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The Chapter Three…


Chapter Three



Here I am, lying in my bedroom on L4. It’s almost eight o’clock in the evening and I should be out hunting, yet I am here. I feel tired.


Once on my earlier adventures a man, Jesus, told me that I would soon find what I was looking for. I didn’t understand him, but he was kind, so I let that subject drop. I didn’t know I was looking for something then. He was one of the kindest person, being, I’ve ever met and I was humbled that he befriended me. Some thought of him as God, I don’t believe it but I don’t go against it either. He may be God, I saw him do things even I could not do. So, I had no doubt that he knew what I was, yet he befriended me. For that, I am very thankful. Whoever he was or whatever he was, I knew he was of different origin from my kind and the normal kind. And he was and still is my friend. He died shortly after we’d met, but he told me not to do a thing. I could’ve ripped the throats out of everyone who dared to touch him but he told me not to. He said he’s doing it for the likes of me. I was standing a mountain away from where they crucified him but I saw him look at me and smile the most reassuring smile I’ve ever seen. That encounter was so quick that I don’t think anyone saw him do that. After that, he said his last words and bowed down his head. I felt the earth tremble and the clouds grew dark, I thought it was the yakshini again, but it was not. I felt the earth’s grief over the loss of this young man. He could’ve been God. I wanted to cry for him but no tears came, I hadn’t cried since Yaksha changed me. I’d only been his friend for a week yet I felt that he knew me and I knew him. And to see him die like that was something I could not take. I wanted to take revenge, but I remembered when he told me not to, to just let it be. I left that very day and never returned. I heard news about him but I never turned back.


Why am I remembering all this? I don’t know. Maybe because it’s time. Time for what? "I don’t know either."


I had been awake since last night just remembering my long forgotten past. The past I chose to forget, yet here I am, thinking about it. I don’t go out much anymore. I just stay here at my mansion on L4. I can last for a week without blood, but that’s as long as I can take.

I want blood.


I feel lighter nowadays, physically lighter. "I just need blood," I mutter to myself as I stand up. I open the window and look outside for my meal. I don’t jump outside as most people might expect, I use the casual way, the door. As I am walking down the alley, I can see drunken men sizing me up. They want me, no doubt. I smile sweetly at them. **Might as well give them what they want.** As I smile at them, they come closer and closer. There’re five of them, all drunk. Not much. One of them grabs my shoulder and my smile turns to a smirk, none of them notices my change of face. And in just a little while, I am walking on the sidewalk again, humming a happy tune. I am full but I didn’t kill them. They’re in luck that I am not in the mood tonight.


I know I am full but still I feel lighter[1], now I am really confused. I just continue to walk, the night is my day so I am enjoying it. L4 isn’t bad at all, but it’s artificial beauty is nothing compared to earth’s natural one. I am staying in this colony since I’d been on earth for over a millenium or so and I must hide my face, for a while. I walk aimlessly. I don’t see the artificial moon anywhere, probably forgot to turn on the hologram. Nevertheless, I can see just as clearly. I finally reach another mansion, almost as big as mine. Almost. I can feel the humans inside the house; one is giving birth. I haven’t witnessed any normal delivery for quite some time now, so I go inside the house. No one can see me if I don’t want them to, so it’s ok to just watch.


It was a boy. The baby is healthy but the mother died. I pity the child. Growing up without a mother is going to be rough. I notice the child is not crying, I thought he was dead. I am silent on one corner, wearing black so no one can really see me, but the child did. He was blonde, with sapphire blue eyes…. identical to mine. I know that newborn babies still can’t see so why is this child seeing me? That idea fascinates me so I stayed until dawn. Since I must sleep, I left but with a promise to return again.


The next day when I am finally awake, I feel lighter than usual. I can feel that my essence is disappearing[2] and that scares me. I have never ever felt like this in my long life and Yaksha never told me anything about this. Then I start to remember again what Jesus told me, I would soon find what I am looking for. I smile. So much for soon…. over a few milleniums passed since he said that. I lost my soul when I became a vampire, I lost myself then, and now, I believe that that baby is me. I am being given another chance at life. I don’t know what to do and I don’t understand what’s going on. I will watch over this child and see for myself if he needs me. If he does, we will become one, if he doesn’t, I am happy to just watch him.


So, everyday I go to him. I always watch him from afar. I can very well see him from a long distance just as I can up close and personal. I still don’t know his name and I don’t care. Names are not important to me. They change. I watch him as he grows up. I also know that he is aware of being watched but he never acts differently, always the same.


That is the problem. He never acted differently. Never. It is like he isn’t real. He does what people tell him to do. He says what they ask him to say. In short, he’s their puppet and he isn’t doing anything about it. It’s like he doesn’t have a personality. I am getting frustrated from where I watch, I’ve already memorized his daily activities and can see him do it everyday without opening my eyes. For thirteen years, nothing changed.


I had enough so I went to him directly to talk some sense into him. I am now inside his room and he is sleeping. I hadn’t seen him this close yet. Don’t get me wrong, even from afar, I can see him very clearly as if I am this close, but this is different. I can see every detail of him, his hair, his skin, his nose, the curve of his lips…. everything. We are so much alike, identical even. In two years he will look exactly like me, I am fifteen years old and remained like that for so long. I can pass for sixteen to seventeen, but eighteen is asking too much.


I walk closer to his bed and look at his sleeping form. I wonder if I look like that when I sleep. Well, I can talk to him now even if he sleeps but I don’t want to. One way or another I will disturb his sleep and I don’t want to do that. So I will just leave.


I am now at his door and was about to leave when I hear him whimper. Now, that’s unusual. So I trace my way back to his bedside, he seems to be having a nightmare. I sit beside him and take his hand to mine; he calmed down and slept. He is now breathing normal again and I stand up and leave quietly.


I am back in my sanctuary again lying down on my bed. I start to remember my encounter with the boy. He is so gentle and so not human because he has no essence. When I touched him, I tried to feel him and I received nothing. There is no him. I can feel the soul, true, but what is a soul with no being? How I wish I can lend him some of my strength.


I settle down in my bed as I start to drift off.



Quatre is staring at his ceiling. His mind is usually empty, he does what his father wants him to do, he does what they expect him to do. Sure, he is aware of everything around him, he knows someone is watching him and somehow when that someone is watching he feel secure. Complete.


**Now I feel that I must do something. I know that I am just a tool for everyone and I don’t want that. I am surprising myself with my own inner strength. I never thought I can actually think for myself, and I like it.** For the first time in his life, Quatre smiled for himself. His smile turns to a frown when he remembers his nightmare. He can still feel himself drowning in the darkness, yet somewhere someone held him. Someone gave him strength. And now, he feels stronger.


He stands up from the bed and starts to dress for the day. He comes out of the door and the caretakers and housemaids greet him a good morning and he acknowledges them briefly and moves on. His daily routine begins, again.


Quatre starts his daily routine, in a familiar sanctuary, Katoru is not moving. One might proclaim him dead but we can see that his chest is moving up and down, evenly.


Quatre starts the routine with his father. His father is dictating him what he should do when he becomes the head of the Winner family. They are currently eating their breakfast and his father is starting already with the Winner-head-thing. Everyday he listens to his father, everyday he nods and doesn’t speak. But this time, something inside him grow, so he starts to talk back.


"Father, isn’t it too early for me to think about handling the Winner family? I am still too young for that, ne?"I can see the surprise in my father’s face when I voiced my opinion.


"I know you are young, Quatre. But you are old enough to understand. Someday you will lead this family and it’s never too early to learn." My father stated that sternly, visibly not pleased with me.


I smile inside. I don’t know where my strength is coming from and this is the first time that I am actually thinking and it pleases me.


So everyday, the routine changes. I voice my opinion more often and my father doesn’t like my newfound ability. I like the new me. It’s high time that I learn to stand for myself. I don’t know when this started but I believe that I am doing the right thing.


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[1] – he feels lighter because something’s missing inside him and it’s about to come back.

[2] – Katoru’s essence is disappearing because Quatre needs some to survive.