Title: When Duo's Family Comes Visiting...
Author: Maiki-hime
Category: GW/YYH crossover fanfic.
Status: Finished chapter of a discarded epic. Stands as an one-shot fic (barely). Posted in July, 2000.
Disclaimers: You all know the drill, right? The characters belong to their rightful owners. This fic is mine.
Warnings: A little OOC. TWT. Mentioned shounen-ai. Somewhat pointless.
Pairings: Mentioned Hiei+Kurama (from YYH). If you try *really* hard, some implied 1+2 (at least on Heero's part).
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Author's notes: This is a looooooong, big piece of Duo-explains- things-to-the-others, so be prepared! Next part will be a bit more on the light side (at least I think so! ^_^) Oh, and I seem to have a little problem with commas... (never know where to put them!) Gomen! I'm still on the hunt for a beta-reader...


Part V

"...475... y-years!?"

Duo nodded. "It may seem quite a bit to you guys, but I'm still considered young. Almost like an adolescent."

"Hn. By the way you acted, more like a child."

Duo pouted at Hiei's words, but said nothing.

"Then... you're not human... and you said you're not a... youkai... what *are* you?"

Kurama smiled at Wufei. "If there are humans, youkai and gods, and he's not the first two... what leaves?"

Even Heero's eyes widened at the realization. "A... a..."

Duo smiled sheepishly, and scratched his head. "Well, yeah... Huh, why do you guys think they call me 'Shi-chan'?"

Hiei chuckled. "Because you're too damn stubborn to use your real name."

Duo gave him a snort. "Not only that, but who in his right mind would like to be called 'Koenma-the-Second-sama' all around? It's sooooo uncool! Besides, Shinigami sounds better!"

Quatre blinked. "Shinigami... You... you never lied, even when you claimed to be the God of Death..."

Duo turned his attention to the gaping pilots in front of him. "Well, if you really want to know... I'm not the *actual* God of Death... yet."

"What... what do you mean, *yet*?"

"I mean, the real God of Death is Enma-Daioh *snort* even though he's not the one who does all the work.... and I'll only have the title when I take his place..."

At the confused look on his friends' faces: "Let me explain it better... Enma-Daioh is my grandfather. While at the beginning he was the one responsible for the judgement of souls, he gave this task to his son Koenma - that's my otousan's name - as soon as he was able to read and sign his name on the documents. I think that's why otousan sent me to be fostered away... I think he wanted me to have a 'normal' childhood... like the one he hadn't been able to enjoy.

"Otousan became responsible for the judgements, as well as the Reikai Tantei department. The Tantei were responsible for keeping youkai from disturbing the humans, but since the barrier was rebuilt and kept in place they had little to do, and were dismissed until further notice. When I said I worked part-time in the office, I did mainly paperwork, like organizing archives and filing processed souls."

Kurama interrupted him. "But Koenma told us you were already judging souls..."

Four pilots looked at each other, the last statement slowly sinking in. Duo the-chatterbox-with-a-devil-may-care-attitude Maxwell not only a god, but a god who had the power to judge and send souls to Heaven or Hell?

Duo sighed, and the pilots turned their attention back to him. Too shocked to have any kind of reaction, all they could do was listen to his story. Running a hand through his bangs, Duo suddenly looked tired. "I was. But every time I judged a soul, something was not right, and otousan would get mad at me. Sometimes he said I was too severe, others I was too lenient. Okaasan stood by my side every time he yelled at me, but things were getting a bit too hard to handle.

"The last straw happened one week before I ran away. I judged a soul and, instead of sentencing it to ten years in the seventh hell, I sent it to four years in the fifth, with immediate reincarnation after that.

"Otousan was called by Enma-Daioh. I don't know what they told each other, but when we met outside his chambers otousan was royally pissed. We had a big argument this time. Otousan said I was being too naive and driven by emotions and compassion to make a serious judgement. He said I still had much to learn about human nature, and until then I would no longer judge any more souls.

"Then he grounded me. Can you believe it? He gave me some books on Reikai laws and said I was to study them until I was allowed to leave my room... and that would be four months later!

"I paced around the room for about a week. Then I decided to leave. I went to the Makai and hid there for about two or three years. I admit it, I was brooding. Then I came to the Ningenkai. I wandered around, trying to understand what I was missing, or what I still had to learn about them. Then it hit me. If I had to learn about human nature, what would be the most efficient way? Becoming a human, of course."

Duo paused for a moment and looked around. His friends seemed mesmerized by his story and there was no sign of questions from them. His fathers waited patiently for him to continue, and so he did. "It took me some more time to find the perfect chance. While I was wandering, I happened to find a sick, dying child. He looked a lot like me... When I checked on the Book of Souls, I saw he was scheduled to be judged just once more, and not reincarnate again.

"I showed myself to him, and he wasn't scared. He even seemed glad to see me... I found out he knew all about his past incarnations, and how things worked in the Reikai. I started visiting him regularly, and soon we became good friends. We talked about many things, and even though he knew he was dying, he still wasn't afraid. Until I told him he would not come back to the Ningenkai anymore.

"He became terrified. The prospect of never living on Earth again frightened him more than anything. At the time, I didn't understand why such fear; but I think I may be starting to now. Anyway, he asked if there wasn't anything I could do to let him stay... so we made a deal."

Kurama's eyes widened. "Shi-chan... You didn't... did you?"

Duo turned to him. "Yes, I did. I could have let him die and take up his body before it collapsed... take up his identity, and live his life. But that wouldn't have been the right thing to do. I asked his permission instead. I explained my situation, and what I wanted. And he let me."

Silence hung for a moment, then Quatre spoke up. "Duo... Permission to what? What... what did you do?"

Duo's eyes softened, and he looked distant. "I told him I couldn't let him live more than what he was supposed to. I don't have *that* much power yet. But I could let him live as much as I did. In exchange for that, he would give himself to me... completely."

Kurama groaned. "You merged with him. That's why his soul never returned to the Reikai when it was supposed to."

Duo nodded. Hiei gave his mate a sideways glance: "I told you shouldn't have explained the merging process so detailed to him, Kurama." Kurama gave back a sour look and replied, "Well, I'd never have imagined he would try it himself, *koi*"

Before their little bickering escalated, Wufei interrupted them. "What do you mean, *merged*?"

Duo smiled. "It means just as it sounds. I transferred my life-force to his body and started living in it. But," he raised a finger "before any of you get any weird ideas, let me assure you: I don't have two souls living in the same body, no multiple personalities and I definitely haven't just disposed of him. We *merged*, simple as that. Our souls became one.

"He was very special. When we merged, I received all his memories, and since he remembered all his previous incarnations - something that isn't supposed to happen - they became part of my memories as well, just as my original ones. And we both changed. I changed his body, and he changed my soul."

Hiei snorted. "Just as I thought. So that's why even if you look a bit like before, your eyes aren't pink anymore."

Duo widened his eyes comically, and gave Hiei a puppy-eyed look. "You noticed! I'm touched!"

"P-pink!?" The pilots tried to imagine Duo... with pink eyes... and even with the shock of revelation, they started snickering. Even Heero had a suspicious quirk in his lips.

Duo blew them a raspberry. "Yeah, pink. Okaasan's eyes are pink, and I took after her. Anyway, we changed. He was, physically, extremely like me, except for his eyes. His eyes were black... that's why I think mine became darker after the merging. On the other hand, much of my personality was altered by his own. I became louder, more playful and much more confident."

Turning to Kurama, Duo gave him a funny look. "You were right, Kurama. The merging *is* a strange thing. I forgot simply everything, and only after some time started remembering who I was and what I did. By that time, his parents and I had already left Earth to a business travel to some of the colonies. We got caught in the middle of an attack in L2, and both of them died." Duo gave Heero a pointed look and added, "That's how I ended up in the streets of L2, Heero. From then on, it happened just like you said. I hope you're satisfied now."

Heero gave him an indecipherable look, but before anyone could say anything, Duo jumped up, rubbing his stomach. "Saa, look at this! It's lunch time already! I'm hungry, let's do something to eat!" He dashed to the kitchen, shouting over his shoulder "Hey, Kurama! I'm sure you miss human food, what do you want to eat? I'm cooking!"

Kurama chuckled at the obvious look of impending doom on the pilots' faces. It seemed they doubted Duo's cooking skills, and were afraid he might burn down the house. "Don't worry about him. Most of the times he doesn't want anyone to know it, but he's the best cook I've ever seen." With that, Kurama followed his son and Hiei (who had already followed Duo) into the kitchen, to tell Duo just some ramen would do.




Ta da! Here we are folks, at the end of one more part!

You would think that grounding a 400+ year-old 'boy' sounds a bit too childish, wouldn't you? But I thought it would sound quite appropriate, considering the punishments Koenma went through... At least Duo's behind didn't get beaten up like Koenma's...

I've been having some problems with what to make the pilots say during Duo's explanations, so I simply shut them up. Wise move, no? Perhaps I should apply it to Duo... or even myself...

Ja ne!


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