As I have told you before...I developed a Wufei and Meiran craze so that's why I wrote this fic. ^^

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Saying Goodbye

Wufei's gundam landed on a destroyed colony. He came out of the cockpit and looked around. He gracefully jumped down and stood in front of his Nataku. He looked at it and touched it like it was sacred to him. He closed his eyes and whispered something and then walked ahead.

This colony was destroyed a long time ago, and yet things somehow had grown. Although no one lives here any more. No one tried to rebuild this fallen colony so it became a graveyard for mobilesuits.

Among all the dirt and wreckage, there was a flower field taht remained somehow beautifyl. Wufei stopped at a worn-out gravestone. He traced the engraved writings on the stone. Meiran. He closed his eyes and clasped his hands together as he began a prayer.

He sat down in front of the gravestone and started to talk, "Meiran. Nataku. It's been a while since I last visited. And I'm sorry that I didn't had the time. The war's been over for quite some time now, and I do believe that I have proven myself worthy as your husband. It took me a while to realize and understand things, but now I do. Because of you, I became a warrior. Because of you, I ranted about justice..." he smiled after saying that, "...our marriage didn't last long enough to let me admit my real feelings...and I am sorry that I didn't treat you well."

He sighed and then continued, "For three years I have dedicated my whole life for your cause...and now that your justice have prevailed, I no longer have a purpose......anyway, I just want you to know thay you're free to go. I've kept you here long enough...but believe me when I say that you'll always remain here," he touched his heart, "with me, no matter what."

Wufei walked closer to the gravestone and offered the flowers that he had brought along with him. "This is it, Meiran. I'll go search for my new purpose in life...but a promise is a promise. There will be justice if there's anything I can do about it...." He kissed the cold marble and said his last goodbye. **Did you love me in our short life together?.....farewell...**

Wufei walked away from the gravestone and stood above a cliff where he could see his Nataku, standing proud and tall among the destroyed mobile suits.

He stretched out his hands and closed his eyes, "You're free to go Meiran...my beloved Nataku..." he opened his eyes and pushed the button, "Ai shiteru."

The Gundam Nataku blew up.

Wufei walked away from the wrecked gundam and looked back for the last time at the gravestone. The wind blew and rustled his hair as if playing with him. Along with the wind, the petals from the flower field flew and caressed his skin. And with it, he thought he heard a soft whisper of anata, ai shiteru. He closed his eyes and smiled warmly then walked away.


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