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Christmas Fic

It was snowing hard outside and the five gundam pilots were forced to stay inside the house of Quatre and lay low for a while, until their next mission was given to them.

Quatre was walking by the halls of his house with a wistful expression on his face. **I know today's supposed to be special but I don't know why....** His eyebrows twitched with frustration as he struggled to remember just as he came to the end of the hall. He unconsciously opened the door and found himself in the storage room where old boxes were piled gathering dust and dirt.

His former thoughts were forgotten as he blew the dust on the box nearest to him. His curiosity rose as he tried to remember what was inside the box. When he opened the box, his eyes softened and smiled sadly. He sat there for a while contemplating then started to open more boxes.

"Oi!! Quatre!! Where are you?! Oi! Wu!! Have you seen Quatre?!" Duo hollered inside the house, not minding as Wufei's cringed and stopped his kata.

"You don't have to shout, Maxwell!!" Wufei snapped.

"Well?" Duo arched his eyebrows.

"Well what?!"

"Where's Quatre?"


"I just want to know if I could use the kitchen."

"You never asked before, why today?"

"Dammit Wu! I just feel like asking today, alright?! I'm going to have a good day and I will definitely not let you ruin it! So, where's Quatre?"

"I do not know. Satisfied?" Wufei glared.

"Such a grouch so early in the mornin'" Duo just smiled, shrugged and walked off and continued to look for his friend.

Wufei was about to start his kata when Heero walked in and asked him where Quatre was.


Heero just glared so Wufei shrugged and pointed at the direction where Duo left. Heero only nodded his acknowledgement and followed the direction.

Just then Trowa walked in and asked Wufei where Quatre was. This time, Wufei was already fuming.

"I can never get things done! Why is everyone looking for Quatre?!"

"Rashid's the one looking for him." Trowa answered flatly.

"Just follow Heero or Duo, and close the door."

Trowa nodded curtly and left Wufei and his kata without closing the door. Wufei just stomped towards the door and locked it then continued his kata.

Dinner was being served to the four boys at the dining table when Quatre showed up. He looked dirty and disheveled but cute, nonetheless.

"I've been trying to find you the whole mornin'. Where've ya been? Now, that you're here...... damn...I can't remember my reason for looking for you!" Duo just started to talk and eat at the same time.

"The storm stopped last night, we can carry out the mission as early as tomorrow." Heero stated impassively.

"Aw! Heero! For once, can we eat without you talking about any mission?" Duo muttered.

"Just eat." Heero snorted.

Trowa looked at Quatre from where he sat, **He looks tired, but he just keeps smiling like a little kid who received a candy......his golden locks in disarray and yet looks stunningly neat even with the dust.....I wonder how it would feel if I tou......** suddenly Quatre looked at Trowa. Trowa was caught off-guard and suddenly found something interesting in his dinner.

Quatre just smiled at the reaction he got and ate his dinner, chatting with anyone all throughout the meal. Heero would answer when asked but that's it, as well as Trowa. Wufei and Duo kept bantering at each other while Quatre laughed.

"Uh...guys, do you know what today is?" Quatre asked uncertainly.

"Well,.......our vacation? Damn time those scientists gave us a break, too!" Duo smiled proudly upon answering correctly.

"Sort of," Quatre smiled.

"A day when Maxwell started to act a little civilized in front of food." Wufei stated matter-of-factly.

"....." Quatre just arched an eyebrow expecting a remark from Duo but was cut off by Heero.

"To rest and recuperate for the next mission." Heero stated, flatly.

Duo sweatdropped. "Ahhh...Heero, I don't think that's what Q's talking about."

Quatre looked at Trowa who only shrugged and didn't reply. "It's...the 24th of December, the day before Christmas." Quatre said slowly, watching everyone's reaction. Wufei didn't reply but his shoulders drooped, which Quatre noted. Duo cheered "Oh..yeah! Christmas!" but didn't quite reached his eyes. Heero gave no reaction, which Quatre half-expected and Trowa's eyes darkened and went back to the emotionless state so quickly but Quatre saw it, and that's enough.

**Just as I thought.....** Quatre thought to himself, and said to them, "That's all I wanted to say, I'll just go on ahead and clean up." He stood up from the table, smiling sadly but there's a gleam in his eyes that only Trowa saw but shrugged it off.

When Quatre left, Duo sighed. "Well, so much for today. Quatre didn't mean it, but he just had to remind us of Christmas." With that, Duo stood up and left, "Might as well catch some sleep, tomorrow's going to be mission day..." his voice faded into mutterings as he left the dining room.

Wufei also stood up, "For once, I agree with Maxwell. I'm no Christian but I know what Christmas is.....And in our situation, Christmas is just another reminder of how unfair the world has become," speech done, he also left.

Heero only stared at the empty seats and he looked at Trowa, still unmoving. "Go sleep. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day, it's the best chance we'll have in the execution of the plan, since everyone will be away with their families tomorrow." Heero's voice hardened at the last part and then he too left.

Trowa remained silent and alone at the dining room even when the servants of the house removed the dishes.

Everyone retired early that night, the halls were dark and silent. Then a music box started to play Christmas melodies.

Duo woke right there and then, when he heard the music box. It was soft sounding but against the silent halls, it's enough to wake even him and he's sure that the others were also up already. When he opened the door, he saw Wufei at the end of the hall staring at something. He came up behind Wufei and he too stared.

Heero woke up at the sound of ringing bells, probably from a music box. He tried to sleep again but the thing just won't stop so he opened the door and saw Duo and Wufei standing and staring and not moving by the end of the hall. He walked towards them and looked at what they were looking at and stared.

Trowa was still awake and cleaning his flute, a habit he started when he's alone and thinking and can't sleep. He was thinking of Christmas, what it feels like when you spend it with someone you care, with you family or friends, when he heard the music box. He felt something in his heart but doesn't know what it is so he just followed where the music led him. It led him to three people standing, staring and not moving by the end of the hall. When he saw what they were looking at, he too stared.

There was some sort of lounge by the end of the hall that connects the balcony and the hangar of the gundams. And it was filled with Christmas decors with 5 different styles, Japanese, American, French, Arabian and Chinese. There were also foods, enough to feed the Maganacs and more. There were also toys, old but still in good conditions. There were also gifts, neatly wrapped and four that matched each of the pilots' country. Each opened the small gifts that was named for them, they were all small figurines and it was obvious that they once belonged to a certain blonde that took care of the figures carefully. There were small cracks that only shows it’s age but it shines showing that it has been cleaned and refreshed not too long ago. Heero received an ivory figurine shaped like a general that looks remarkably like the real Heero Yuy that was assassinated at one time. Duo received a crystal panther that changes shade when touched by the light. Trowa received a crystal lion, just like Duo’s it changes it’s shade from green to blue. Wufei received a crystal animal also, this time a dragon, it doesn’t change color but it’s color was of flaming red. Everything has a touch of each and everyone's country's culture and personality but was neatly decorated so that not one clashed with the other. Five different cultures blended into one room that radiated warmth and belongingness that reached the hearts of the ones that stared even if they didn't want to.

The hangar door opened and Quatre came out smiling like there's no tomorrow, behind him were loud music that the maganacs are currently enjoying. "You four are late....for your own party." Quatre said softly.

Duo sputtered, "P...p....party?! Whe....wha.....?"

Wufei smirked, "My, my, Maxwell, ran out of vocabulary?"

Duo's head snapped at Wufei's direction sending his braid straight to Heero's face, "What the hell do you mean by that?!"

Heero caught Duo's braid and yanked hard, "I'll cut your hair, someday. I swear." he threatened, although his tone was not the usual creepy one.

Duo pulled his hair, "Oi!! Not the hair!"

Heero just smirked and let go of the hair. **Must be the atmosphere getting to me.** he thought to himself as he contemplated his silly action.

All this time, Trowa was just watching everything take its toll. He’s not moving for he feared that everything might just go away.

Duo suddenly hugged Quatre, “Quatre! You’re d’ man!! You did this for us? Man!! This is my first Christmas as a pilot that I’m actually going to enjoy!”

Quatre hugged Duo back, touched at his enthusiasm. All his work didn’t go to waste after all.

Duo suddenly let go of Quatre and faced the table, “Well, can’t let this food get cold and go to waste, ne?” he said, not particularly at anyone and started to get some food and joined the maganacs at partying.

Wufei just rolled his eyes at Duo’s attitude and thanked Quatre with sincerity and graciously took some food and followed Duo to the hangar.

Heero walked towards Quatre; “You didn’t have to do this.”

“It’s the least I can do.” Quatre offered a light bow.

“Thanks, anyway.” Heero followed Duo and Wufei as the loud music swallowed him.

Quatre was overwhelmed, he could feel their gratitude even if they don’ t say it and he was glad. He looked at Trowa and frowned, he hadn’t spoken a word from the start. And he was worried that he had somehow offended the pilot in some way.

“Trowa?” Quatre approached him, his eyes questioning.

“….!” Trowa started but was quick to recover his composure. He looked at Quatre and saw the warmth and worry in his eyes.

“Didn’t you…..like the gift?” Quatre asked as he tilted his head to one side.

Trowa just looked at Quatre, “I liked the gift, thank you. You didn’t have to bother.”

“It’s no bother. You deserve this, you all do.” Quatre looked at his feet. “I had so much and you had so few, what I gave you is not enough compared to what you’ve all lost………I’m sorry.”

Trowa walked closer to Quatre, “And you? You do deserve all this too. You need not be sorry, Quatre. I’m sorry.”

“Why?” Quatre looked up and was startled to see that Trowa was so close to him. He blushed when the idea of kissing the other pilot came to him. **Get a hold of yourself! He’s a friend, nothing more, right?**

“I didn’t have any gift for you...” Trowa whispered and he leaned closer.

Quatre tried to step back and smiled nervously, “It’s ok, I wasn’t expecting any in return when I did all this.”

Trowa closed the distance between their lips and kissed Quatre softly. It was not long but it was enough to make Quatre’s heart pump twice as hard as if he ran a thousand miles and back.

“W….w…..what was that about?” Quatre stuttered.

Trowa smiled, a real smile this time that melted Quatre’s heart, “Mistletoe.” He said simply and walked to the hangar where the party is.

Quatre blushed for thinking that there was something else on that kiss. He looked up at the arch from which he was standing under and blue eyes grew big and blushed for the 3rd time that night.


**There was NO mistletoe.**


Upon entering the door to the hangar, the loud Christmas songs boomed to Trowa’s ears. He leaned on the closed door. He closed his eyes and remembered the kiss and smiled again for the 2nd time, **Merry Christmas, Quatre. I don’t know who received the gift, you or me.** He opened his eyes and saw Quatre right in front him, face glowing with delight. That was it, no need for words. They both knew it.

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