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Untitled Ficlet
By Mika

Quatre was not feeling well.

His head ached, his arms ached, his hair ached...everything ached. But being the considerate person that he was, he couldn't bring himself to voice his current discomfort. Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves...


Well...the majority were having a great time, and he didn't want to be the one to ruin it.

Duo had somehow managed to persuade them all to go to the beach today. "Fun in the sun" were the exact words he used. Surprisingly, none had really protested. Quatre surmised they all realized that they needed a break, and were, at the moment, ready to agree to about anything.

"Nya nya! You're too slow, Wu!"


Quatre smiled, watching as Duo used his bucket once more to splash the Chinese pilot. Wiping the water out his eyes, Wufei pounced on top of the braided boy.


It took a few minutes for Heero to pry the two apart. Once he did, both were panting, but to Quatre's relief, were smiling. Well, Duo was anyway, but amusement was in Wufei's eyes.

Quatre then directed his attention to the remaining pilot. Trowa was a few feet away from him, lying on a beach blanket. One arm was carelessly lying on top of his eyes.

"Oi Trowa! Quatre! Are you going to stay on the sand all day?" Duo shouted, waving for them to join them.

Quatre watched as Trowa slowly sat up and looked at the water, then at the one beside him. Trowa nodded his head towards the water, silently asking if Quatre would like to go.

The blonde bit his lower lip and glanced at the water than at Trowa's inquiring eyes. The water did look good. It was so hot, but...

Trowa tilted his head, wordlessly waiting for his answer.

"Come on you two!"

Well...it couldn't hurt to go in for a little while...

Quatre nodded and accepted Trowa's hand as the latter pulled him up.

Nearing the other three, they were immediately attacked by an onslaught of the ocean's cool water.

Laughing, Quatre splashed back and hid behind Trowa at the same time. Trowa didn't seem to mind.

* * * * *

After a while, all five were worn out.

Duo and Heero were floating on their backs. Wufei was starting to swim back to the beach. Trowa was treading in the water, staring out further into the horizon. Quatre...

Quatre blinked, his vision going hazy.

Maybe coming out here wasn't a good idea after all...

He decided to follow Wufei's example and started to swim back to shore. He stopped a couple of times along the way to catch his breath.

Trowa noticing his difficulty, was beside him in seconds. With visible

hesitation, he asked if the other was all right.

"A-Aa. I'm just a little tired." Quatre gave him a reassuring smile, hoping the other would not worry.

Despite Quatre's assurance, Trowa remained by his side as he reached the sand and walked to his blanket.

He was toweling himself off when a hand descended onto his forehead. He looked up as a frown settled on the usually expressionless pilot.

"I-I'm fine. Really Trowa."

Trowa's frown only deepened at the fib. Quatre lowered his eyes.

"You're a little warm. Let's get you into bed (1)." After seeing the youth nod his head in consent, Trowa extended his hand, and helped Quatre to his feet.

Unconsciously, Quatre leaned into the other, all his energy dispelled from getting out of the water seconds before.

Realizing this, Trowa wrapped an arm under Quatre's, half carrying him back to the house.

"Oi Trowa! Quatre, what's up?" Duo ran up to them, falling in step with the two.

"I'm just a little tired, Duo--"

"He has a fever," Trowa interrupted. "He shouldn't have been out here."

Quatre seemed to grow smaller at the scolding.

Duo's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Oh. You should have told us you weren't feeling well, Quatre. But I guess you wanted to have some fun too huh?" Duo said with humor, trying to ease the building tension.

Quatre bowed his head. "Gomen."

"Eh, no need to be sorry," Duo said walking to Quatre's side. "What's done is done, right?"

Quatre gave a slight nod, closing his tired eyes.

They arrived at the porch moments later.

"Ne Trowa," Duo began. "You want me to look after him?"

Quatre was currently in a daze, his consciousness wavering in and out. Trowa felt the sudden extra weight on his side and lifted the boy into his arms. He then looked at Duo. "That won't be necessary."


With that said, Trowa opened the front door and went inside.

A smirk appeared on Duo's face. "It's about time."

* * * * *

After drying themselves off and changing, Trowa led Quatre to the latter's bed.

"Umph," Quatre mumbled as his head hit his pillow. Heavy covers descended on top of him, and something cool lied on his forehead.

He watched as Trowa pulled over a wooden chair and sat down beside his bed.

Licking his dry lips, Quatre voiced his puzzlement. "T-Trowa, you don't have to stay. You can go back outside with the others."

With a slight shake of his head, Trowa gave his negative.

Quatre couldn't help but smile a little, before he closed his heavy eyes and fell asleep.

* * * * *

"How's the patient?"

Trowa turned around to see Wufei leaning against the doorframe.

"The same. His temperature is still rather high."

"One moment." And with that Wufei left the room and returned a few minutes later, a small box and a cup in his hands. He walked over to the bed and handed them to the other. "Let him drink this. It'll lower his fever. Just one packet in boiling water every three hours will do."

Trowa eyed the Asian skeptically. "These aren't the same tea leaves you drank when you were sick, are they?"(2)

A slight blush ran across Wufei's cheeks. "N-No, of course not! I got rid of them once I found out their...effects," he sputtered, crossing his arms over his chest.

After Trowa nodded, Wufei stomped out of the room. "No appreciation whatsoever..."

Traces of amusement flickered in Trowa's eyes, as he placed the box on the nightstand.

He then placed a hand on Quatre's shoulder, nudging him into wakefulness. "Quatre."

Quatre scrunched his face in protest. He blinked his eyes a second later. "Mm...Trowa?"

Trowa raised the cup to the other's lips. "Drink this."

Quatre sat up a little, with Trowa's help, and took a sip. "Ugh, it tastes awful."

Trowa shrugged his shoulders. "It's from Wufei..."

Blue eyes widened in question.

"...No, it's not *those* tea leaves."

The blonde released a sigh and forced himself to drink the foul liquid.

After the last drop was in the boy's stomach, he laid back down. Falling asleep seconds later.

With a hesitant hand, Trowa brushed sweat-soaked golden locks away from the heart-shaped face.

Trowa held his breath as Quatre shifted. When he was sure that the youth had not woken up, he removed his hand and settled it on top of the blonde's instead.

* * * * *

Quatre woke a while later, feeling a little better. He turned his head to face the window. It was dark outside now, millions of stars were out, glittering in the sky.

He then noticed a weight to the left of his body. Turning, his head the other way, he saw Trowa fast asleep, head resting on his bed. Trowa's hand was loosely on top of his.

Quatre blushed, a warm feeling circulating throughout his body. He focused his attention on the sleeping form as long as he could, before he succumbed to sleep once more.

* * * * *

"I just want to check on him, Heero! It'll only be a second, so keep your pants on...On second thought, take them off. It'll be quicker when I come back!"

Duo ducked as a shoe flew at his head. He ran out of the room before any other projectiles could reach him.

Padding softly down the hallway, he came to Quatre's room. Turning the knob and pushing the door open as quietly as he could, he took a glance inside.

A smile spread across the pilot's face.

Quatre slept, head tilted towards Trowa's, both their fingers entwined into each other's.

Still smiling, Duo closed the door and tiptoed back to his and Heero's room.

Opening his own door, he saw that the room was pitch black. "Oi, Heero. You in here?"

Receiving no answer, he began to fidget.

"This isn't funny you know. The dark doesn't scare me. I'm Shinigami!"




Taking a step forward, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness.



A pair of strong hands grabbed him and pulled him onto the floor.


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(2) In reference to my other fic "Wufei Gets a Cold" ^_^v


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