Title: When Duo's Family Comes Visiting...
Author: Maiki-hime
Category: GW/YYH crossover fanfic.
Status: Finished chapter of a discarded epic. Posted in July/August, 2000.
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Warnings: A little OOC. TWT. Mentioned shounen-ai. Somewhat pointless.
Pairings: Mentioned Hiei+Kurama (from YYH). If you try *really* hard, some implied 1+2 (at least on Heero's part).
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Author's notes: Things got a turn to the left... I'm rewriting some parts from here on and trying to add a bit more angst. Since I have many ideas boiling inside my head, I just *know* I'll miss something and leave some plot holes behind... Gomen, ne!

And it's not my intention to bastardize Heero in any way, but from here on some of you may think he'll need a good shake to put himself together... What can I say? Confused people tend to do or say stupid things and end up making the situation even worse. I take it from myself...


Part VII

Duo was at his wit's end. For the past three weeks, the situation became almost unbearable. He now regretted telling his friends about himself. Their suspicions towards him for not telling everything would surely feel better than that weird emotional distance and, in Heero's case, mild animosity toward him after their disbelief vanished and they accepted what Duo told them as truth.

Quatre was the one whose attitude was the most like before. He treated Duo almost exactly the same way as always... gently, but firm. He would endure Duo's inane chatter, his lame jokes and his bubble-headed attitude, but somewhere deep inside him Duo had the feeling Quatre started to learn his true potential as an empath and started analyzing him. Duo recognized the feeling his uncle Yuusuke always described as 'making someone feel like a bug under the microscope' whenever he referred to Shizuru's abilities. It gave him the creeps.

Trowa would sneak glances at him whenever they were alone. Although his general behavior around Duo was quite similar as before, there was *something* different. Something Duo could not quite put his finger on, and he was feeling uncomfortable. The pilot of Heavyarms would seem as if to ask him something, then change his mind and leave. It got irritating.

Wufei became well-mannered. *Too* much, in fact. While Duo often thought Wufei could be a bit more civil when it came to other people, he was treating Duo with a level of reverence never seen before. 'Guess he believes all the things told in the legends are true...' Duo thought. While it was nice to see Wufei being polite to him, he knew it wasn't because the Chinese pilot thought better of him. It was just because of his newfound 'god-status'. To Wufei, all gods must be revered, even if they were loud-mouthed baka-gods like Maxwell. It got frustrating.

And Heero... that was the worst part. Duo's best friend's opinion was always very important to him, and the way Heero had been acting hurt him a lot. He never spoke a word to him since the day he learned the truth (not even when it was necessary; last mission's instructions were shared with him by Quatre) and acted like Duo had stabbed him on the back: sometimes glaring at him, sometimes giving him hurt glances when he thought Duo wasn't looking. And also messing with his stuff when he wasn't around. At first Duo didn't notice, but soon he found out some small slips on Heero's part. He was searching for the files. He never asked about them, but was frantically searching the house and even Deathscythe. It was infuriating.

One day Duo went shopping and returned earlier than expected. He found no sign of Heero in the room, but saw that he looked through his things again. Duo stalked out and caught Heero messing with his aibou. Probably searching in him again.

It was more than he could take.

With a snarl, he dashed forward. Heero noticed his approach, and turned to him. Duo's eyes were blazing with fury, and before he could think straight, he started screaming.

"Damn you, Heero! What do you think you're doing messing with my Gundam? If you want to go tinkering about, do it to your own!"

Heero ignored him and returned to their new house. Duo gaped for a moment, then resumed his fury full force. Following him, he grabbed he Japanese's arm just as they entered the front door. "You won't get out of this easily this time, Heero! I won't put up with this attitude of yours anymore!"

The other three pilots appeared in the doorway just as Heero shook Duo's hand off, crossed his arms and asked, "What are you talking about?"

Frustrated, Duo started pointing to each of his friends. "All of you! I'm tired of the way you've been giving me the cold shoulders! Quatre is trying to dissect me apart in little pieces, Trowa is trying to read my brain instead of asking me what he really wants to know, Wufei is treating me like a frigging I don't even know what and you haven't said a word to me, yet you keep searching through my stuff and now started messing with my Gundam! And don't you dare try to deny it!"

"I want that file."

"Fine! You want it? Take it! I don't care anymore!" Duo stormed to his room, grabbed the file and stormed back, hurling the folder in Heero's face. "Happy now?"

'It was in his room all along? How come I never found it before?' Tentatively at first, Heero opened his file. It wasn't very thick (come to think of it, his file was the thinnest of all), and had neat white pages with black printing in... "What is this language? I can't understand half of it."

Duo smirked. "Why Heero, can't you read your own mother language? It's Japanese!"

Heero glared. "No, it's not. Some characters here are Japanese, but the rest isn't."

Wufei approached the Japanese boy and peered over his shoulder. "That *is* Japanese, Heero. But it's a very archaic form of it. Must be at least a thousand years old."

Duo shrugged. "The three worlds aren't parallel dimensions. They have a touching point, and here on Earth that point is in Japan. Both Reikai and Makai's official human language is Japanese." With a tired sigh, he slumped on a chair. "Why are you all doing this to me? I... I thought you understood what I told you about me..."

The boys exchanged glances. Quatre approached him and said softly, "We did understand what you told us, Duo. But you have to agree with us it's not something you tell your companions everyday."

Duo gave him a hurt look. "I consider you as more than companions. I consider you as my friends. Enma knows I never had many... I... I just want to continue living as before. I may have never wanted my human life to be like this, piloting a Gundam and fighting a war, but I want to make the best of it."

Running a hand through his bangs, he sighed. "I should have never told you... I knew everything would change." He got up and turned to leave.

Heero snorted. "Nothing changed. But it could. You are a god. Why don't you use your powers and change things? You could save ourselves a lot of trouble." In a bitter tone, he added. "You could prevent any more of this. Why don't you stop playing rebel and give up pretending to be like us?"

Duo turned around, eyes alight with fury. With a small cry, he launched himself at Heero, and punched him squarely in the jaw. "Don't you dare take my actions lightly, Yuy! I'm exactly just like any other human in this world!" He got off Heero and watched as the Japanese boy got up. Fists clenched and trembling with rage, he took a few steps back. "I'm living every single moment of this life as any of you are. I'm not a god here, I'm just Duo. As a god I have no right to interfere with the flow of events, and as a human I have no right to use any of my powers."

Duo took in a steadying breath. "I never used my powers ever since I became human. And don't you think I never wanted to. Whenever I found myself sleeping on the sidewalks, with no food for Enma knows how long, I felt tempted. Tempted to use just a tiny bit, and make things a little better. And whenever a loved one died, I felt tempted to give up and return home, just to see them one more time. But I never did. It was my choice; I was a human now, and had to live and suffer as one. Just because I lived longer than any of you, it doesn't make my suffering any less painful. Don't you dare assume it's all a little game to me."

He swept his gaze across the room. None of the boys looked him in the eye. Looking at Heero's lean figure, he waited until the boy raised his head. "You say I'm not one of you Heero, but I'm more human than you could ever be... at least I acknowledge my feelings and follow them." Looking down, he unclenched one fist. Blood was trickling down the cuts on the palm of his hand, and he showed it to Heero. "And a god isn't that much different from a human. A god has feelings, make stupid mistakes and try to correct them, laughs and cries when is happy or sad. A god can be hurt. A god can bleed, Heero. And a god can die."

Duo turned and walked to the door. Before leaving the room, he turned back once more. "Just because my life expectancy is bigger than yours, we are not that different. A god is not immortal. I can return to the Reikai in the future and live more five thousand years, or I can get hit by a truck next corner and have it all finished there."

The soft 'click' of Duo's bedroom door closing echoed almost like a gunshot in the deafening silence of the room.


A soft knock on his door. Quatre opened his eyes and slowly got up; sleeping never was an option in the first place.

The reason of his rare bout of insomnia stood in front of his opened door, completely dressed. Quatre motioned for him to enter, and before closing the door he noticed there was light coming from another door, slightly ajar. Heero's.

Duo stood in the middle of the room, a thoughtful expression on his face. Quatre made him sit on the edge of the bed, before interrupting the silence. "Duo..."

The braided boy stopped him. "Don't say anything, Quatre."


"I came to tell you I'm leaving."

Quatre's head snapped up. "Leaving? Where to?"

Duo shrugged. "I got a mission. Have to infiltrate a base and steal some files, nothing big. One of you is going with me in this one, just don't know who."

Quatre nodded. "When?"

"The mission? Next week. Me leaving? Now." Before Quatre could say anything, Duo raised his hand. "I got the info earlier than you guys and I'm going to do some scouting before going in. When my partner gets the instructions he'll meet me there." A pause. "In the meantime, I'll take some time to myself, and let you guys alone. I know you'll appreciate it."

When Duo reached the door and opened it, Quatre's voice stopped him. "Please don't get mad at us, Duo. Just give us some time."

Duo sighed. Although he was already out of Quatre's room, he didn't notice the shadow in the other lightened room. "I *am* giving you guys time, Quatre. But I don't know if just time is enough. I know you don't trust me anymore." After closing the door, he added, "I never knew if you really trusted me to begin with."



If I'm not mistaken, 'aibou' means 'partner' or something similar... that's how Duo calls Deathscythe in EW (at least I think so...).

Well, I'm already finished with part VIII, so off I am to finish rewriting part IX! See you!