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Life is Short

"We're almost near, just another half mile." Quatre smiled at his companion who was terribly trying to control his temper.

"I swear when I see Maxwell I'm going to shove his head in freezing snow." Wufei gritted his teeth as he tried to warm himself.

"It's his birthday, he wants you to be there." Quatre continued to drive in the snowstorm.

"I know that! Doesn't he know that a storm's coming?" Wufei looked outside, "...forget that, the storm IS already here."

"I know that you want to be there." Quatre gave a short laughter.

"Hn. Be that as it may, we shouldn't be travelling at this kind of weather. By the way, why aren't you with Trowa?" Wufei looked curiously at Quatre.

"It wasn't snowing hard when I left Duo's, and he asked me to get you because Heero and him still had to arrange the party. As for Trowa, he left earlier to buy presents."

"I see. Are we still far?" Wufei tried to wipe away some moist from the windshield, "The storm's getting rough, drive carefully."

"Don't worry Wufei, we'll get there." Quatre smiled reassuringly. After a while, Quatre furrowed his eyebrows, he strained to see the road. The snow's too thick and white, he could hardly distinguish the road. He stole a glance at Wufei and saw that he was sleeping peacefully. **That's good. If he sees the condition we're in he'll definitely say I told you so.** Quatre grinned and continued driving.

There was a flash of light in front, and then everything happened too fast. One moment Quatre was safely driving at the side of the road, and the next moment the car swerved to the left and crashed in a tree.

Wufei was jolted awake from his sleep when the impact with the tree came. He quickly glanced at Quatre and saw that he was breathing hard. "What happened?"

"There was a truck....I'm sorry Wufei, I should've seen it coming." Quatre was trying to even out his breathing as he was still shocked with the crash. The window at the driver's side is cracked open and was leaning against a tree. Besides that, there wasn't much damage at all because the snow softened their crash. The snow from the tree fell over the car and therefore, they were literally buried alive.

"We should try to get out." Wufei suggested and tried to shove open the door at his side.

"You're right," Quatre glanced at his side of the door and saw the tree and the cracked glass, "we should try to open the door at your side though, my side's against the tree."

"Ok, help me here." Both of them tried to push the door open but it just wouldn't budge, they were too deep.

"Don't worry, someone's bound to see us when a another car passes by." Quatre tried to reassure Wufei.

"We're buried in snow, with a snowstorm raging outside and in the middle of nowhere. Quatre, are you sure that you're alright?" Wufei's remark was sarcastic.

"I'm sorry, Wufei, but there's nothing much you or I can do right now but wait." Quatre's voice was low with remorse.

Wufei felt guilty but was angry at the blonde pilot at the same time. They wouldn't be here if it weren't for Quatre. Since he doesn't have a reply, he just snorted and settled back down in his seat. Quatre didn't talk.

The temperature's dropping as the night got deeper. Wufei shivered and muttered, "This is Maxwell's fault..."

Quatre silently voiced out, "Why do keep blaming Duo?"

Wufei's eyes narrowed, "It just feels good to blame things on others sometimes."

Quatre looked at Wufei, "Does it?"

Wufei didn't reply. He doesn't know what to do, and he just wants to blame someone for his misfortune. He didn't want any of this, so why do bad things keep happening to him?

Quatre tried to go the back of the car. "What are you doing?" Wufei asked.

"I know there's a blanket here somewhere. The temperature's dropping and we might suffer hypothermia if we don't do something." With that, Quatre continued his search for the blanket.

"I found it. Here, take it." Quatre shoved the blanket at Wufei.

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. This coat is thick enough." Quatre smiled convincingly at Wufei.

"Thank you." Wufei took the blanket and covered himself, he was cold and was glad for the added warmth.

"It's the least I can do for what I put you through." Quatre moved back to the driver's seat and looked outside.

After some more hours, "Too bad we missed Maxwell's party." Wufei started.

"So you do want to go." Quatre voice quivered and Wufei noted it. He was shivering but was hiding it.

"Here, take the blanket." Wufei gave the blanket to Quatre, he didn't accept it.

"No, thank you Wufei. But I'm not that cold."

"You're cold. I won't tolerate being the cause of someone's suffering. We'll share the blanket." Wufei moved to the back and pulled Quatre with him.

Quatre didn't had another chance to say anything because he was pulled back suddenly.

"How long have we been here?" Wufei asked.

"I don't know, probably 3 hours."

"The others should be looking for us now."

They were starting to feel sleepy when Quatre spoke, "We shouldn't really fall asleep. We might never wake up."

Wufei understood, "So what are we going to do? It's freezing and I am tired, I can barely keep my eyes from closing."

"I understand, but it's really not good to fall asleep." Quatre pondered for a second then said, "Let's just talk about something, anything to keep us awake."

And so they started to talk, first about little things until they got to the topic of death, then love.

"I'll never love again." Wufei sadly said.

"Why is that?"

"It's too high a risk. Higher than my life being risked."

Quatre didn't reply for a while then said, "It's better to have loved and failed than have never tried."

"Why do say that?"

"Love hurts, I know that. But there are things that are worth risking everything, and love is one of those. When you love, you feel like a better person. You're on your best and everything around you looks beautiful." Quatre said, wistfully.

Wufei remembered his wife, Meiran. Their life as husband and wife didn't work out that well but he did loved her. After losing her, he felt like everything around him died. So after his great loss, he vowed never to love again. What Quatre said is true, there are things in life that are worth risking everything, maybe it was love.

"I don't believe in love anymore." Wufei's voice was cold.

"Yes you do. You may not know it, but you love. There are people that you love but you just don't accept it." Quatre smiled sweetly at him.

Wufei let everything sink in. What Quatre said was quite true, but he wouldn't tell it out loud. He just looked back at Quatre and nodded. He was getting tired and sleepy, but he struggled to keep awake. "You know, Quatre, Trowa's very lucky to have you."

Quatre's eyes dropped at the mention of Trowa's name and Wufei saw that. "Why? Did you and Trowa had a fight?"

"No...we....we we're never..together." Quatre said, downcast.

"Sorry...I thought that....you two..." Wufei was really confused, he did believe that there was something between the two pilots, maybe he was mistaken.

"It's ok...I thought so too.....I guess it just didn't work out..."

"..." Wufei didn't say anything.

Quatre looked at him and said, "I know what you're thinking. It hurts to love and be rejected, but it's worth it. Loving is also letting go, Wufei. If he's happy with someone else, then I am happy for him. Now, please don't condemn love."

"You believe in love too much."

"That may be so, but it is also my strength as it is my weakness." Quatre's voice was slurred already and his eyes were drooping.

Wufei knew that they don't have much time, so he apologized, "I'm sorry Quatre. I just want you to know that I didn't think of you as weak."

"You sound like we're about to die. I'll make sure that we're alive the next time that Duo have a party." Quatre grinned.

They talked a while longer until Wufei finally gave in to sleep. Quatre noted that Wufei's shivering even with the blanket. So, he took Wufei into his arms and hugged him tight, giving him as much heat as his body can give. Quatre's eyes were dropping slightly so he started to sing to keep himself awake and to keep Wufei warm.

Wufei felt warmth, he had no more strength to open his eyes but he was comfortable where he was. He heard a song being sung by someone but he couldn't recognize the voice. So he surrendered completely to the darkness feeling that everything would be alright when he wakes up.

There was loud raking noise that woke Wufei. He felt strong arms around him, he couldn't remember everything clearly yet. As the raking continued, his mind registered where he was, who was with him and what had happened. He heard the raking once again and then saw the door of the car open. Light coming in to the gloomy and cold car. He shoved Quatre and tried to wake him up.

"Quatre. Quatre. They've found us! Wake up, child!" Wufei was shoving hard but Quatre didn't move. Wufei's body felt stiff and he can barely move his fingers but he kept shoving Quatre. "Quatre! Wake up!"

A head poked in and looked at Wufei, "Are you guys alright?"

Wufei looked at the person who said that and recognized Trowa. "Trowa! Hurry up and help me here! Wake Quatre up!!"

Trowa's eyes got a strange gleam and hurriedly went in and tried to wake Quatre up. "Quatre. Quatre...Quatre!!"

Wufei saw that Trowa's very worried and concerned to the Arabian pilot, he just shook his head. He wanted to punch Trowa, right there and then. **Trowa...loved...Quatre...** And he didn't do anything about it.

Wufei was jolted awake from his reverie when he heard Trowa shout...it wasn't loud but for someone who rarely heard Trowa's voice, that was rather loud.

"WAKE UP! Damn it! Don't do this." Trowa kept shaking Quatre but Quatre's head just plopped down. "Quatre!"

Wufei shoved Trowa away, "...he's dead."

"No..." Trowa's voice was barely a whisper, "...no..."

Wufei couldn't help it, he was angry. How come Quatre? He had so much to live for, why him? And he didn't even had the pleasure of knowing that he's love was returned. Wufei looked at Trowas sadly, "He loved you, do you know that?"

Trowa nodded his head and buried his face in Quatre's now cold body. Wufei left the two pilots alone and went outside.

Trowa hugged Quatre, for the first and the last time. He looked at Quatre's face and touched his cheek. So beautiful, so fragile, and now, so cold, and dead. He looked like he was just sleeping, but Trowa can't deny the truth. He's dead.

He kissed Quatre's cold lips and whispered goodbye.

"Ai shiteru." A tear dropped from his eyes and fell into Quatre's eyes. It looks like that Quatre's the one crying. It may have been a trick of the eye but he thought that Quatre smiled.