I watched this movie, "Anna and the King" and I couldn't help myself, that's why I wrote this.
I was thinking of putting the GW boys in the movie and let everything be the same but...my muse went to a different course suddenly. So, this fic is heavily influenced with the movie, but I don't think it will be exactly the same as the movie...am I making sense? I dunno...

Anyhow..the disclaimers apply...yadda yadda...don't belong to me...yadda yadda....some situations that are the same as the movie is because it's a crossover-kinda...and i dunno if there will be orig charas here so..if they would pop out...they are mine.

This is a mixture of yaoi and non-yaoi and some shonen ai, maybe yuri.....i dunno who the couples would be as of now, and this is in an alternate uni, I'll stick to IC as much as I can but there might be some OOCiness as I'm not sure. And here, everyone that was 15 on GW is older. Not too old but old enough, more like...around 20 - 22.

This is very very long na, so here's the fic.

When Two Worlds Meet
by: Michiru

I came to Sandrock Resolute in thinking that the ways of Shenlong Nataku were the ways of the world. And if they were not, they should be. Shenlong Nataku is a state in OZ, the mother country, powerful and influencing. Sandrock had been colonized not so long ago but had been spared with the changes of the modern world. I was called to teach the royal heir the ways of the world. I perfectly understood why and so I came bringing my daughter along with me. I could not leave my daughter alone in Shenlong Nataku without her father. My wife died very young in a war, but she was able to give birth my daughter, I named her after her mother. My wife was brave and strong, and so I vowed to raise my daughter to be just like her mother.

When me and my child arrived, we were welcomed with the sight of a market place, dirty, smelly and utterly disgusted me. I only saw Sandrock's worst and I judged it with harshness. "I would change this world," I said to myself. I saw the customs here and it surprised me and even frightened me at some time, but I would not show fear - not to my child, not to my students and most certainly never to the king. I would remain strong, for my wife, my daughter, my state and my belief.

I saw him first in an elegant grand room where he sat cross-legged on a golden throne - his face hardened, his gaze formidable. Everyone inside the room bowed before his presence, and yet I stood tall. I would never abandon my own custom to fit in theirs.

I have come to learn that in Sandrock, everything had it's own time. Things were very different here, even love. I saw the land's quiet beauty even with all it's sand and hot temperature. It's serenity astounded me. It's landscape could not compare to any place I have ever seen. It was magical, enchanting. Truly Sandrock's an oasis, a comfort to the world's harsh reality.

The people of Sandrock did not see the world as it was but as they were, or perhaps that was my weakness. I saw reality and I wanted everyone to see it the way I did.

The winds had whispered his arrival like a coming storm. It was my duty to face it but I had never dreamed of such strength. I called a teacher for my heir for he had things to learn that I could not teach. The world was changing that I would admit. My son should know the ways of others not just of our own.

I saw him and I was surprised. He was not old enough to be a widow or a scholar in my opinion. But he quickly had me known that age and wisdom did not neccesarily go hand in hand. He tried to change my world, but he could not. My people never saw the world through their eyes, they saw it through their heart.

His customs were very different than those in this land. He spoke with the courage of a warrior, had the tenacity of a river but shown the compassion of a gentle surprise. He did what he wanted, he stood firm for his belief. He would be dead in an instant if he was of my people, but he wasn't and so I had no right.

It was always surprising how small a part of life was taken by meaningful moments. Most often they're over before they started even though they casted a light on the future and made the person who originated them unforgettable.

Everyone should have legends; they allowed us to dream. This man, this foreigner, this outsider, he has become a friend.

This is short. I know....^^
Anyhow.....what do you think? Did you guess who are the ones talking?
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