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A Thin Line Between - prologue (rough draft)

*** FOR THE FUSHIGI YUUGI manga, TV, and OVA series

This is a substantial revision of my GW/FY xover fic. A couple of the characters were rather OOC and I had managed to paint myself into a corner plot-wise, so I decided to rework the story. ^_^ Hope you guys like this version better.

The major changes:
(1) opened up the plot a bit and gave it some room to breath
(2) tweaked Hotohori's lines to make him more IC
(3) rewrote Relena so she's not a TOTAL ditz <sweatdrop>

For the curious, you can find info on the FY characters and story at:

*** FOR THE FUSHIGI YUUGI manga, TV, and OVA series

This story occurs soon after Nakago has Tamahome's family killed, but everything after that is major Alternate-Reality....

A Gundam Wing/Fushigi Yuugi crossover fanfic by Madamhydra
Prologue (v2)

WARNING: shonen-ai, mild yaoi

Short Disclaimer: (Full Disclaimers at the end) Gundam Wing and Fushigi Yuugi copyrighted by their respective creators and all distributors of their work and used without permission.

[ a secret OZ military research facility ]

Scenes of chaos incarnate....

"What the hell!?"

"Stop him!"


....a madly cackling middle-aged man brandishing a large book....

"Are you insane!? Do you have any idea what could happen if you tamper with the dimensional...."

....the dance of wildly arcing energy that set the very air itself aglow...

"General! We've got to get out of here!"



"Guys, I've got a *really* bad feeling about this...."

Duo Maxwell had never said anything more true as the raving madman, the old leather-bound book, and reality itself shredded like confetti.

[an entirely different place]

A shrill female scream echoed through the royal palace of Konan, shattering the peaceful serenity of the morning. Hotohori and the other Seishi who happened to be with him that day recognized the source immediately.


The emperor, followed closely by Chichiri, Nuriko, and Mitsukake, dropped everything and dashed toward Miaka's quarters. They arrived in the hallway just in time to see their Miko fling open the doors to her bedroom and stagger out. Her loose brown hair went flying as she glared wildly around her.

"Miaka, what's wrong!?" Hotohori demanded, his hand automatically going for his sword as he glanced around warily.

The priestess of Suzaku failed to answer any of the Seishi's questions. Miaka didn't even acknowledge their presence... then their jaws dropped as she abruptly yanked her bedrobe wide open and stared down at her exposed breasts.

"I'm a GIRL!!! A fucking GIRL!!!" Miaka shrieked in outrage.

"No need to belabor the obvious," a familiar, yet strangely cold voice said. An instant later, the speaker stepped into view and gazed at the hysterical girl with a total lack of sympathy.

"Tamahome!?" Chichiri squeaked, startled to see the young man's callous indifference to his beloved's obvious distress and anger.

Her chest heaving, Miaka retorted furiously, "That's easy for you to say, Heero! You're still a GUY!" as she jabbed an angry finger in Tamahome's direction.


Miaka unleashed a string of obscenities that nearly blistered the paint from the walls, then pointed furiously behind Hotohori and the others.

"And Trowa's still a guy! Damn it! How come I'm the only one to change sexes? Why do *I* end up as a female!? Someone tell me where's the justice in THAT!?"

A bewildered Hotohori and his equally confused companions all turned from the bizarre confrontation between Miaka and Tamahome to stare dazedly at Tasuki who had silently walked up behind them. With very uncharacteristic restraint, the former bandit gave Miaka a cool, dispassionate look and said quietly, "We have an audience," then tipped his head in Hotohori's and the other Seishi's direction.


Heero took a deep breath and struggled with an inexplicable urge to throw his arms around Miaka and cuddle her....

(No. That's Wufei, not this Miaka person...,) he sternly reminded himself. If waking up in a totally different body wasn't bad enough, now he had to deal with a completely foreign set of memories AND emotions.

The Wing pilot had only just recently managed to accept his deep feelings for Duo. Now he had to deal with this Tamahome person's intense love for this girl Miaka. He had enough problems showing Duo how he felt in front of the other pilots -- people who knew as well as anyone living -- and the thought of making blatant passionate gestures to a strange girl in front of total strangers was enough to make him cringe.

While Heero respected Wufei as a comrade and perhaps even considered the Chinese pilot a friend of sorts, he was not the slightest bit romantically or sexually attracted to Wufei. And Wufei, in his present state of mind, would definitely not appreciate being 'cuddled' by anyone... especially another male.

But try explaining that to his new body....

Heero had the unhappy feeling that things could get *very* complicated.


At the same time, Wufei was fighting the strange desire to throw himself into Tamahome's.... no, Heero's arms. And if he didn't know better, he was dangerously close to bursting into tears.

The mere thought made him feel a faint twinge of nausea.

(I may be trapped in a girl's body, but I utterly refuse to sink so low!)

He had been raised and trained to be a protector of weaker persons. And from what he could tell from this girl's memories, she certainly needed someone to take care of her. What a scatter-brained twit! And yet, there was also a core of inner strength in this girl....

As he gazed sullenly at his fellow Gundam pilots, he couldn't help worrying about Treize. Before everything went black, he could distinctly remember someone yelling something about a general.

(No, it probably wasn't Treize. The soldier could have been talking about any number of OZ generals....) But no matter how much Wufei tried to convince himself that the older man was safe, some instinct warned him otherwise.

Momentarily distracted by his concern for the OZ general, Wufei was appalled to realized that he had begun to sniffle pathetically.... That brought his attention back to his most immediate problem.

(A girl... by all my ancestors, why did it have to be a GIRL....)


In the royal palace in Kutou, a blond haired girl was wondering almost the exact same thing.

"A girl... why a girl's body, by god!?" muttered Treize as he stared into a mirror with a faintly horrified expression.

There was a soft tap on the door and a female voice murmured respectfully, "Lady Yui? Did you call?"


In another bedroom in the Kutou palace, the long, trailing feathers on a headdress twitched and rustled softly, as if in sympathy as Quatre Raberba Winner stared down at the clam shell in his hand and struggled to cope with another young man's nightmarish memories of torments suffered and torments inflicted.


And in yet another chamber of the same palace in Kutou, a beautiful young woman sat up in her bed and stared in a mixture of disbelief and shock at the sparks of electricity that danced and sparkled around her long, elegant fingers.

She took a deep breath, then threw back her head and screamed a single name that rang throughout the palace.



Lady Soi's cry was shrill and piercing enough to disturb a person dozing in a nearby suite.

"Oi, Relena's at it again...." the sleeper muttered irately as he slowly began to rouse from his slumber.


Back in Konan, Heero stared at the people around him. Although the bodies were completely unfamiliar, he had no problems identifying the personalities of his fellow pilots.

There was Wufei who occupied his beloved.... Heero gave himself a stern mental shake and started over.

Wufei was in that girl Miaka's body. Trowa watched with his usual stillness out of Tasuki's grey-green eyes. But that only accounted for three out of five Gundam pilots. Where was Quatre?

And more importantly, where the hell was Duo?


Back in the Imperial Palace of Kutou, the sleeper finally awoke to a most unpleasant discovery.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.... Man, this is seriously *NOT* good," Duo muttered under his breath as he tossed his long golden blond hair out of his eyes and stared at the wholly unfamiliar sapphire blue eyes in the mirror.

Like a man gingerly picking his way through a complicated and extremely lethal minefield, Duo began to cautiously explored Nakago's memories and feelings... such as they were.

(Hell, I've handled minefields before, but this is like trying to mess with a fusion reactor! How can one guy have so much goddamn power? And those memories of his....)

As a small, but ominous smirk appeared on the blond-haired reflection in the mirror, Duo muttered, "Heh. Never thought I'd meet a guy who could make Treize Khushrenada look like a saint. Yeah, this Nakago guy's certainly got one hell of a package -- tons of power, not to mention both the brain and the sheer balls to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

"Well, you're not the only one, pal!" whispered Duo, as the cool smirk slowly transformed into the much more familiar, but equally dangerous grin of the Gundam pilot known as Shinigami.


Anyone remember the scenes with Nakago whipping or licking a battered Tamahome? BWAHAHAHAHA! And Tomo appears to be the sadistic sort....

Ah, the definite possibility (but no guarantee, mind you!) for Duo and Quatre to be evil and dom.... <smirk>

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