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The Long Day
By Mika

Part I


A clap of thunder struck when three successive knocks rapped on the front door of the Maxwell-Yuy household. If it were anyone else the sound would have been drowned out by the storm--If it were anyone else besides Heero Yuy that is.

Heero's eyes opened after the first knock, his skill as a soldier still embedded deeply within him despite the war's end a few years ago. Duo hadn't appeared to have notice the disturbance, his face still serene in sleep as Heero carefully unwrapped the limp arm around his waist and stepped out of the covers.

He ran a hand through tousled brown hair as he made his way downstairs, his eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. He hadn't turned on the foyer light and for good reasons. They rarely had late night visitors, those few who did chance to come by were almost always out of hostility, uncultured pranks, or just random psychos. It was probably for that reason Heero started for a moment when he looked through the door's eyehole.

Drawing back from his initial surprise, he deactivated their security system before unlocking the door and pulling it open. His visitor failed to take notice of him and something on the lines of worry rose from within him.


The brunette in question glanced up from his gaze on the ground, revealing eyes a bit listless than their usual nature. Heero opened the door further indicating for the other to come inside.

Trowa did so, stepping out of the rain and into the heated house. He stood silently on the front carpet as Heero closed the door.

The ex-Wing pilot made to turn on the lights when Trowa spoke.

"It's all right, Heero. Duo might wake up."

Heero watched him curiously, but conceded and settled against the door.


His voice sounded so hollow and a familiar sense of emptiness constricted around his heart.

"...Would it be all right if I stayed with you and Duo for a few days?"

Heero straightened, his hands pushing off from the door behind him in surprise.

He relaxed a moment later, nodding slowly. "Aa."

Trowa inclined his head once in gratitude, flickering his eyes briefly to Heero's before adverting them back to the carpeted floor.

"Thank you."

* * * * *

Ten minutes later Heero found himself crawling back into his bed. Duo shifted, rolling over and greeting his lover in a sleepy embrace.

"Who was it?"

"Trowa," he said softly, sinking back into the warmth his lover emitted.

Puzzled violet eyes opened slightly in question. "Is he all right?"

Heero wove an arm around Duo's waist settling his head above the other's. "Aa. Physically."

Duo closed his eyes, his features releasing the tension that sprang a moment ago. "Quatre..." he mused with light humor.

Heero's eyes in the meantime remained open, staring at the window across from him. "He'll be here for a few days. Do you mind?" He listened as Duo repeated the first few words in a confused whisper. Heero pressed a light kiss on top of Duo's hair before whispering, "Go to sleep. We'll worry about it in the morning."

Duo seemed about to protest but relented when a caressing hand moved up and down his back in a soothing motion. He yawned. "All right..." he half mumbled.

Within a few minutes, Duo would be sound asleep while Heero remained awake, his eyes following the downward path of those raindrops that spotted their window. He couldn't seem to break his gaze away from them, in the same way he paused when he first saw Trowa through the eyehole of their door.

The raindrops...Heero noted when he finally closed his eyes...they made similar paths down Trowa's haunted face.

* * * * *

I hadn't meant it--I didn't. Caught up in the raw emotions that thickened in the air of that room, it just came out. I regretted it the moment it rose out of my throat. That look of pain that crossed your face--the look of disbelief and horror--it swallowed me up and tore me to pieces.

But couldn't you understand? Those accusing words you threw at me...my instinct told me to defend myself from them. I was trained to protect myself; it was the only lesson a child of war would ever need and I used it for all it was worth. It was for that reason alone that I survived in this world--survived though its merciless people and its endless war.

But you...Didn't you know? Didn't you know that I couldn't stop myself from lashing out at you as well? Those words...those careless words that you said with so much ease, it drew out my old defenses and it just came out.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good for that split second before I realized what I had actually said.

There was silence before... /"Get out."/

My heart stopped.

Those two small words, you whispered them; they were mixed with both controlled anger and despair. I barely heard them. It's ironic how the impact of those two small words were stronger than the actual blow Catherine dealt me those years ago when I had also done something so selfish.

Time seemed to slow. Then...You turned away.

I did too.

I remembered to grab my jacket before I closed the door quietly behind me. When I sat down on my motorcycle and placed my helmet on, only then did I notice the rain. I didn't move for a while, watching the thick raindrops splashed onto my open palm, streaking its way down and to the ground below.

I'm watching the rain even now as I lay on Heero's couch. I can't seem to tear my eyes away, but I do eventually. As I shift under the blankets I'm given, I realize I can't get any warmth from them.

It's funny.

I never had to worry about being warm before, not until I met you.