Please let me ramble a little... YYH was *the* anime that hooked me into anime. And fandom. And yaoi. And all the other goodies anime-related... While I was looking for YYH fanfics I noticed many YYH fans also were GW fans, so I decided to investigate GW a little further... and here I am!

About five or six months ago I decided I would give it a try, and started writing. I had bursts of inspiration, in which I would sit and write for two to six hours straight, not even pausing to drink water, eat or *blush* bathroom breaks, then have weeks in which I couldn't even write a complete sentence...

The results? I have about ten complete YYH fanfics which I never showed any living soul (and probably never will), a GW/Escaflowne crossover that is paused until further notice, three or four GW fics in the waiting line, a notebook with about fifty pages of fic ideas, three original stories and this GW/YYH crossover I'm sending in right now.

I've seen tons of very good GW/YYH crossovers around, and at least five or six in which Duo is Koenma and Botan's son. Since mine would go by the same lines, I became a bit apprehensive... would it be a plot too worn out? Well, only one way to find out...

I also remember reading some parts of a fic in which Heero was a youkai raised by Kurama and Hiei, and Duo was a 'quite normal' human (very good, BTW). In my version, Duo is the 'supernatural' one, and Heero is the 'quite normal'... or at least as normal as I could think of. A youkai Heero *is* appealing, though...

This fic was supposed to be part of a much larger story I had intended to write, but simply gave up. However, since this chapter's been bugging me for a while, I decided to purge it out of my system. I apologize if it sounds too strange, or boring... my writing tends to be confusing and too vague at times, that's why I think I need a proofreader or an editor... someone who could point me my flaws and give me suggestions on how to improve my writing... Would anyone care to help me?

Oh... The characters may be a bit OOC... I don't know the G-boys personalities very well, since I never watched GW (not even the fansubbers have it here!) and I thought since Hiei and Kurama have been together for some centuries and raised a child together, they would have mellowed a little...


When Duo's Family Comes Visiting...
A GW/YYH crossover fanfic by Maiki-hime


Title: When Duo's Family Comes Visiting...
Author: Maiki-hime
Category: GW/YYH crossover fanfic.
Status: Finished chapter of a discarded epic. Stands as an one-shot fic (barely). Posted in July, 2000.
Disclaimers: You all know the drill, right? The characters belong to their rightful owners. This fic is mine.
Warnings: A little OOC. TWT. Mentioned shounen-ai. Somewhat pointless.
Pairings: Mentioned Hiei+Kurama (from YYH). If you try *really* hard, some implied 1+2 (at least on Heero's part).
Archive: Sometime in the future, I'll have a webpage in which I'll put this on. In the meantime, if anyone want this, please contact me first.
And last, but not least... I tried to send the fic in just one shot, but it kept bouncing back. So I decided to send it in smaller pieces, for the sake of actually getting through. Please forgive me if the transitions between parts are a bit strange. Oh, and I'm sending only one or two parts for now... if you people don't like it, I'll stop...


Part I

Sleep was leaving him and consciousness was gradually returning. A slight discomfort made itself known. He tried to raise his hand and rub one of his eyes, only to find he couldn't move. Someone was kneeling on his hands, pinning them to the bed.

Violet eyes immediately snapped open, to stare into dark red ones. Duo would have gulped if he could, but the sword poised on his throat would have made the movement at least a bit too risky.

The handsome face above Duo smirked, and a deep voice made itself heard. "Hisashiburi desu ne, Shi-chan?"

The sword was retracted a little. Duo finally managed to gulp, and whispered "So desu, Hiei."

Hiei leaned over Duo's face a bit more, and in quiet but angry tones whispered back, "I think you owe us some explanations. And they'd better be very good ones."

Duo opened his mouth, but before any sound came out of his throat, a loud 'click' was heard. Both Duo and Hiei glanced sideways, only to meet the sight of a certain Heero Yuy pointing a gun at Hiei's head. Not even blinking, he growled, "Get off him."

Red met violet again, and Hiei smirked one more time. "Keep down, Shi-chan." Duo did as was told, and Hiei slowly got off him. Standing face to face with Heero, the smirk still firmly in place, Hiei said, "What do you want, human?"

Narrowing his eyes, Heero hissed, "Drop the sword and raise your hands."

Heero never realized the gun had gone off and Duo had screamed "HIEI, NO!!!" The only thing he knew was that he was against the wall, with no gun in his hand, no air in his lungs and with that thrice damned sword now on his own throat.

Heero was silently fuming. How come he was so easily overpowered by that skinny, *still smirking* brat? The sound of footsteps reached his ears, and he glanced at the door. The other three pilots stood there, guns at ready, but gaping at the sight in front of them.

Duo quickly climbed out of bed and stood between the two groups. "Guys, drop the guns." Quatre blinked. "But, Duo-kun..."

"I said drop the guns!" Whirling around, Duo sent Hiei a furious glare. "Hiei, back off! You promised me you'd never do that again!"

Hiei suddenly became serious. "I don't think that's the right way to address me, Shi-chan. Where are your manners?"

Duo crossed his arms over his chest and smirked, just like Hiei had done before. "I never had manners, you know that. Besides, whose fault is that? Who raised me like I am now?"

Chuckling, Hiei stepped back. "You're right." Sheathing his sword, he completely ignored Heero and the three pilots on the doorway and turned to face Duo. "I'm still waiting for an explanation, Shi-chan. And make it good."

Duo sighed. "How long do you have?" Looking over Hiei's shoulder, he added, "Heero, stay put or he'll beat the shit out of you, man. He was just playing around with you the first time."

Heero sputtered something unintelligible, and Hiei chuckled again. "As long as I want. Kurama will show up latter."

At that, Duo's face lit up. "Honto ni? Sugoi! Let's go down and wait for him then!" Looking down, Duo realized he was half-naked, and blushed. "Hey, Quatre!" No answer. "Quatre?" The blonde snapped up, and looked at Duo. "Quatre, could you take Hiei down and get him some tea while I get dressed? Thanks, man!"

As he turned to his dresser, Hiei's question made Duo blush even more. "I've always seen you naked, ever since you were born. Why are you being shy now?"

Pointing at his friend's shocked faces, Duo answered "You may be used to see me wandering around naked, but they certainly aren't. Now shoo!"

Shrugging, Hiei left the room. Duo called after his friends. "Hey, guys!" As they turned, Duo gave them a thumbs-up. "Don't worry about him, he's family!"


The four pilots were giving Hiei suspicious looks, which the latter promptly ignored. Heero was still pissed at being so easily overpowered, so he was in a *bad* mood when Quatre tried to squeeze some info out of him.

"Have any of you seen him getting into the house?" At Wufei and Trowa's negative answer, they turned to Heero, who grunted, "When I came into the room I caught him" pointing at Hiei "over Duo on the bed, with a sword at his throat."

They turned at Hiei, who was glaring at his teacup like it was a poisonous snake. Quatre cleared his throat. "Anou... Hiei-san?"

Red eyes looked up. "Hn?"

"Have you known Duo for long?"


"He said you were family..."


Trowa gave Heero a sideways glance and whispered, "His answers remind me of someone I know..." Quatre tried to hide a smile, as did Wufei. Heero was about to reply when Duo's voice was heard from upstairs. "Don't kill one another yet! I'm coming!"

A few moments later Duo came barging into the kitchen, a towel wrapped around his hair and another around his hips. He poured himself a cup of coffee and ran out again, shouting, "Be patient! I'll be right back!"

Hiei glanced at the doorway, and then muttered, "At least he got himself a nice body."

The pilots looked at each other, and reached a common decision. Don't ask.


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