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Chapter Two



I was sleeping beside my husband on my right and my daughter on my left. Ishanan, my beloved and Lalita---she who plays---my daughter. She was adopted since it is impossible for me and Ishanan to have a child. We are both men. Fifteen years old might be very young in this modern times but during my time, it’s the right time to have a family. The villagers objected first to our strange condition but in the end, they agreed. They saw how we loved each other and that was enough to satisfy them. I was awakened by a sound on one moonless night. I looked over at my right and left and saw that my family slept peacefully and never heard what I did. I was about to go back to my slumber when I heard it again, this time I knew I was not dreaming so I slowly stood up and walked outside our house.

I stood in the dark, looking for something I don’t even know. He came behind me, just as he used to when we were friends. I whispered his name, "Yaksha."

"Katoru," he breathed my name behind my ear and I shivered. I whirled and started to shout for help but he was on me before I was able to open my mouth. Like a tiger taking it’s prey. He was taller since I last saw him, but he still looked beautiful. For the first time, I felt his real strength. He kept them hidden while he lived in our village. He choked my air and leaned on me. He spoke softly to my ear. "You betrayed me, my beloved."

I just looked at him. I was scared but still managed to look calm. A snake only bites when there is fear and I knew he saw my fear. "If I let you speak, will you scream? If you scream you will die. Understood?" I could only nod.

He loosened his grip but still never let go. "You betrayed me!" I whispered harshly. "You killed my father and the other men!"

"You do not know that."

"They disappeared before my father did. I found my father dead, they are dead!"

"Your father is dead, because he wouldn’t join me." He answered roughly, "Do you wish to join me?"

"No." I could not see him because it was dark but I knew he was smiling.

"You do not know what I am offering."

"You are evil, and that is enough for me to go against you!"

He slapped me, hard. It almost took my head. I tasted my own blood and fought back tears. I would not let him see my fear.

"You do not know what I am!" He told me angrily and proudly as well.

"I do! I was there when you were born. I watched you grew up. I was your friend. I named you Yaksha, cursed son of a yakshini!" I spat every word.

"Keep you voice down!" He pulled my hair.

"I will do nothing as you say!"

He gripped me so hard that I had difficulty in breathing. "Then you will die, lovely Katoru. You will die after watching your lovely Ishanan and Lalita die. I know they are asleep in that house. I was there when you met him, I was there when you adopted your child. I was watching you all this time."

"What do you want?!" I choked for air, yet I still sounded bitter.

He let go of me. His tone was light and jovial, like the child that he looked, but it sounded cruel. "You have two choices, come with me, be mine and be like me or die with your family tonight. It is that simple."

There was something wrong with his voice, not just the cruelty but the excitement in it. "What do you mean be like you? You are different from us. I can never be like you."

"Being different is my greatness. I am the first of my kind, I can make others like me. I can make you like me, if you allow our blood mixing. Now choose."

I did not speak. I didn’t know what he was offering and it frightened me. Just to think that his blood would mix in to mine make me shudder. "What would your blood do to me?"

He stood tall and looked at me. "I am very strong, I am not easily killed. I can see things you cannot see, hear what you cannot hear." He leaned close to me, his breath cold on my cheek, "Most of all, I dream what you cannot dream. You can be part of that dream, Katoru. Or you can begin to rot with your husband and daughter. Choose."

I did not doubt his words. I knew he was different and his ability to transfer that to others didn’t surprise me either. "Would your blood make me cruel like you?"

"In time, Katoru, I believe that you will be worse than I am." He leaned close to me and bit my ear. I felt blood ooze down from my earlobe to my neck. I felt his teeth on my neck and he bit me. He sucked my blood and the act revolted me because of it’s effect. I was surprised and scared because I liked the feeling. The sensation he was giving. I liked it. I loved it even more than the sensation my husband gave me the night of our marriage. I felt tears as it started to form in my eyes. I love my husband and my daughter.

That tiny bite made me feel the true essence of Yaksha’s power. I felt my blood turn to black but I still see it as red. I feel that I am invincible.

I hated him, more than ever.

"I watched you. You watched me. You know I speak what I feel, then how can I be yours when you know that I hate you? Why would you still want me?"

He spoke gently, "I have wanted you for years now."

"If you want me, then that means that you care about me. If you do, then leave this place and never return again. Leave me and my family alone. I am happy with them."

I felt his cold hand on my shoulder, "I will not let you go."

"Then kill me. Leave my husband and child alone." His grip tightened on my shoulder, truly he is stronger than ten men. If I cried out, Ishanan will die the moment he stepped out from our door. Pain, so much pain, I cannot take it any longer so I stooped.

"It was destiny that you were there that night, it was destiny that we met. And it is destiny that you come with me. It is your destiny to follow me, to the edge of the night."

"The edge of the night?"

He pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips. Once again I tasted his blood. I liked it but hated it just as much. "You must come with me. We live for eternity. Just say yes." He paused and looked at my house. He didn’t have to say it again, I knew what he meant. I was defeated. I had no choice. I love my husband and my child and I would not let any harm go to them if I could stop it.

"Yes." I answered.

"Do you love me?" Yaksha smiled.


"You lie, but it doesn’t matter. You will love me, you will be mine forever."

He picked me up and ran into the night. We were in a forest and there he opened my veins and his. He pressed them together and let our blood become one. He whispered words in my ear that I could not understand. It was the words of the yakshini as it mated with it’s chosen one. He stroked my hair and kissed me gently. I have no doubt that he loved me as well, just the wrong kind.

There were tears in my eyes as I felt his blood come to me. It now ran inside me and my heart and breathing quickened until they chased each other. Then I began to scream because I could not take it any longer, it felt like I was burning inside and out. But this I do not understand, and still do not even now. What I felt thrilled that night. More than any mortal could possibly give. I cried that horrible night. I cried with grief as I let go of my simple yet wonderful life. I cried with pleasure as I felt the power of the blood. I cried with hatred to what Yaksha did to me. I cried until my heart and breathing stopped. Yes, I died. I forgot my God. I chose the path my father rejected. I cursed myself as I embraced the son of the devil. That night, I lost my soul. I lost myself.


That concludes chapter two.

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