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*** major alternate-reality, yaoi
*** really bizarre dark humor

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Heh heh heh... more evilness and horrible Zechs puns.... And to think that this whole thing started with watching the GW dub at KatsuCon. <sweatdrop>

Oh yeah, if you didn't catch the warning above, this part has blatant Zechs... oops, I mean 'sex'! ^_^;

A Gundam Wing fanfic by Madamhydra
Part 1: The Joy of Zechs

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[ Preventer Headquarters ]

A week after Lieutenant Zechs Merquise made his dramatic debut on the battlefield in the dark red Gundam known as Epyon, Captain Duo Maxwell encountered the newest member of the Preventer Special Forces in the hallway. Without so much as a word, Duo grabbed the ex-terrorist by the arm and dragged him into the Gundam pilots' lounge.

With an understandably confused look on his face, Zechs said, "Can I do anything for you, sir?"

Duo smirked as he bounced up and down on his feet.

"Of course you can. Take your clothes off and bend over."

Zechs blinked and said uncertainly, "I beg... your pardon?" There was something... strangely compelling about Captain Maxwell's voice that filled him with the uncontrollable desire to obey.

The braided pilot smiled even more and repeated firmly, "I said, 'Take your clothes off and bend over.'"

"But sir...."

Duo's violet eyes flashed as he grabbed Zechs by the back of the neck, pulled his head down, and whispered into the taller man's ear.

"And that's a direct order, lieutenant."

An odd little quiver ran through Zechs's body, then found himself quickly stripping off his uniform. He bent over the back of one of the sofas, then pulled his ass cheeks apart to give his superior officer better access.

The vague sense of discomfort, of incompleteness,that had nagged at him ever since he had awakened in the Preventer infirmary suddenly exploded into a storm of raw lust when he felt Duo's hands caressing his naked body. There was no longer any thought of resistance -- the only thing he could think of was complete and total obedience.

He could feel Maxwell's cock nudging at his rear. Instead of a single swift thrust, the braided officer took his time, easing into him by slow, tormenting fractions of inches.

He moaned and wiggled, desperate to be filled... to be used... but a sharp, painful squeeze on his balls made him freeze. No words needed to be spoken -- he was to remain still. But finally, after a seeming eternity, Maxwell was completely sheathed within him.... He groaned softly with the sheer pleasure of it all.


The door opened and Commander Quatre Winner, followed by Lieutenant Trowa Barton, entered the lounge. The Chief of Security tipped his head slightly, then said a mildly curious voice, "Why did you ask me up here?"

Duo grinned impishly and said, "I thought you might like to see this for yourself. And maybe take some pictures?"

"How thoughtful of you, Duo." Quatre made a slight gesture. Trowa silently pulled out a small video camera and started filming the whole scene, taking care to take several closeups of the impaled Zechs.

As Quatre poured himself some tea, Duo turned his attention back to Merquise and growled, "I bet it feels really, really good to finally have someone's cock inside you. Doesn't it, Milliard?"


"Yes, Milliard Peacecraft," Duo cooed.

He managed to choke out, "I... don't... know... anyone... called... Milliard... Peacecraft." He gasped for a moment. "My name... is... Merquise... Zechs Merquise... Sir."

"Are you sure?" Duo said, wiggling his hips provocatively and sending a wave of exquisite sensations through the lieutenant's body.

"Yes... yes, Sir! I am Zechs Merquise!" A strangled cry of pleasure/pain erupted from his throat when Duo pulled out, then reentered him with one sharp stroke.

"You liked being fucked, don't you?"

"Y-Y-Yes, Sir. Absolutely, Sir."

"What else do you like?"

"I... I like to please you. Whatever you... you want me... to do, Sir.... Just tell me what you want me to do!" Zechs was dimly aware of the video camera recording his every word, his every expression, but he didn't care. All that mattered was the overwhelming sensations that Captain Maxwell was forcing him to experience.

Feeling a slight trickle of wetness from Zechs's penis, Duo said sharply, "You will not come without explicit permission, no matter how badly you need to. Is that clear?"

"Y-Y-Yes, sir."

"You want to come, don't you?"

"Yes, sir!"

"But you can't."

"No, sir. I can't... come... without permission." He had been given orders and it was his duty to obey them, no matter how unpleasant or painful.

"You liked being fucked. By anyone?"

"No... no, Sir. I... I only like being... fucked... by the people you... and Captain Chang want... to fuck me."

"So if Wufei and I give a person permission to fuck you, how do you feel?"

Zechs sighed in near ecstasy. "I love it...."

"And if anyone else tries to screw you?" Duo purred.

The platinum-haired pilot tensed, then shuddered in a mixture of fury and disgust at the thought of being violated or even being touched that way by strangers.


Quatre seemed to find the scene before him both fascinating and amusing. Sitting down in a nearby sofa, the commander sipped his tea and said, "Can he do anything else besides acting as a receptacle for someone's penis?"

Duo burst into laughter. "Oh yeah. He's got lots of useful skills. Wanna try him out?"

"Hmmm. Why not?" Quatre said with a shrug.

Without withdrawing from Zechs's ass, Duo effortlessly hauled the naked man around so that Merquise's face was practically buried in Quatre's crotch. But in order to keep his ass properly positioned for Duo's use, Zechs was forced into an awkward partial crouch. That didn't matter. The braided pilot knew Zechs could handle the strain. After all, the man had been modified to withstand the stresses of piloting a Gundam under combat conditions, so standing in a half crouch for a hour shouldn't bother him in the slightest.

Duo said, "Zechs, I want you to show Commander Quatre just what you can do with your mouth."

Even as Duo used both his cock and hands to drove him nearly insane with pleasure, Zechs immediately and without hesitation unfastened Quatre's pants and began to give the commander the best blowjob he could possibly manage.

Trowa diligently continued his task as cameraman.

Ten rather enjoyable minutes had passed when without warning, Major Heero Yuy marched into the room. He froze for an instant as he took in the sight of Duo enthusiastically fucking Zechs in the ass while the platinum blond lieutenant diligently worked on sucking Quatre's surprisingly large penis.

After processing this information, Heero glared at the braided officer and barked out, "We have a mission, Duo."

"Can't it wait? I'm busy at the moment...."


"Sheesh! Can't you spare me just a couple of minutes to finish up?"

Heero sighed impatiently, then stared pointedly at his watch.

"Fine. You have two minutes."

"Thank YOU, Major Yuy," Duo muttered sarcastically before he thrust his cock into Zechs's ass with a new sense of urgency. He wouldn't put it past Heero to drag him out of the room as soon as his time was up, regardless of whether he had come or not.

The braided pilot made it with just under a minute to spare.

Heero couldn't help but appreciate the look of wanton abandonment on Duo's face as the braided officer tossed his head back in pure ecstasy as the orgasm took him. He wouldn't have minded watching for a little longer. Unfortunately, both of them had a mission to complete. Precisely at the end of the two minutes, Heero testily eyed the faintly panting Duo, who was contentedly running his fingers along Zechs's spine. The Wing pilot snapped, "Now that you're finished, put your penis back in your pants and let's go."

"Yeah yeah yeah...," Duo muttered as he hastily straightened up and got dressed. He was still getting dressed when Heero shoved him out of the room. As they left, Duo waved at Quatre and yelled exuberantly, "Have fun!!!" before disappearing into the hallway.

An instant later, Duo popped back into view and added, "But not TOO much fun!"

Quatre leisurely waved the other pilot on his way and murmured, "Of course I will."

Before the door could fully close, Duo reappeared in the doorway a second time and said in mock-stern tones, "And don't break him... OWWW!!!" The braided pilot's words broke off in a sharp yelp of pain as he was forceably yanked out of sight.

The blond commander chuckled softly, then turned his gaze toward Zechs, who was lavishing attention on the very tip of his penis. Quatre glanced up at the impassive brown-haired lieutenant standing nearby and smiled slowly.

"Trowa, why don't you take Duo's place?"

The Heavyarms pilot silently put down the video camera, unfastened his pants and slid his cock into Zechs with one smooth thrust without preamble. The renewed invasion in his rear and the sensation of Trowa's hands stroking his penis and testicles combined to wring a soft gasp from Zechs, but it didn't distract him from the main task before him -- pleasuring Commander Winner with his mouth.

Quatre spread his legs a bit wider to give Zechs better access to his groin, then settled back comfortably against the sofa cushions so he could concentrate on watching Trowa as the brown-haired pilot continued to thrust into Zechs almost mechanically, without any apparent change in his impassive expression.


Captain Wufei Chang hastily stepped aside as Heero stalked down the corridor with Duo in tow -- literally, since the dark-haired major had a very firm grip on the other officer's braid.

As they whisked by him, Duo yelled, "Yo, Wufei! Zechs is in the officer's lounge. I think he has something to show you...!" And with those rather cryptic words, Yuy and Maxwell disappeared around a corner.

"Something to show me?"

Wufei frowned a moment before continuing down the hallway with his usual purposeful stride. His mind was now distracted with thoughts of Zechs Merquise. At first he had been worried that his new subordinate would be a hopelessly sex-crazed maniac due to Maxwell's tampering. Such a person would be of precious little use as a warrior. But so far, Zechs had been a model officer and pilot -- intelligent, observant, obedient, and possessing just the right balance of caution and aggression.

The Chinese pilot found it rather amusing that in the few short weeks since the ex-terrorist had joined the Preventers, Zechs and Heero had developed a rather intense professional rivalry. During training sessions with their Gundams, both pilots were constantly trying to outdo the other. At the moment, against Zechs, both he and Heero were winning about three times out of four, but Zechs was definitely improving as the ex-terrorist became more familiar with Epyon's formidable capabilities.

(I never thought that a natural-born human, even with all those modifications, could be skilled enough to present a challenge to myself and Yuy. It'll be interesting to see how Zechs does against Maxwell or Winner....)

Wufei frowned. He still thought that the braided officer was too valuable to risk on the battlefield.

(There's no denying that he's a superb pilot, but we've got plenty of talented combat pilots. However, I could count on one hand the number of people who have anything near Maxwell's skill at brain-hacking and interrogation. He's not readily replaceable.)

He and other concerned persons had even suggested that Maxwell be taken off the active combat roster. However, that suggestion has been politely, but unequivocally refused. The only explanation that he had received was something about the braided pilot needing a certain level of stimulation for maximum performance and stability.

In short, they didn't want Maxwell to get bored out of his mind.

(Well, considering how erratic Duo's behavior can be right now, I would hate to see the type of chaos he's capable of creating if he gets bored!)

That train of thought led him back to Maxwell's latest antic, namely the gratuitous and totally unnecessary modification of Zechs Merquise.

(Maybe Maxwell was simply bluffing with this whole sex slave thing. It would be just like him to pull a stupid joke like that....)

Wufei opened the door to the Gundam pilots' lounge and abruptly found out that Duo Maxwell had NOT been bluffing at all.


In the Gundams' hanger area, Duo unexpectedly pinned Heero against Deathscythe's leg and gave him a long, saliva-swapping kiss to the poorly hidden amusement of the other male and female pilots in their squad.

As soon as the kiss ended, Heero said drily, "You can screw around with Zechs when we get back from the mission."

"Wufei might not let me! He can be SO selfish with his toys!" Duo said with a pout.

"Then you shouldn't have told him to check up on what Zechs was doing," Heero said with his usual, coldly pragmatic attitude.

"Well, ever since Meiran got killed by those OZ goons, I think Wufei's been feeling a bit lonely. The guy lives and breathes for hunting down the terrorist scum, as he likes to put it. But god, that guy really needs to relax! He needs something to kick him out of his boring old rut...."

Faster than any cobra, Heero had his hand on Duo's throat. The Wing pilot could pulverize a normal human's neck in an instant and even break the spine of lab-born humans with a bit more effort. But Duo continued to grin, apparently indifferent to the threat of pain or injury.

Heero said softly, "You're a strong believer in recreational sex, aren't you Duo? First you went after me, then you managed to hook Trowa up with Quatre, and now you're aiming to do the same between Wufei and Zechs."

"Hell, I guess I'm just a regular fucking Cupid, huh?" Duo retorted with a careless shrug.

Heero allowed his hand to slowly slide away from Duo's throat, letting his fingers brush the braided pilot's silken skin like a subtle caress.



"What the hell's going on!?" roared an extremely annoyed Wufei.

Zechs's eyes widened and he instinctively flinched at the sound of his commanding officer's angry voice. However, Quatre had no intention of allowing the lieutenant to stop. The commander's slender fingers tightened painfully on Zechs's platinum blond hair and forced his head back down toward his genitals.

"I think it's quite obvious what's going on, Chang," Quatre said with an air of cool amusement.

"I don't mean that!"

"Then what do you mean?" came the commander's patient reply.

"I want to know what YOU and Barton are doing with MY subordinate!"

"Since you haven't shown any interest in taking advantage of Zechs's non-combat talents, Maxwell thought it was about time that someone tried out his other skills."

"Maxwell, too!?" Wufei exclaimed.

Quatre nodded with a faint smile, then added firmly, "You might have priority on Zechs's use, but please don't complain if others decide to take advantage of a resource that you refuse to exploit."

And throughout this conversation, Zechs kept sucking on Quatre's
cock in rhythm with Trowa's steady, methodical thrusts deep into his

Quatre turned to Trowa and gave his green-eyed subordinate a surprisingly indulgent smile.

"Come for me. Now."

Trowa blinked and gasped sharply as an electric current seemed to course through his body. His impassive facade shattered, the pilot shuddered uncontrollably as he climaxed in Zechs.

As the Heavyarms pilot sagged slightly, his hands leaving white, bloodless imprints on Zechs's hips, Quatre cooed gently, "Again."

The brown-haired young man arched his back, helpless in the throes of ecstasy.

By now Quatre himself was breathing a bit heavily under the skillful caresses of Zechs's mouth, but the security commander seemed almost oblivious to his own approaching orgasm as he continued to stare at Trowa.

"And again."

Trowa's mouth now gaped open as he gasped soundlessly for air. He shook his head faintly, as if trying to resist the sensations flooding his body.

"Again," spoke Quatre in sweet, merciless tones.

"Please...," the Heavyarms pilot whispered in a husky, barely used voice.

Wufei began to fume visibly with impatience as the strange exchange between Quatre and Trowa continued, but he had enough sense not to interrupt.

Quatre's hand clamped down on Zechs's head, forcing him to stay still. In a firm voice, the commander said, "Trowa, you know what I want to hear from you."

There was a long silence before the brown-haired pilot choked out a single word.


Quatre smiled slowly, then briefly turned his attention to the man crouching between his legs. He tightened his grip on the fine platinum hair, and said crisply, "Finish it."

"Yes, sir," Zechs panted, before returned to his task with redoubled intensity. But even as he came in Merquise's mouth, Quatre kept his gaze fixed on the still dazed Trowa, who was slowly recovering from the recent overwhelming bout of pleasure.

By this time, Wufei starting to pace impatiently around the lounge.

As Quatre allowed Zechs to lick him clean, the commander said, "A very respectable performance, Lieutenant."

"My pleasure to serve you, sir," the Epyon pilot said with all apparent sincerity as he knelt on the floor.

The Chinese pilot abruptly stopped his pacing and snapped, "If you're QUITE through, Winner...."

Quatre rose to his feet. With Trowa nearly back to his usual impassive demeanor, the security commander gestured casually to the still kneeling Zechs and said, "He's all yours, Chang."

"Why, how gracious of you," Wufei shot back in a voice brimming with sarcasm.

Pausing in the doorway, Quatre said, "By the way, I do believe that the lieutenant's under strict orders not to come without permission. So it's entirely up to you whether to reward him or punish him for what happened here."

The door to the lounge slid shut behind Quatre and Trowa, leaving Wufei along with the naked Zechs, whose massive erection and taut expression clearly displayed his state of acute discomfort.

Wufei scowled, then grabbed a hold of Zechs's chin and pulled his head up.

"Well, what should I do with you?"

"Anything you wish, sir."

With a raised eyebrow, the captain said skeptically, "Anything?"

"Anything, sir. You are my commanding officer. It's my duty to obey your orders to the best of my ability."

"And you don't mind?"

Zechs blinked his blue eyes in mild confusion. "Why should I mind, sir?"

"Do you LIKE being used like a convenient sex toy for anyone who outranks you?"

The pony-tailed pilot was startled by the sheer beauty of Zechs's smile as the lieutenant replied, "I enjoy being used very much, Captain. But begging your pardon, Sir. Only you and Captain Duo have authority to give me such orders to provide sexual services."

"Well, THAT'S a relief, I suppose. At least I won't have to worry you getting sidetracked by horny upper echelon officers."

"No, sir. That would prevent me from performing my other duties."

Wufei looked a little bemused by Zechs's placid response. Try as he might, he couldn't see any trace of resentment, disgust, or anger in the blond man's gaze.

(Well, I think I've totally underestimated Maxwell's skill,) Wufei thought rather ruefully. He then noticed that Zechs still had a raging hard-on.

(Oh well, this whole episode was hardly his fault, so there's no reason to make him suffer for it.)

With a vague gesture, Wufei said, "Bring yourself off."

Zechs visibly hesitated.

"Is there a problem? You CAN masturbate, can't you?"

"Yes, sir... but if you would please excuse my extreme presumption...."

Wufei frowned slightly, but said, "Go on."

"I would greatly appreciate it if you...." Zechs blushed furiously before continuing. "If you would... fuck me, sir."

Wufei opened his mouth to give the lieutenant a scathing reprimand, but suddenly changed his mind. Why was he making such a big deal out of the whole thing anyway? Zechs was practically begging to be used... and he had to admit that the blond was probably one of the most beautiful and attractive men he'd ever seen....

It had been a long time since he had really enjoyed himself in this fashion... ever since Meiran's mobile suit troop had been ambushed and destroyed by OZ.

Even as this thought crossed his mind, he realized that he was already unfastening his pants. As Zechs bent over to allow his commanding officer easy access to his ass, Wufei shrugged and decided to just go with the flow....


As they walked back to Security, Quatre idly inquired, "Where's
the recording of Zechs?"

Trowa silently handed a video disc to his superior.

As Quatre turned it over in his fingers, he murmured, "I think that Treize Khushrenada would find these images rather interesting. Who knows, he may even find them exciting."

The slender blond commander's lips curved upward in a brilliant smile, then he began to laugh softly.


[ temporary OZ headquarters ]

Relena finally found Catherine Bloom in the rickety warehouse that served as the garage. Fortunately, most of the OZ mobile suits had been away from the main base when the Preventers attacked. It was one of the few bits of good luck going for their side. Unlike the Preventers, who had both equipment and men to spare, OZ's resources were limited and that made each mobile suit doubly precious.

Catherine finished packing her gear, then looked up to find Relena watching her. She scowled as she took in the knapsack over Relena's shoulder and her dark clothing.

"What the hell are you doing dressed up like that?"

"You're headed into the city... and sneaking your way into the Preventer headquarters, right?"


Relena took a deep breath and said, "I'm going with you."

Catherine swore and yelled, "NO FRIGGIN' WAY!"

"Oh yes I am. You need me...."

"The last thing I need is to have a spoiled, inexperienced teenaged brat hanging on my heels!"

The Peacecraft stiffened and said coldly, "I may be a teenager, but I'm hardly inexperienced."

Bloom gave her a highly skeptical look. "Oh sure...."

Relena marched up to Catherine until they were almost standing nose to nose.

"Get a grip on that lone she-wolf attitude and listen to someone else for a change! You may have lost your brother and your boyfriend, but practically everyone in OZ has lost someone they care about! I'm sorry for your pain, but that doesn't give you any excuse to stomp all over everyone else's feelings and treat them like dirt! My family has been fighting the Council since before my mother was born! My grandparents, my parents, my uncle Darlian, my cousins.... practically every other person in my family has DIED in this struggle. Now there's only Milliard and myself left...."

Catherine was startled by Relena's sudden verbal attack, but quickly got a grip on herself. She tossed her head and said snidely, "So what do you plan to do at Preventer HQ? If you think that you're going to risk my neck on some crazy scheme to rescue your brother...."

Relena lifted her chin and said coldly, "I won't deny that if I get a chance to get my brother back, I'll take it. However, I've got a more important mission to take care of."

"Which is?"

"I'll tell you on the way."

The brown-haired woman frowned dubiously. "So... you say you can take of yourself?"

In a single fluid motion, Relena dropped her knapsack, pulled a silenced pistol from apparently nowhere, and quickly fired five shots at a heavy wooden post located at the far end of the garage, a distance of well over 25 meters. The resulting cluster of bulletholes could easily be covered by an inch-wide data disc.

"Got any more surprises?"

Relena then turned to the other woman and said evenly, "I know when to fight and when to run. I can pilot a mobile suit. I'm very good with computers. My entire life has been spent getting ready to take my place in this war. You can stop worrying about me and concentrate on the mission."

Catherine stared at the post for a few seconds, then finally shrugged.

"Fine. We go in together. Once we're inside, I'll stay out of your way and you stay out of mine. Got a Preventer uniform that fits?"

As she reloaded her gun, Relena nudged her backpack with her foot.

Catherine gave her a sour smile, then said, "Okay, then. Let's get going."

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