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Captured (Working Title)
By Mika


Quatre could not remember the last time he'd been in so much pain. He warily looked at the chains around his wrists, and began to struggle weakly against them, in a futile attempt to break the bonds. He stopped abruptly when he accidentally jarred his bruised ribs. Gasping for air, he remained hanging from the prison wall.

Hearing footsteps approaching, he slowly raised his head, a glimmer of hope in his tired eyes.

The door to his cell creaked open, revealing a tall uniformed man that was probably in his early thirties. Once he stepped inside, Quatre masked all emotions, and stared indifferently at the person who had inflicted all his injuries for the past few days.

The man languidly walked up to the youth, and once he reached him, used one hand to cup the other's chin. "Talk."

Quatre glared at him before twisting his head away.


Quatre's head snapped back with the impact. The man sneered, amusement in his eyes, before he grabbed the blonde locks and pulled so their eyes met.

Defiant blue eyes still met his.

All traces of amusement left the man's eyes and he punched the boy in gut.


Unwillingly, Quatre released a gasp, eyes widening in shock, which quickly turned to pain.

The man smiled, rubbing his calloused hands on the blonde's face. "When are you going to learn? If you tell me what I want to know, this would all be over." He leaned forward, breathing into the pilot's ear. "Wouldn't you like that?" Quatre couldn't help but shiver slightly from the contact.

Moving his head back, the man laughed. "You're pretty cute you know. I know a lot of people who would like to get to know you better." With one last lingering touch, the hand was gone.

Moments later, Quatre felt himself falling.

He landed on the cold stone pavement, flinching as his dislocated shoulder made contact first. "Unh!"

He felt the man kneel down beside him, brushing his hair back lovingly.

Quatre clenched his eyes shut, pulling away at the same time.

The man chuckled softly. "What's the matter? I thought you would be a little more appreciative since I let you down from that awkward position."

Quatre opened his eyes, glaring at the other, but did not say anything.

"Oh, there they are. Those hard blue eyes that I have grown so accustomed to," he humored before lowering his own head so that they were inches apart. "You'll crack soon. I'll make sure of it."

With one last smirk, the man stood up, gave a swift kick to Quatre's side for good measure, and left the room, laughing.

The Sandrock pilot lay on the floor, body shaking. He willed the pain to go away, and tried to force the sting behind his eyes to disappear.

Closing his eyes, Quatre leaned his head heavily on his uninjured arm, one thought replaying over and over in his mind. 'Trowa...'

* * * * *

Trowa Barton's door slammed open with extreme force. The brunette turned away from the window to see Heero standing in the doorway.

Heero lifted a piece of paper in the air. "Found him."

With a quick nod, Trowa crossed the floor and both were out of the room in seconds.

Wufei and Duo waited for them in the hanger.

* * * * *


Chapter 1 "The Rescue"

Heero didn't know why he worked so hard on finding their fellow pilot. It was going against all regulations and had a great chance of affecting their entire mission.

Sitting in the cockpit of Wing, he mulled over the reason to why he did it. When Duo was captured, the only reason why he went to the baka was to kill him. Although he didn't even do that, this time his motive was entirely different.

Maybe it was the pleading sound in Duo's voice when the braided pilot first suggested it. Maybe it was Wufei's ranting on about the injustice of leaving behind a fellow comrade in need. Or maybe it was the worried look that surfaced on Trowa's usually expressionless face. The silent voice that spoke from those green eyes that in one way or another told Heero he had to do it.

Or maybe it was just him getting soft, knowing that he couldn't abandon someone like Quatre to OZ.

Heero frowned at his thoughts, before settling the reason behind all this to Wufei's.

It was the only one that made sense to him anyway.

* * * * *

Duo sat impatiently inside of Deathscythe, pushing the Gundam to its limits. "Come on, come on..." he spoke out loud. "Just hold out 'till we get there Quatre...just be okay, all right? If anything happens to you..."

'I'll never forgive myself,' he finished in his thoughts.

Gripping the controls in front of him harder, the events from the previous week gradually began to play over in his head.


"Wooo, take that you OZ bastards!" Duo screamed from the inside of his beloved Deathscythe. A bleep sounded from the left side of him and he pushed the button for the COM link. Wufei's face appeared on the mini screen.

"Hey Wu, what's up?"

The Chinese pilot's face seemed to scrunch in annoyance. "Maxwell, can you not act serious for once?"

Duo blinked. "Okay." He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and started again.

"Hey Wu, what's the status?"

Wufei snorted at the still beaming face, before continuing. "I just finished blowing up the base. We should get out now before reinforcements come."

"Ryoukai! I'll relate to Quatre."

With a nod, Wufei's face disappeared and Duo pressed another button.

"Hey Quatre! Wufei killed the target and says we should get the hell out of here now!"

Duo saw Quatre brush some sweat off of his forehead before nodding. "All right, Duo. Let's go."

Quatre blinked off from the screen.

Duo cracked his knuckles. "All righty..."

At that moment a mobile suit came right into his sights. "...just let me kill this last one."

Steering his Gundam forward, he raised his scythe and prepared to slice the other suit into two. Tearing the thermal blade through it, it was then that he noticed the hunk of metal had done nothing to defend itself.

"Duo! Watch out!"

An uneasy feeling swept throughout the youth's body as he turned Deathscythe around to see an incoming electro beam aimed directly for him.

He knew it was too late to move and closed his eyes in acceptance.

'Well,' he thought. 'It's been great, hasn't it? At least I got to meet the others...Heero...I know you'll end this war. Be seeing you soon, Father Maxwell, Sister Helen...'

He was jolted out of his thoughts, as he felt something slam into his gundam, pushing him out of harms way.

Duo turned around and saw that Sandrock had managed to travel the distance and knocked him away.


He stared in shock as the beam smashed into the back of the black and white gundam, and watched, unmoving, as it floated in space.

Duo frantically pushed the COM link on. Static appeared on the screen. Visual was shot, but audio was still working from what his computer told him.

"Quatre, Quatre! Are you all right?!"

Hearing no response, he slammed his fist against the metal wall. "Quatre! Answer me dammit!"

Wufei's face appeared instead, splitting the viewing screen in half. "Maxwell! We have to get out of here, NOW! About 200 mobile suits are headed our way!"

"Wufei! Quatre's not answe--"

"MAXWELL! There's no time! We have to go!"

"All right! Just help me carry Sandrock!"

Just then, something hit him, rocking him with violent tremors. He turned his attentions in front of him and saw about ten mobile suits heading his way.

'Not now...not now...'


Duo looked at the link again. "Don't worry about me Wu. Come on, just help me carry Sandrock!"

Wufei's expression looked conflicted but resolute, signaling to Duo exactly what the other was thinking.

"Wufei! You're not--" Shaking his head, Duo continued. "Come on! Help me carry Sandrock!"

"Duo, we can't." The viewing screen wavered as both were struck by another round of thermal beams. "There's no time to discuss this! Move it, unless you want to be caught too!"

Duo clenched his fists in anger. "We can't just leave him here! What about his Gundam? They'll get it--"

"DUO! Leave NOW!!!"

The screen went black.

Duo bit back on his lip, taking a final look at Quatre's Sandrock, before turning on his thrusters.

He shut his eyes, pushing buttons out of memory before Deathscythe zoomed forward away from the battle site.

"I-I'm sorry, Quatre..."

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End Flashback*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Duo wiped his blurring eyes. 'Boys don't cry!' he scolded to himself. Guilt quickly settle back in after a moment.

"I'll make it up to you, Quatre. I promise."

* * * * *

Wufei watched from his seat as Deathscythe sped even faster through space. The Asian knew that the American felt responsible for what happened, and he himself felt the same way too.

He shook his head. 'Damn it!'

Why was he feeling this way? At the time, he did what had to be done, but why did he regret it now?

Why was he getting that old feeling? The same feeling he had when he held...her...in his arms on that hill full of flowers.

He closed his eyes.


* * * * *

Trowa didn't understand the emotions flowing throughout his body. He thought he had killed them a long time ago.

Then why were they coming back to him now? Why with Quatre, of all people, did he feel a sudden sense of dread rise in his stomach when only Duo and Wufei entered the safe house?

He even surprised himself when he inquired to the two about the blonde.


Who was he to him? From what he was sure, Quatre was his friend...but was he? Did he deserve that kind of friendship? From someone so kind and innocence...was he worthy enough to be a part of that kind of friendship?

Blue eyes and a warm smile flashed into his mind.

Eyes so sure and lit with a sense of hope. Eyes so different from his.

Frustration built inside the young pilot, though his face didn't reveal any of it.

He didn't understand this at all, but there was one thing he was certain of.

He needed to find Quatre, and at all costs, bring him back safely.

Maneuvering Heavy Arms, he landed onto the colony. He opened the hatch, lowered himself on the ground, and joined Heero, Duo and Wufei.

After camouflaging their gundams, they headed for the base unnoticed.

* * * * *

Quatre awoke to the sound of the metal door scraping open again. He was groggily aware that this time, more than one pair of feet was walking towards him. With obvious force, he opened his eyes and couldn't help but recoil away when three pairs of eyes stared back at him hungrily.

One pair belonged to that man, while the other two, Quatre assumed, were his lackeys. All were dressed in a blue uniform, staring smugly at him.

Quatre somehow managed to pull himself up to a sitting position, and folded his hands onto his lap. With dull eyes, he returned the attention directed to him.

The two lackeys were whispering and snickering about something behind the other man, but Quatre didn't bother to strain his ears to know what they were talking about.

A firm look from the man silenced them. "So," he began conversationally, "does someone feel a little talkative today, hmm?"


"I guess we're going to have to do it the hard way again, huh?" the man continued in a dangerously low voice.

Quatre prepared himself for the blow, closing his eyes.

What came however wasn't a hard kick or punch that he'd grown accustom to lately, but something very different.

A rough hand grabbed his chin and tilted it up, startling his eyes open.

Dark brown eyes surveyed him. "You know, I never did introduce myself. Ore wa Sasaki Akira. Second command of this base. Yoroshiku." Rough lips planted firmly onto the surprised boy's lips.

Blue eyes widened to their fullest and with a sudden burst of energy, Quatre disgustedly pushed the general away, backing himself against the cool rock wall. Shock and a bit of fear appeared in his eyes.

The general in turn smirked and nodded in his direction. Quatre tried to move away as four arms grabbed him and pinioned him onto the ground. His arms fully secured over his head and his back lying on the littered floor, Quatre let out a soft whimper.

"Not so brave now, are we?" Sasaki said, removing his blue-buttoned shirt. Even as the older man descended on top of him, so that now he couldn't move his legs, Quatre still tried his best to squirm free. A quick, yet effective, smack across the pale face stunned him for a minute.

Quatre shut his eyes and clamped his mouth shut as foreign lips began roaming across his neck and face.

"You're going to be difficult huh?"

Quatre gasped, eyes widening as a heavy pressure landed on his ribs, giving the general a perfect opportunity to begin an onslaught inside the youth's mouth.

He almost gagged at the probing tongue, before biting down hard.


Quatre spit the blood out of his mouth, glaring at the screaming man.

"Why you little...!" A fist landed on Quatre's head.

Bright spots danced in his vision, then everything turned into a brilliant shade of red, vision wavering. He was barely aware as his already ragged shirt was being torn off.

Calloused hands ran down his chest. Unconsciously, he flinched each time they made contact with his untreated wounds.

Something stung behind his eyes, but he wouldn't let the tears form. He didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

So instead, he gradually pulled within himself, his senses shutting down until he couldn't feel the eager hands roaming all over his body or even imagine what was to come.

The hands traveled lower and lower and finally reached the waist of his tanned pants. "Heh, I hope you're ready for the ride of your life."

Quatre barely registered the taunting voice, glazed eyes focusing on some distant spot through the prison walls.

A loud sound echoed throughout the small cell.

"What the--"

"Get your f***ing filthy hands off of him, NOW!"

* * * * *

Duo ran like a mad man down the hallway, Wufei right beside him. They had split up into two teams before. One would check the east side of the building, while the other checked the west.

Duo and Wufei took the east, stealthily avoiding the minute guards stationed at the base, even though they were moving at such a fast pace.

Duo didn't know why, but he had to find Quatre. Not soon, but NOW. Something in the pit of his stomach urged him to move faster.

They rounded a corner and came face to face with a guard. With a quick kick, Wufei hit the soldier in the head, knocking him unconscious. With a slight nod from Wufei, they moved again.

They made a right and met up with a long hallway lined full of doors on each side. With rapid successions, they checked through the little windows of each one.

Duo snapped his head to the side when he heard a loud chuckle. He instinctively ran towards it, Wufei close behind and found that it came from, surprisingly, an open cell.

What met his sights may have been the most shocking scene he'd seen since the Maxwell Church Tragedy, eight years ago.

Quatre lay sprawled helplessly on the dirtied floor, restrained by two ugly looking bastards and one even more uglier one was on top of him, touching the boy all over.

Something snapped in Duo's mind.

"Get your f***ing filthy hands off of him, NOW!"

Duo's eyes widened slightly and took a quick glance beside him to see a fuming Wufei, sword poised, with a familiar Heero death glare reflecting from his eyes. He quickly shook his head and turned his attentions back to the scum in the room. He whipped out his gun and pointed it to the two furthest from him. "You heard him! Off, you sons of bitches!"

* * * * *

Trowa suddenly stopped in the middle of the hallway, causing Heero to follow suit. "What?"

With uncertainty, Trowa took a glance behind him. "We're going the wrong way..."

Heero tilted his head to the side. "What?"

Trowa repeated the same phrase softly before he turned around and ran back the way they came.

"Trowa!" Heero shouted. 'What is he thinking?'

In no time, Heero was once again beside the other. He aimed a curious look at the other brunette, but shook his head and ran.

* * * * *

Wufei in all his life had never been so infuriated upon anything than he was at that moment. Seeing his fellow comrade lying there, under those...those low...ARGH!

"Get your f***ing filthy hands off of him, NOW!"

Four sets of eyes landed on him, one of whom came from the one standing beside him, but he couldn't care less. He pointed his sword at the neck of the lowlife who was sitting on top of Quatre's legs.

"You heard him! Off, you sons of bitches!"

He saw the two that held the blonde's arms stand abruptly, backing away.


Wufei wasn't as patient with the one beneath him. He sent a hard kick that connect with the offender's temple, throwing him out of his way.

"Hey you two! Over there!" he heard Duo say.

Wufei quickly knelt down and with quick hands checked Quatre's body. It didn't look good at all.

"Five, how is he?"

Wufei's sights fell onto vacant blue eyes. "Quatre?" he whispered, while he shook the blonde's shoulder lightly, only to find that it was dislocated. He raised his head to look at Duo and when the brunette acknowledged him, he nodded to the three cowering men in the corner.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Duo walk up to them menacingly.

Wufei laid a careful hand on the youth's forehead. "Quatre..."

* * * * *

Seeing Wufei, Duo nodded and walked towards the three. "Guess what? Payback time." With his gun, he shot a leg, an arm, and another arm of each, before proceeding to knock them out with a punch in the face. He stared back down at his handiwork, wanting to do more, but stopped himself for the moment.

He jogged the short distance to where Wufei was sitting and knelt down just as Wufei took off his white jacket and placed it on Quatre.

"How is he?"

"His left shoulder is dislocated, two or three ribs are broken, and he has multiple abrasions and bruises all over his body."

Duo frowned. "No, how is he?"

Wufei broke eye contact with him, looking down at Quatre instead. "He's not responding."

Duo pushed him over to the side and leaned down to look at the blonde himself. "Quatre? Quatre? It's me, Duo. Come on buddy, talk to me. Quatre?"

Empty blue eyes flickered, encouraging Duo to press on. "Yea that's it. Come on Quatre, snap out of it. It's just me and Wu. We're gonna get you outta here."

Familiar eyes focused for a second. "D-Duo..."

Duo couldn't help but smile in relief. "Yea, that's right Quatre. It's me...here to save the day!" he added, forcing out a laugh.

"It...It hurts..."

Duo blinked back the wetness filling in his eyes. "I-I know Quatre. We're gettin' you outta here now." Duo looked up to Wufei. The latter nodded and reached down to lift the broken body into his arms. Duo then stood up as well.


Both Wufei and Duo looked at Quatre, then at each other. Duo walked up and rubbed Quatre gently on the head. "Yea, Trowa's here too."

And as if that was what he was waiting for, Quatre fell limp in Wufei's arms.

With one last look at each other, Wufei went out of the cell.

Duo took one more angry look at the three unconscious bodies. 'Those bastards...' Duo reached in his pockets and pulled out a few objects. Throwing them at the three, then around the room, he slammed the cell door shut.

* * * * *

Trowa and Heero almost collided with Wufei and Duo, as they rounded a corner. Both silently looked at the burden in Wufei's arms. A battle was fought out in Trowa's mind before he hesitantly reached out. Wufei willingly let him take Quatre into his arms instead.

After the exchange they all ran out down the hallway, both Heero and Duo trailing behind.

They reached the outdoors unscathed and sprinted to where their gundams were hidden. They all stopped, as Heero and Duo did.

Trowa impatiently looked at them, wondering why they weren't moving. Duo looked at Heero and saw him nod, before handing Trowa something.

Trowa managed to take the gadget into his hand without jostling the unconscious body in his arms that much. He looked at the object, then at Heero and Duo and finally at the base.

His eyes narrowed as he pressed the switch.

An explosion boomed in the air, first at where the prison cells were, then through the rest of the building.

Satisfied, all continued the trek through the forest.

* * * * *

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