This fic is going to be heavily influenced with "The Last Vampire" by Christopher Pike. I read this book when I had a fever and this is the result.

This is going to be my first in writing something like this. I still don't know if this will turn out to be dark, tragic, or anything...so it still doesn't fit in any category...^^ I don't know how this fic will turn out in the end sooo.... and also, I am not sure if or when I will finish this.

This is just a result of reading a vampire book and being fascinated with these creatures.

The timeline is not precise and this will go in and out of the Gunma Wing universe...an alternate uni-fic but not...

Some characters will be OOC, namely Quatre....he IS a vampire in this fic, therefore will HAVE a DARK side, but I will not change our dear Quatre thoroughly of course....just read on....I myself don't understand what I am saying in this note and I think this is getting very ver long already...

Soo...the GW-boys aren't mine, obviously....etc, etc, blah, blah...and some situations will most likely be coming from the book I've read so, whatever these situations that will be similar from that book aren't my ideas it's from Christopher Pike, the author. Some characters from the book such as Amba, Yaksha, the Aghoran priest and probably Krishna and other anime will have an appearance occasionally but not now. Also, there’s an original character too, Ishanan, I created him and he’s mine^^,. He’ll only appear on occasion…...so that's that and here goes the fic...!

I hope you'll like it, if not...well, criticisms are always welcome..^^,

That was very very long! Gosh! I'll start already...






I am a vampire. That is the truth. I was there before the pyramids were built. That is an explanation of how old I am. I am very old that I finally lost count of my real age, and I'm not counting my years either since it is pointless. I'll live forever if I wish it to be. But I am not immortal. I will die eventually when someone stronger than I will kill me or I would will myself to die, which is unlikely for I don't want to die. Not yet, at least.

As for those vampires turning to ash when hit by the sun, not true. Vampires can tolerate the sun, but it does have it's own effects on creatures such as myself but it is not a mortal enemy. Young vampires can't tolerate the sun but they don't burn or turn to ash, they just get sleepy and their skin turns red, more like sunburn. As for me, since I am very old and was one of the firsts, I can stay up all day and still be up at night but I am weaker during the day, but strong enough to be inhuman. My strength is nothing in comparison when there is no sun, the night, which is my day. Nevertheless, I don't like day that much.

I do not cringe when I see a crucifix, actually it fascinates me. Once was a symbol of shame now a symbol of strength, how times have changed. I cannot command a pack of wolves to attack but wolves do like me as most predators do, for I understand them and they, me. I can't soar through the air and fly then turn to a bat. I can jump high enough that one might think that I am flying. Sometimes I wonder how mortals got the image of vampires turning into bats. Such imagination coming from mortals, they truly amaze me.

As for blood...that subject always fascinates me. I don't know if I need blood to survive. I drink blood when I am thirsty, I want it, and I crave it. I eat normal foods and I digest them. I need food just as any human. I am a living, breathing creature. My heart beats....I can hear it now, like thunder in my ears. All my senses are very accurate but hearing and sight are far the most sensitive. Both senses have grown more acute as I get older.

I am immune to any of the diseases the mortal's fear. My blood is enough to kill all viruses, which I highly doubt, will enter my body. I can be stabbed and heal within minutes without leaving any scars. I can stop the healing but I'm not comfortable with having wounds all over me. Would I die if I were stabbed in the heart? Probably, I don't know. It is hard to heal around an implanted blade. That is something I haven't experimented with, and I don't want to.

I do love to fight. I have mastered every physical attack and defense there was, and if there are new ones, I can master them in a week's time. I also kill, I have killed hundreds, thousands maybe millions, I don't remember. In contrast to my ability to memorize and remember things as accurately as if I'm reading it from a book, I can forget if I choose to.

My real name is Katoru, and I am very rich. I have properties all over the world under my present name, which is Sand. I always change my name, it can only last for some time. I don’t use surnames and my colleagues understand my secrecy. I have resources and people who work for me. They are all loyal even if they haven’t seen me all their lives because they know what happens to those who are not. They don’t know who I really am; yet I know who they are. All these descriptions of me make me look intimidating but I am not. My hair is blond and silk-like; my eyes are of sapphire blue. I am not tall either. To seeing eyes, I look like a fifteen-year-old boy, but eyes deceive. My voice is soft and almost feminine but when I speak with my age, anyone who hears it will squirm. My voice that speaks of long life and experience will make any old man respect my words.

No one believes in the likes of me anymore. I have no problem with that. Sometimes I think that humans have forgotten that there are beings far stronger than they are. I do believe that they have forgotten about God, too. I don't know if I believe in God, not anymore, but I have not forgotten.


So? What do you think? This one won't make sense at all........yet. ^^

Tell me what you think....please

Actually, this part is not everything, but I decided to put the others on chapter one.....

And also, I have problem in giving this a title so for now, it will be called "quatre vampire fic".......until I decide for a more catching title, this will do....^^