness
A Dark Angel
Called Shinigami.
Dear Duo,
I discovered something today.
I love you.
It's not a crush
Or an infatuation
I would die for you.
Pathetic, ne?
But I love you anyway.
Dear Duo,
I wish I could send you these letters.
It's not that I'm shy
Or afraid of your rejection,
Or even that I know
I'm just one of hundreds
Who love you.
It's because you exist
Only in the minds and hearts
Of your fans.
Dear Duo,
Though I see you only in my dreams
And touch you only in my fantasies
You are real to me
And I love you.
Ganbatte, Duo.
I'll be cheering for you
'Till the end.
Your Secret Admirer.