A Day in the Lives of Trowa and Quatre: Halloween Treats

By Mika

"Trowa, could you pass me the flour please?"

Trowa obligingly did as he was told, hopping off the stool he sat on to retrieve the flour. Quatre in the meantime scanned his finger along the text of his recipe book, nodding once then twice before turning around and preheating the oven. Trowa returned, bag of flour in tow and placed it on the countertop beside the large mixing bowl. He then returned to his seat, his head resting on top an open palm as his elbows leaned on the table.


"Hm?" came the rather absentminded murmur as the blonde was too preoccupied with opening the bag and pouring its contents in the glass bowl.

Trowa paused for a second, watching as his lover cracked open two eggs and added it to the mixture. "Well, first of all...weren't you supposed to measure three cups of flour?"


Trowa smiled upon hearing the soft curse that left his lover's lips and watched as the blonde attempted to scoop out the eggs (they only had that one bag of flour), before continuing. "Second, wouldn't it make more sense to just buy candy like everyone else instead of baking cookies?"

Quatre frowned in concentration on the task before him. "Because," he drew out slowly, moving his spoon this way and that to pick up the jello-wy glop that was an egg, "this is exceedingly more fun than going to a store and just buying candy, and...” He sighed as the egg flopped back onto the flour. “...I think the kids will like this more,” he finished with a frown.

An amused smile spread across Trowa's face as he took the spoon out of Quatre's hand and proceeded to pick out the eggs. "You always like to do thing differently, don't you Quatre?"

The blonde smiled, shrugging as he did. "Can't help it," he said, as Trowa handed him the separated eggs, which he accepted graciously before measuring out three cups of flour. "Halloween is one of my favorite holidays."

"Every holiday is your favorite," Trowa said in a matter a fact tone, his head now resting upon crossed arms atop the counter.

"...True, but Halloween has its own interesting flare to it." Quatre paused, glancing down at his lover before focusing back to the batter he was mixing. "Besides, it's not everyday you get to see me dress up as the Cheshire cat...Alice."


Trowa blinked, head rising off his arms and declared solemnly, "Halloween is my favorite holiday."

"I know, koi. Now help me mix the batter."


The End


October 16, 2000