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I've rewritten some portions of this prologue, with the main changes being in Quatre's cursed form -- instead of a huge lion, he's now a wildcat (about the size of a bobcat or lynx).

Also, I refer to all characters by their original sex (not the sex of the cursed form). I also occasionally add suffixes to let you know that the person is in cursed form. If you guys find this confusing, let me know!

I'd like to thank SuzakuNoHi, Reishin, and Karasu7729 for helping me to work out the ideas for this bit of insanity. ^_^ I'd also like to thank Ryu-chan and her delightful online roleplaying for giving me the inspiration for dealing with Wufei.... <evil grin>

Please fasten your seat belt and securely stow your sanity in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you.

Warning - General craziness ahead....

A Gundam Wing semi-xover fanfic by Madamhydra

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In an high-pitched and absolutely adorable voice, Wufei shrieked, "Now look what you did, Quatre! She's out cold!!!"

He was stating the obvious. Sally Po lay on the floor where she had just fainted.

The gold, blue-eyed wildcat stared at the shimmering, ruby- and gold-scaled miniature dragon -- about as large as a mid-sized iguana -- that hopped about furiously on Sally's desk and waved its cute clawed arms around wildly as little wisps of flame escaped from its muzzle.

As the wildcat hunched its furry shoulders guiltily, a small brown piglet, one of its green eyes obscured with a long dangling tuft of hair, blinked its one visible eye and mutely shrugged.

The wildcat suddenly held up a sign that read, {It was an accident!}. The sign flipped and the back read, {I didn't mean to knock over the water pitcher!}

Small elegant wings unfolded from the minidragon's back and Wufei took to the air. As he flew in a dizzying pattern of twists and loops, he growled, "We were supposed to break the news to her slowly!"

The wildcat's new sign said in big, hastily scrawled letters, {At least you can TALK!!!}

"And where the hell's Duo!?" fumed Wufei, zooming around Sally's office like a giant bumblebee on a massive sugar high.

Starting to look a bit cross-eyed from trying to follow Wufei's wildly zipping flight, Quatre-neko put a sign reading, {He went to tell Heero about what happened.}

Wufei froze in mid-flap. Fortunately, he was over the cot so he landed on something soft. The miniature dragon, the wildcat, and the small piglet stared at each other over Sally Po's unconscious body and sweatdropped....


In another part of the city, on the campus of an exclusive boarding school, a soaking wet Duo Maxwell skidded down the hallway in a desperate search for a bathroom. Just as he saw one, a sharp female voice said, "You're the new student, aren't you?"

Duo spun around and smiled weakly at the formidable looking school official standing behind him.

"Ummmm... yeah."

The coldly elegant woman consulted the folder in her hand, then gave Duo a highly critical stare. In a stern voice, she snapped, "There's an obvious mistake in your file. Undoubtedly a careless clerical error on someone's part."


"Never mind. I'll deal with the problem personally."

If Duo wasn't having enough personal problems of his own, he would have felt sorry for the poor people in the school's registration office.

The woman continued, "I'll have you know that the dress code of the Rinkan school is very strict. Decorum is of utmost importance. You're out of uniform." She scowled. "EXTREMELY out of uniform."

Duo grinned nervously and mumbled, "Heh... heh... sorry about that, but it was raining...."

"Hmph. That's no excuse. Well, come on."


"Don't just stand there like a clumsy dolt. You need to get changed."


"Come on! Classes have already started and you're wasting time. I'm sure we can find a spare uniform that fits."


The woman grabbed Duo's elbow and firmly marched her captive down the hallway.


Heero sat in the classroom and coldly ignored the giggling teenaged girls behind him. Where the hell were the other pilots? Over a week ago, he and the others had gone their separate ways to handle individual missions, but they were all supposed to rendezvous at this campus yesterday. Now they were late.

Heero found the silence the most troubling. Surely Trowa or Quatre would have contacted him and notified him of any delays. Short of catastrophe, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were always prompt. So was Duo, despite his scattered-brained behavior. The braided idiot might be late for classes, yes, but not for missions.

He stared out the window at the pouring rain and scowled as he did his best to convince himself that he wasn't worried about his fellow pilots, especially a certain long-haired fool. Behind him, the classroom door opened and the room started buzzing with comments from the other boys.

"Wow, she's cute!"
"Man, I think I'm in love!"
"I get first dibs!"
"Like hell you do!"
"Look at that figure! And that hair! You could drown in that stuff!"

As he continued to look out the window, Heero thought uneasily to himself, (No, it can't be. She couldn't have found me THIS quickly....)

The teacher coughed loudly and sternly said, "Quiet down and please welcome our new transfer student."

(What am I going to do about her....)

Heero's thoughts came to a screeching halt when he heard a familiar, cheerful voice. Well, an almost familiar voice... it still had the unmistakable vibrant, rich, slightly husky tones... but it wasn't nearly as deep as it should be.

"Hi! My name's Duo Maxwell. Glad to meet you!"

Heero whipped his head around and nearly fell out of his seat when he got his first good look at Duo. With his mouth agape, he stared blankly at the stunningly beautiful girl with the familiar butt-length chestnut braid and bright violet eyes. She stood in front of the class, dressed in the standard Rinkan schoolgirl uniform which consisted of full length black tights, dark green short skirt, and a matching tailored green vest over a white long-sleeved shirt.

Duo's cheeks were decidedly flushed as he waved hello to the enthusiastic crowd of boys. The Deathscythe pilot flicked a quick, nervous glance in Heero's direction, then blushed even more.

(He damn well BETTER be blushing! What does that idiot think he's DOING!?!?) the cobalt-eyed teenager thought furiously to himself.

"Duo, please take a seat next to Mr. Yuy. Class, turn to page 43...."

Heero couldn't trust himself *not* to grab Duo by the throat and start strangling the deranged idiot then and there, so he kept his gazed fixed on his textbook and refused to look in the other's direction.

As the teacher droned on, he managed to get hold of his temper and snuck a quick peek at Duo. Heero had to admit that Duo's disguise absolutely flawless. Certainly, none of the other students remotely suspected that Duo wasn't a girl.

But wait until they were alone....

Heero was forced to sit, seethe, and brood through three agonizing hours of classes. And at every opportunity, the other boys and even some of the girls in the class hovered and flirted with Duo. Finally, at lunchtime, Heero stalked by Duo's desk, gave the Deathscythe pilot a lethal stare, and marched out of the classroom.

Duo twitched uneasily, then hastily said, "If you guys will excuse me...."

Amid loud mutters of disappointment that the new babe in the class, like many of the other girls, had fallen for the sullen Heero, Duo briskly left the classroom and discreetly followed Heero out of the school building.

There was still a slight drizzle in the air as Duo rounded a corner. Suddenly, he felt a steely grip on his arm. Without a word, Heero dragged off his fellow Gundam pilot to a secluded spot behind one of the school buildings. As soon as the Wing pilot was sure that they were not observed, he spun Duo around -- nearly getting himself clobbered by Duo's braid -- and shoved his companion hard against the wall.

"Duo, what the hell are you doing dressing up as a girl!?"

"Uh... Heero... I can explain....."

"Explain!? How can you possibly explain THIS!" He jabbed his finger into one of the soft, perfectly proportioned mounds on Duo's chest.

"OUCH! Shit, Heero, that hurt!" Duo yelped.

Heero shook his head sharply, like a bull pestered by a relentless fly.

"You can drop the act, Duo! What's with this ridiculous getup!?" the Wing pilot growled furiously as he yanked open Duo's vest and shirt and grabbed at Duo's bra....

But his fingers closed on something that was definitely not padding, nor was it anything plastic. His hand was clutching something soft and warm, as only real flesh could be.


Duo's face turned bright red and he looked away as Heero ever so slowly tugged the edge of the bra down. It was as if the Wing pilot was afraid to visually confirm what his fingers had already told him.

In a strangled voice, Heero choked out, "Duo... how...?"

The Deathscythe pilot shrugged and chuckled weakly.

"Well, you see... the other guys and I sort of had this accident...."


".... accident at these weird springs in China...."


In the region of Earth that was Wufei Chang's ancestral homeland, the natives once spoke of a mysterious place in whispers and shuddered in pure dread at the mere mention of its name. Despite numerous warnings, people kept getting lured to the forbidden spot and kept falling victim to its terrible power. But at the end of the twentieth century, a cataclysmic event led most people to believe that the horrible place's power had been forever broken. Real events soon became nothing more than mere folktales and legends.

But everyone had been wrong. The power had not been destroyed. Instead, it merely slumbered as it slowly regained its strength. And finally, after several centuries, the valley's magic awoke with a vengeance and once again, hapless victims were once again lured to its seemingly tranquil waters, only to be confronted by a myriad of terrible dooms.

Such was the fate of the unfortunate souls who dared to set foot near the infamous valley of the cursed springs.

And Jusenkyo was not about to be satisfied with only four victims....


In an expensive hotel in the same city as the Rinkan campus, a slight altercation was taking place.

"Get off of me!!!"

Picture frames rattled on the walls of the expensive hotel suite as a furiously blushing Dorothy Catalonia grabbed and flung Relena Peacecraft across the room. As Relena slowly slid to the floor in a limp heap, Dorothy turned and froze as she caught sight of her own image in a mirror.

(Oh god, look at me!)

A pair of incredibly cute furry cat ears poked out of her long blond hair while a long feline tail protruded from under a very short, very tight miniskirt. An equally skimpy halter top seemed barely adequate to cover her breasts which appeared to have nearly doubled in size.

"Hot water, hot water, got to get some hot water," Dorothy frantically muttered to herself.

The door behind her burst open and a member of the hotel staff exclaimed, "Miss Catalonia, I heard the noise. Is something wrong!?"

She took a wary step back as the young man's expression of concern turned into a now familiar look of lecherous idiocy.

"Get a grip on yourself, you fool!" Dorothy yelled, but he only seemed interested in her now awe-inspiring bust line. He lunged, only to have Dorothy's foot firmly planted in his face.

"Now what?" she muttered in exasperation as she stared down on the unconscious young man. Her rhetorical question was almost instantly answered as someone grabbed her breasts from behind.

Grinding her teeth, Dorothy turned to look behind her, glared at the blond-haired teenaged boy blissfully rubbing his cheeks against her exquisitely curved butt, and growled in a dangerous voice.



In the meantime....

"Sir, this is the designated location."

Treize Khushrenada peered around at the serenely glistening pools of water scattered all over the small valley, then turned to glance quizzically at Lady Une. Standing behind the OZ general, a masked Zechs Merquise said in a suspicious voice, "It looks innocent enough. There doesn't appear to be anything that would so attract the Gundam pilots' attention. Are you sure, Lady Une?"

She frowned through her glasses and tapped the scanner in her hands thoughtfully. "If this equipment is calibrated properly, then this is the spot. But I seem to be getting some rather strange readings."

Treize uttered a thoughtful "Hmmm...."

When Une noticed the OZ general approaching a rumpled heap of cloth lying near the edge of one of the pools, she hastily stepped toward him shouting, "Sir, stay away! It could be a booby...!" Suddenly, her left boot slipped on a damp, mossy stone and she skidded at full speed into the nearest pool.

Splash One.

When she fell, Une's scanner went flying into the air. It ricocheted off of Zechs' silver mask, who fell over backward into another innocent looking pool.

Splash Two.

The flying scanner then ended up neatly smacking the startled Treize right in the face. Instantly knocked out cold, the young general toppled into a gently steaming spring.

Splash Three.


The score so far....

Jusenkyo: 9 Humans: 0

Author's Notes:

For anyone not familiar with Ranma 1/2, Jusenkyo is full of springs that curse people who fall in one of its springs. A cursed person changes into different sex, person, animal, monster, or entity when hit with cold water. The cursed individual reverts back to his/her normal form and/or personality when doused with hot water. I'm borrowing the basic idea of Jusenkyo curses from Ranma 1/2, but I've changed a few things to suit my own crazy whims. ^_^


A quick guide to the curses:
Duo - Spring of the Drowned Girl
Trowa - Spring of the Drowned Piglet
Quatre - Spring of the Drowned Desert Wildcat
Wufei - Spring of the Drowned Male Fire Mini-Dragon
Dorothy - Spring of the Drowned Sex Kitten Neko-girl

and last, but not least....

Relena - Spring of the Nearly Drowned Indestructible Hentai Teenage Boy, also known as the Spring of the Nearly Drowned Ataru (of Urusei Yatsura fame)

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