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Second, I forgot to put some footnotes... they are mostly about the few Japanese phrases there.

1. "Hisashiburi": means something like "Long time, no see."
2. "So desu": he's agreeing with the above statement
3. "Sugoi": umm... in this case, I'd say it can be translated as "cool!"
4. "honto ni": means "is it true?"

In this part, there will be "otousan" and "okaasan", which means "father" and "mother" respectively.

I'm aware that probably everyone knew that already, but I wanted to be on the safe side...

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Title: When Duo's Family Comes Visiting...
Author: Maiki-hime
Category: GW/YYH crossover fanfic.
Status: Finished chapter of a discarded epic. Stands as an one-shot fic (barely). Posted in July, 2000.
Disclaimers: You all know the drill, right? The characters belong to their rightful owners. This fic is mine.
Warnings: A little OOC. TWT. Mentioned shounen-ai. Somewhat pointless.
Pairings: Mentioned Hiei+Kurama (from YYH). If you try *really* hard, some implied 1+2 (at least on Heero's part).
Archive: Sometime in the future, I'll have a webpage in which I'll put this on. In the meantime, if anyone want this, please contact me first.
And last, but not least... I tried to send the fic in just one shot, but it kept bouncing back. So I decided to send it in smaller pieces, for the sake of actually getting through. Please forgive me if the transitions between parts are a bit strange.


Part II

When Duo came down again he was already showered and completely dressed, but still had a towel around his hair. He dragged everyone to the living room and settled himself on the loveseat. Hiei grunted and sat by his side. "Why take a bath just to talk?"

Duo smiled sunnily. "If Kurama is coming to see me, I have to at least be presentable." With that, he started toweling his hair, sending small droplets over Hiei, who scowled and took the towel from his hands. "You still don't know how to do it without getting me wet, do you? Turn around, I'll do it."

Turning, Duo burst out laughing at the look on his friends' faces. "Hey guys, what's up? You look like you've swallowed a couple of frogs each."

"W-well, Duo-kun, we've never seen you so at ease with a stranger, nor with your hair down..." Quatre stammered.

"Oh? Well, my hair is something a bit too personal... and Hiei is definitely *not* a stranger."

Before anyone could ask more, Hiei interrupted them. "Give me the brush." As he started combing Duo's hair, Hiei grumbled, "I still don't understand why you and that baka kitsune insist in having long hair."

Duo cooed back, "Because you both taught me the best. You taught me how to dress," he pointed at their clothes, both wearing black and white "and Kurama taught me about hair care! And quit complaining, I know you like brushing our hair!"

"Duo." Heero ground out. "WHO. IS. HE?"

"Aw, Hee-chan, don't get jealous!" The brush paused mid-stroke for a moment, but before Duo could turn around and ask what was wrong, it resumed his task. "Well, since I have some explaining to do to Hiei, might as well tell you guys everything from the beginning.

"I'm a bit older than you guys think. Otousan is always busy, buried in paperwork, and okaasan never stayed with me for long periods of time. She's also very busy with her job, you know. So when I was still a toddler, I had no one to take care of me. I always got lost in the office, messed with the papers and made everyone's life miserable."

"You still do..." Wufei mumbled.

"Hey, Wufie! Not fair!"

"My name is WuFEI, Maxwell!"

"Yare, yare. Anyway, otousan thought it would be a good idea if I enjoyed my childhood for a while before I got old enough to start learning how to manage the 'family business'" Duo shuddered a little and Quatre gave him a sympathetic look, "so he sent me to be fostered away. As Hiei and Kurama are some of my parents' best friends, they took me in--"

Hiei interrupted him, "Took you in? That... that pacifier-sucker threw you at us and almost threatened us with the Special Forces if we didn't raise you properly!"

The pilots tensed, and Duo hastily added "Not *that* Special Forces, guys. He's talking about otousan's employees." Turning to Hiei, he asked "but you liked my company all those years, didn't you?" He batted his eyelashes for good measure. Hiei whacked him upside the head and muttered "Baka. Turn around and let me finish."

Turning to his fellow pilots, Duo continued "Well, Hiei and Kurama took me in and raised me as a son. Those were the best years in my life... Then I grew up and otousan called me back. I spent some time with him, learning about the office and working part-time."

"Then you disappeared." Hiei interjected. "Do you know the fuss that bubble-head mother of yours made? Here, I finished your hair. But I don't know how to put it up."

Duo reached out and started braiding his hair. "I know what I did was wrong, Hiei. But I don't regret it. You know otousan prohibited us in interfering with the world, and I had to stay inside the office pretending nothing was happening! I wanted to live in this world! I wanted to make a difference!"

Both turned at the sound of Quatre's voice "You wanted to do something to help instead of waiting for others... so you ran away from your father."

Duo nodded weakly "Yeah. Something like that."

Quatre gave him a warm look. "I understand what you felt, Duo-kun. I... I felt the same. And did the same."

Duo's eyes widened. "You... you did?"

Quatre nodded.

"Hiei?" Hiei jumped and turned around, eyes widening slightly. It was Trowa. "If you're the one who raised Duo, how old are you? And who's Kurama?"

Hiei shrugged. "I'm much older than I look. We took care of Shi-chan since he stopped using diapers. And Kurama is my mate."

Duo chuckled. "We don't say 'mate' here, Hiei." Turning to the others, "Kurama is Hiei's husband. They married long before I was born."

Wufei sputtered "T...two males... married to each other?"

He received three glares. Duo's and Hiei's were somewhat expected... but Quatre's? In unison, the three asked "Yeah... got a problem with that?" Wufei gulped and shook his head, earning back a "Good."

"I also think it's good" came a voice from the doorway. Before anyone could even blink, Duo threw himself across the room. "KURAMAAAAA!!!"

A loud 'OOOOFFFF' and the sound of someone falling to the ground followed Duo's almost shriek. Hiei snorted and the others sweatdropped (or they would, if it were possible). Duo started giggling like a child, and soon a deep, rich voice started laughing with him.

"I missed you a lot, Kurama!"

"I missed you too, Shi-chan."

When both got up, the four pilots were greeted with the sight of the most beautiful man they'd ever seen. Pale hands could be seen coming out of the heavy overcoat sleeves, and long silver hair came from underneath the man's hat. What caught their attention though were the man's piercing golden eyes. Cold. Assessing. But when those eyes turned to Duo, they became soft and warm.

Duo dragged Kurama to the middle of the room, then started pointing out his friends. "Kurama, these are Trowa, Quatre, Heero and Wufei. Guys, this is Kurama, my other father." Kurama bowed politely. "Yoroshiku."

The boys nodded, and Kurama sat beside Hiei. Duo chose to sit on the floor, back resting against their legs. Kurama reached out, grabbed the end of Duo's braid and started toying with it.

Heero narrowed his eyes. Duo looked like a happy dog whose owner was toying with its leash. How much longer would he keep up the act?




Oh, for those who saw EW... think that Kurama's hat is somewhat similar to Zechs' when he went to see Lady Une... I needed something to cover his ears!

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