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This is sort of the continuation of my Christmas fic………


Quatre looked at the Maganacs and his fellow pilots from his
beside the hangar door.

**Everyone seems to be having a good time……..Even Heero.** Quatre
smiled at the thought as he glanced at the Wing pilot’s less guarded
features. He opened the hangar door and entered the lounge where the
rest of
the food and gifts were placed.

He walked out to the balcony and stared at the dark night. The
wind was
cold because of the snowstorm last night and he shivered. He rubbed his
and sighed, **Should’ve taken a coat with me.**

He could still hear the muffled sounds of the party going on behind
hangar door and he smiled. **Hard to imagine that there’s a war going
on out
there……** His smile dropped then, when he remembered what they have to
do in
the next few hours. Christmas Day and the five of them have to execute
mission while the rest of the world celebrates.

He envied the little kids who are celebrating that very night with
own families. He envied the common people who are still very much
naïve to
the war occurring under their very noses. He felt sorry for those who
died innocently. He felt sorry for his father who died mercilessly. He
sorry for the people who lost so much for the war. He felt guilt to
he had killed for the war. He felt guilt knowing that those he had
also had a family of their own. It was not fair! No one wins in any
His fellow pilots lost too much of their innocence because of this
and endless war. 15-year-olds aren’t supposed to be on battlegrounds.
were supposed to be enjoying the rest of their childhood, and most of
didn’t have much of the childhood they should’ve had. All because of
war! They’re all alone, no matter what, they’ll always be different
everybody…even if the war ends, and they’ll always be alone………

The silence of the night accompanied his melancholy and anger. He
continued to shiver from the cold and his raging emotions that he’s
hard to control. Something warm enveloped him, **a coat** his mind
registered, then he felt the hands that accompanied the coat.
He looked at the person who gave him the warmth that he needed that
moment and embraced the warmth.

Trowa just hugged him closer……**…maybe not…** Quatre finished his
earlier thoughts and leaned on the embrace.
They stayed that way, embracing silently and looking out as the first
of dawn touched the horizon.

“Merry Christmas.” Trowa whispered to Quatre’s ear.

“Merry Christmas.” Quatre answered as he closed his eyes to cherish
moment which may not happen again in the near future.

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Well, this is it.....^^ hope you liked it.

Merry Christmas!! Have a nice holiday with your loved ones and cherish