A Thousand Cranes

By Mika

Trowa woke to the sounds of crinkling paper and dug his head deeper into his pillow to muffle the groan that traveled up his throat. Rubbing a hand over his sleepy eyes, he sat up and surveyed the room.

As expected, Quatre was sitting on their desk across the room, diligently folding the brightly colored seven by seven centimeter pieces of paper that lay in a neat pile on the tabletop.


A blonde head snapped up, hands pausing in their folding. A puzzled expression met his tired one. "Trowa? What are you doing awake?"

Trowa frowned, resting his hands atop his lap. "I was about to ask you the same question, koi, but I already know why." He sighed audibly before continuing. "You have to stop this Quatre. It's three in the morning! You'll get sick."

"I will not," the other replied rather indignantly. "And besides, the happiness of our marriage depends on this! How could you risk something so important over a few hours lost of sleep?"

Trowa shook his head in frustration, not believing the irrationality spurting from his usually very rational better half. "Quatre, our happiness is _not_ threatened if you don't make a thousand cranes! Duo does not know what he's talking about. Now get into bed!"

Quatre let the blue paper crane he held fall onto the desk and crossed his arms over his chest. "It wasn't Duo; it was Heero if you must know and I don't know why you're so worked up over this." Blue eyes seemed to widen after that statement. "You see! We're fighting already!" He turned back around and grabbed a sheet of purple paper and began folding with much more vigor than before.

Trowa threw his arms in the air before falling back onto their bed with a light thump. Nothing was said for a while; the only noise in the room was that of crinkling colored paper.





*crinkle-crinkle* "Hm?" *crinkle-crinkle*

"How many more?"

*crinkle-crinkle* "Four hundred and fifty-seven."


A sigh. "Quatre, at least let me help you..."

*crinkle-crinkle* "Sorry Trowa, *crinkle-crinkle* but Heero said I had to make them all by myself for it to work." *crinkle-crinkle*


"I figure if I work from the moment I get home from the office until four in the morning and then take a two hour nap I can be done in time of our wedding. Oh wait! I can use my lunch break too! That will definitely cut down the time. I'll definitely be done before the wedding!"

'Tomorrow, Heero is _dead_’

The End ^_^


October 15, 2000