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Terms of Endearment

Wufei sat outside of his house and pondered on some things. He was fourteen years old and a scholar. He was contented by the way his life went when his father blatantly told him that he was to be married to a girl he'd never met and in two days, too. He and his father had an argument about that but in the end, he yielded. His father explained about the Dragon Clan. He was not a stranger to this clan.

The Dragon Clan was famed throughout Eurasia as the strongest fighting group. Those in power feared this clan and so they were exiled from the continent of China, which was their homeland. They stayed in Colony A0206, his home colony in L5.

The Dragon Clan was a proud clan, they were highly respected and have high regard when it comes to their bloodline. And so, heirs were chosen carefully. The heirs of the clan are required to marry at the young age of fourteen. And the chosen heir of this time was a girl named Meiran, granddaughter of Ron Shirin, the elder of the Dragon Clan. She prided herself on being the strongest of her clan and introduced herself as "Nataku".

He, Chang Wufei, was chosen by Ron Shirin to be Meiran's marriage partner. They were to be wed in two days and that was the reason why he was outside his own house in the middle of the night. He doesn't want to get married, it was not in his plans and it would only be a distraction to his studies, but he had no choice. Duties and responsibilities, his father kept saying. Being the only son was such a pain, he couldn't put the reponsibilty to another. So, he really didn't had a choice from the start. He sighed dejectedly and finally came to terms with his unfortunate fate of marriage without love.

He was not to meet the bride until the day of the wedding and so his family had spent his day talking to him about marriage life. How he should care for his wife and etc. He groaned inside, so much for spending his last days as a bachelor. He didn't even had the chance to grow up. He just skipped that part and went straight from child to husband.

That was the first day, and now the second day. His whole clan celebrated his coming wedding. Everyone congratulated him for being chosen and because he would be the heir of the Dragon Clan, too. He wondered if all they thought about was the heir business, which was rather true and annoyed him to the core.

The two days of waiting finally came to an end. Now, Wufei stood at the entrance of the temple waiting for the arrival of his future wife. He wasn't at all nervous, he just wanted to get things over with and get back to his own life. He was curious as to what she looked like but he wouldn't dare show it to the people present at the ceremony.

Both families wanted a traditional wedding although they have modified some of it due to practicality of the situation. Meiran arrived with a red veil covering her face. Wufei saw that Meiran was graceful, indeed she was a practitioner of the arts. She wore a phoenix crown and her bridal costume was richly designed with phoenixes that complimented Wufei's dragon-designed wedding outfit. Wufei unveiled Meiran and they looked at each other. Neither spoke and so the ceremony was started. Wufei had the feeling that their marriage won't last but for the sake of his clan, he would try.

After the wedding ceremony, Meiran walked towards where Ron Shirin and Wufei was. "You're that scholar boy," she stated simply.

Wufei looked at her and asked, "You're dissatisfied?"

Meiran walked closer and looked at Wufei squarely, "A person like you has no right to carry on the line of our proud clan."

Wufei flinged down his bridal hat and robe and then walked away saying, "Oh? Well, it certainly wasn't my idea. Do as you please!"

"Wufei!" Ron Shirin called but Wufei just ignored him.

"Grandfather, why did you choose him?" Meiran removed her tiara and replaced it in the altar, she took Wufei's headdress and placed it on the altar as well.

"Meiran, there's no better man and heir for you and our clan." Shirin picked up Wufei's wedding outfit and folded it neatly then handed it to Meiran.

"I still say he's too weak." Meiran frowned and then took the outfit.

Wufei grudgingly sat outside his new house. He now lived with the Dragon Clan. Normally the bride would live with the groom's clan, but his situation was rather different. Being married to Meiran meant that he was now the heir also. He had no problems with becoming the heir, truth was, he was rather proud to be chosen. The problem was his wife.

The two clans celebrated the union of their children and their bloodline. Everyone enjoyed except two people, the bride and the groom. Wufei had trouble thinking of the coming night. He barely knew Meiran and he couldn't really sleep with a stranger. **Life is unfair.**

Meiran on the other hand was having her own internal struggles. She glanced at Wufei and saw that Wufei was staring blankly at the wall. She sighed, **What did I do to deserve this...I'm Nataku and yet I suffer injustice.** She dreaded the approach of the night.

Wufei's clan finally bade goodbye and left. His father and mother talked to him about being the head and how they're so proud of him. His mother wept because her son is so grown up and kissed him goodbye. Wufei walked them out of the door with a frown. When he went back inside and he saw that Meiran and some others were cleaning the place. He took a deep breath walked towards Meiran and helped her clean up.

Meiran looked at Wufei as he helped her. She may not like being married to Wufei but if her grandfather believed in Wufei, she should at least try. When they were done cleaning, Shirin called his grandaughter and grandson. He told the couple to follow him outside.

Shirin looked at his heirs and smiled. **They look so good together...** he mentally slapped himself. **Ah...they are so young, so vibrant and so...annoyed.** He sweatdropped. They were standing outside for quite some time already and he saw that Meiran was trying to control her annoyance and so did Wufei.

"Grandfather, do you wish to talk to us?" Meiran asked.

"Ahh....yes. As a matter of fact, I do." And once again, he stared at his young heirs. Wufei cleared his throat and Meiran arched her eyebrows when Shirin didn't talk and just stared.

Shirin looked at Wufei and exclaimed, "Oh...what was I suppose to do again?"

Meiran closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She respected her grandfather but this was starting to get in her nerves. She made a soft growl, "...Grandpa."

Shirin laughed softly and waved his hands. "Come now, Meiran..." His face turned serious. "Seriously, you two know why you got married at this age, I suppose?"

Both nodded and waited for the elder to continue. "Good. We just wanted to ensure the family bloodline and the Dragon Clan be put into good hands. And I do believe that we made the right choice. We also know that you two are too young still so we don't require that you produce a child just yet. Time will come for that..." He looked at each child and held their shoulders, "but if you really want to have a child this early, we wouldn't stop you. We would be delighted to have another young one."

The couple blushed at the mention of producing a child and the elder noted that. Inwardly he clapped with delight, he was really enjoying this talk. He held their hands and clasped them together, "Now, why don't you two go to bed and we'll close down here. Now, you kids get to know each other because you'll be together for the rest of your lives." He gave them a suggestive smile. Wufei's face reddened even deeper and Meiran's eyes grew large and then turned into slits. She gritted her teeth as she struggled to control her blush. The old man just laughed some more and pushed them inside. He walked with them up to the stairs and shooed the married couple away.

They walked towards their room together. Wufei opened the door for them and let Meiran go in first. Neither of them spoke when they got in and dressed up for bed. Meiran sat on her side of the bed silently watching Wufei as he sat beside her. She still couldn't believe that she's married.

Wufei sat on his side of the bed aware that Meiran was watching him. It was uncomfortable to be married and not be able to talk to his wife. It was the start of his new life and this was not a good start. He had nothing to say so he just got himself a book and started to read.

**I am married to a weak nerd rock.** Meiran thought sarcastically as she watched Wufei get a book and start to read. She massaged the bridge of her nose and lied down, **What had gotten into the head of my grandfather to choose this...this..Wufei.**

Wufei felt the bed shift and glanced beside him. Meiran was massaging the bridge of her nose and was breathing deeply. She opened her eyes and looked at Wufei suddenly and he almost dropped the book.

"Goodnight, Wufei." That was all she said as she faced the other side of the bed and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, Meiran." Wufei shifted to his side and continued to read.

Meiran couldn't sleep, the glare of the light was too bright. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost 1 am and Wufei was still reading. "Wufei..."

Wufei looked at his wife, "You're still awake?"

"Yes, and I shouldn't be and neither should you. It's 1 am. Can't you stop reaidng that book?"

"I want to read."

"And I want to sleep."

"Why don't you go to sleep?"

"Because you're awake."

"What does that have to do with your sleeping?"

"The lamp is on and it's too bright."

"Then just close your eyes."

"Just turn off the light."


"Wufei." Meiran gritted her teeth, genuinely annoyed.

"Meiran." Wufei matched Meiran's tone and he too was annoyed.

"Why don't you just stop reading?"

"Why can't you just sleep?"

Meiran's temper was building. She suddenly sat upright and went to Wufei's side of the bed and turned off the lamp. She glared at Wufei and said, "Goodnight Wufei and go to SLEEP!" She flopped right back to her side of the bed and pulled the covers.

Wufei grunted and closed his book. He settled himself and faced the other side of the bed, away from Meiran. He sighed, **A lifetime with a wife like her...what did I get myself into....** he closed his eyes and slept.

Wufei opened his eyes and looked at the window, "...morning already?" He closed his eyes again and then snapped open. His eyes roamed around the ceiling wondering where he was, when he looked to his side he was surprised to see someone sleeping next to him and a woman noless. So surprised was he that he fell from the edge of the bed. There was a loud thud and Meiran snapped awake, alert and her eyes scanned the room looking for danger. Her eyes landed on the edge of the bed and when she saw Wufei, she immediately stood in a fighting stance.

Meiran was about to ask who Wufei was when comprehension finally came to her half-asleep brain. She tiredly asked, "What, if I may ask, are you doing on the floor?"

Wufei didn't answer and just stood up then went to the bathroom. Meiran flopped herself back on the bed and closed her eyes. **I get a snob for a husband, too. As if being a nerd and a weakling isn't enough...truly there is no justice for me.**

Wufei stared at his reflection at the mirror. His hare was unbound and sleep was still present in his eyes. Inside his brain was fully awake and screaming at him. **Stupid! Fall of the bed?! That was so embarassing...**

When Wufei came out of the bathroom, the bed was already fixed. Meiran was turned off the TV and entered the bathroom without even a glance to Wufei.

Wufei just shook his head and sighed. He took his books and went out of the room. He tried to convince himself that everything should work out just fine. He's got a whole lifetime with her, and it would be a living hell if things wouldn't work out.


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