Title: When Duo's Family Comes Visiting...
Author: Maiki-hime
Category: GW/YYH crossover fanfic.
Status: Finished chapter of a discarded epic. Stands as an one-shot fic (barely). Posted in July, 2000.
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Warnings: A little OOC. TWT. Mentioned shounen-ai. Somewhat pointless.
Pairings: Mentioned Hiei+Kurama (from YYH). If you try *really* hard, some implied 1+2 (at least on Heero's part).
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Part VI

Kurama turned out to be right. Duo's ramen might have been very simple, but it was delicious. The four pilots were surprised Duo could cook so well, and at the same time a bit angry he deceived them. After all, since the last time Duo was told to cook for them (and nearly blew the oven) he never touched any pots and pans again.

Heero and Wufei seemed a bit wary with Hiei and Kurama. It turned out to be quite a good thing, really. They sat on the counter, leaving the chairs to the youkai. The meal passed evenly, with small talk between Duo and his fathers (and a very unusual and uncomfortable silence among the other pilots). After helping cleaning up, Kurama turned to Duo. "Shi-chan?"


"You said you spent some time in the Makai, before coming to the Ningenkai. Where?"

Duo fidgeted a bit. "Well, I couldn't go to your den... it would be the first place otousan or okaasan would look for me."

Hiei snorted. "It was. Botan came barging in the day after you disappeared, demanding we sent you back." At that, Duo looked surprised. "Really? I thought they would find me gone only after my ground time was up."

"I think Koenma had reconsidered your punishment and was about to talk to you about it... but you still haven't answered my question."

Duo scratched his head and looked somewhat flustered. "Well... I didn't know where to go... so I went to Gandara."

Kurama's eyes widened. "Gandara!? You went to Yomi's palace?"

Duo nodded.

Hiei rolled his eyes. "You spent almost three years in horny-boy's place? How many times did he try to bed you this time?"

Both Kurama and Duo became red... one out of anger, and the other out of embarrassment. The first one sputtered "WHAAAAT!?" while the other cried out "Hiei, you promised to never tell Kurama!"

Duo turned to his fuming father, completely ignoring the show the three of them were putting up to the four stunned boys now standing in the corner of the kitchen (away from any form of physical reach). Holding his hands in front of him, Duo babbled apologetically "It's not what you think, Kurama! We didn't *do* anything, I swear!"

"Not for lacking of trying, at least on Yomi's part. Come on Kurama, you never noticed Yomi started showing up too much after he caught... sight of Duo?" (author's note: sorry, I don't know if 'caught sight' is plausible here... after all, Yomi is blind!)

A small tick formed on Kurama's, ...Heero's!? and Duo's foreheads. The latter cried in exasperation, "Hiei! You're not helping here!"

"Shi-chan... Why have you never told me?"

Duo waved his hands. "You know I'd never go with him, Kurama... I don't like horns, and Yomi has a lot of them! Besides, I think he was hitting on me just to try and piss you off for saying no in the first place. In all the time I spent in his palace, he never hinted anything." Then he muttered to himself, "Shura, on the other hand..."

But everybody heard that. "Shura!? Come here boy, I have some things to tell you in private!" Kurama dragged a flailing Duo back to the living room. While some muffled shouts and conversation flowed between them, Quatre turned to Hiei again. "Anou... what was all that about?"

Hiei shrugged. "Yomi is an old acquaintance of Kurama's, and tried to bed him for centuries. When we mated, he apparently gave up. Seems he found Shi-chan interesting enough. Shura is Yomi's son."

At that instant, Kurama's voice was heard, shouting. "...and Shura I can even understand, he's only some centuries older than you. But Yomi!? He's older than me!"

Duo shouted back something that sounded suspiciously like "he's still good looking, if it weren't for those horns" and "why are you so worried? Nothing happened!" After that, no more shouting, just some more muffled conversation. Judging it was safe to join them back, the group returned to the living room and found both standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed and finality in their expressions.

Kurama saw the group settle again in the room, and turned back to Duo. "I had another reason for coming, Shi-chan. It's only a matter of time for Koenma and Botan to find you. Perhaps you should be prepared."

Duo stiffened. "What do you mean?"

"Your files were in George's desk; he's in charge of investigating why they are incorrect. It was because of them that I found out who and where you were, so I presume they will get here, eventually."


Kurama nodded. Taking a wad of papers from his overcoat pockets, he handed them to Duo. "Each and every one of your friends have some sort of error in their files. At first I didn't know which one of you was the real Shi-chan... so I took all them. I even thought that one" he looked pointedly at Heero, "was you, because of his file... Until I saw the picture in yours."

Duo paled. "These... these are our files? Kurama, you know it's a crime stealing from the Reikai! What do you think otousan will do when he finds out?"

Kurama smirked. "Nothing. I haven't stolen anything, Shi-chan. I took the files for a walk, then returned them to George's desk. Oh, by the way, did you know Koenma put a copying machine in the office? It's very old, but does the job nicely."

Both snickered a little, until Heero asked suspiciously, "Duo. What are these?" Duo sobered up. "These are your files. Everything about you is recorded here: who and how your past lives were, results of each judgment you went through and its sentences, estimatives for your current life, when and how you're supposed to die and who will be responsible for your..." he trailed off at the look on his friend's faces. "Forget it, guys. It's confidential, and I won't let you see it."

"Why are there more than five folders?"

Duo looked down. "I don't know. Let's see... current name: Quatre, Trowa, Duo, Wufei, Heero... hey! Relena!? And... these ones don't have a name!"

At the mention of Relena's name, Heero sprung forward. Duo caught the movement in time and dodged him, while tsking at the Japanese boy. "Hey, I told you these files are confidential! Hands off, Heero! If you're so interested in learning more about Relena, go ask her!"

After a cold glare, Heero sat back. Duo grinned and headed for the doorway. "Since only the Reikai office workers are allowed to see these folders, I'd better put them somewhere safe... You never know when some curious hands will try to take them! Be back in a minute!"

The two youkai examined the clearly uncomfortable boys in front of them. After some time of hearing Duo's cursing for not finding a suitable hiding place, Kurama broke the silence with a soft sigh. "You seem to be taking all this pretty well."

Trowa was the one to answer back, and his answer amused the youkai. "We are still too shocked to be screaming around in hysterics. Give us some more time."

Kurama smiled sadly. "You should all be very proud of yourselves." At the boys' confused look, he elaborated. "Just like Shi-chan, I merged with a human once, and lived a human's life. I had many human friends... and outlived each and every one of them. Well, except for Yuusuke..." A small chuckle. "But that's another story.

"What I mean is that I know how much it hurts when you know someone you care for will die before you, even when you know they can reincarnate. Or someone you love deeply. Yuusuke's and" he nodded at Hiei, "his sister's soulmates were human. We saw how much they hurt when their loved ones died, and how they still hope to find their reincarnated souls. They've been searching them for more than five hundred years, but not only once met them again. Reikai laws forbid Koenma to tell where they are reincarnated."

Hiei grunted something, but Kurama paid no attention to him. "I must confess one of the main reasons Hiei and I kept our distance from humans is because we were afraid... afraid to befriend them and see them dying before us again. Although that never happened to Shi-chan while he was with us or his real parents, in his short period of time living as a human he saw people he loved dying before his eyes, and being unable to do anything to stop it."

"If he's really the God of Death, he could stop it."

The cold glare Kurama sent Heero could have made him wet his pants (if he weren't Heero, that is). "I think you're a bit too slow to truly understand what you're saying." (author's note: ouch! That hurt!) "Even if Koenma *does* have the power to resurrect people, Shi-chan doesn't. And even if he did, he couldn't break the Reikai laws and go around resurrecting people scheduled to leave."

Ignoring the look Heero gave him back, Kurama turned to the other three pilots. "He learned how much it hurts... and yet I see him befriending the four of you. The circumstances may make it seem like you're only temporary companions, but I can see and feel he considers each and every one of you as a good, real friend. He knows he'll outlive you, but even then he thinks you are worth the pain he'll go through once you leave him behind. *That's* something to be proud of."

Standing up, Kurama put on his overcoat and hat. At the same time Duo came bouncing down the stairs, the two youkai were making their way to the front door. "Hey, where you going?"

This time, Hiei was the one to answer. "Back. Botan thinks we're in Tokyo, and will meet us there to 'remember things'. Then we'll return to the Makai."

With a sigh, Duo gave his fathers a big hug. "Even if I never really expected it, thanks for coming. I've missed you a lot..."

Kurama smiled back. "We too. Come visit us as soon as you can, Shi- chan."

With a brief glance in his friends' direction and a sad smile, Duo nodded. "Sure. But you know I won't be able to do this for quite some time... I think --"

Hiei interrupted him. "You'll do exactly the same thing Kurama did, we know that. We'll wait." With a mock frown, he added, "You two are too much alike for my taste..."

Both Duo and Kurama said at the same time, "But that's exactly why you love us so much!"

Hiei scowled. Before following his mate outside, he glared once more at the four pilots still seated and said, "Remember what Kurama said. If any of you hurts him any more than necessary, I'll kill you!"

Duo shooed him away, laughing. "Hey, you're too much like Heero! That's his line!" Closing the door, he sighed and turned around, only to meet said pilot glaring at him. *Again*.

He scratched his head. "Don't mind Hiei, guys. That's just the way he is." Plastering a huge grin on his face (and trying to mask the wistful look on his eyes) he exclaimed, "Saa, is there anything interesting to do now?"



Whew! Here is the end of my favorite youkai's visit to my favorite braided one... Will they come back? Now that they're gone, will the G- boys start screaming in hysterics? Stay tuned for part VII!

Ja ne!


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